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Inanimate Alice

Inanimate Alice

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Inanimate Alice

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  1. Inanimate Alice

  2. Episode 4: Canada

  3. My name is Alice. I am 14 years old. >>

  4. We flew from Russia and landed here in Canada. My mum says that the men from Russia that were chasing us wouldn't find us in here. >>

  5. I have a good life here in Canada. I live with my mum and dad, but my dad is almost never at home. He is to busy working in his company. He has a big oil company here in Canada. He is very proud.

  6. My House We live in a big house in Ottawa far up north. >>

  7. I started school here and I’m very happy. I have a good friend from school. Her name is Jennifer. She is really nice to me. >>

  8. Today is snowing really badly. My dad as usual is working at Oil Company. My mum is at town to buy art supply. I’ve been staying at home to long. My mum hasn’t come back yet. >>

  9. I am starting to get worried. I feel that I lost my mum. People might think that

  10. “She’s the girl that always lost her parents”

  11. but I just want my mum back home. So I called her and she didn’t answer it. >>

  12. 2 hours has past and mum hasn’t come back home yet. >>

  13. So I opened my player to keep me busy. Hello Alice! >>

  14. This is the game that I made. Try and work it out!

  15. Incorrect Try Again!

  16. Correct! >>

  17. Then I looked at Brad.

  18. I have an idea, I’ll call Jennifer.

  19. Calling Jennifer.......... Ottawa, Canada

  20. Jennifer “Hello is it you Alice?”

  21. Jennifer “Hello Jennifer”

  22. Jennifer “What’s up Alice”

  23. Jennifer “I have a problem, my mum is gone”

  24. Jennifer “What happened?”

  25. Jennifer “My mum went to buy art supplies in town and she’s not back yet.”

  26. Jennifer “Call her”

  27. Jennifer “I tried but it doesn’t work”

  28. Jennifer “If I were you, I’d go to your mum”

  29. Jennifer “That’s a good idea Jennifer, I’d better go now. Bye!”

  30. Jennifer “Your welcome bye”.

  31. I couldn’t drive a car so I had to walk to town which is so tiring. So I grabbed my coat and I’m ready to find my mum. >>

  32. I was outside, I felt like I’m in the freezer for a very long time. I walked and walked. >>

  33. It’s getting dark now. I’m starting to get scared. There’s still a long way to go. >>

  34. It was snowing really badly. I couldn’t see the way. So I sat on the snow. I had nothing to do and I felt that I’m lost, and I mean really lost >>

  35. I’m really scared now. Then I felt on my mind that Brad said something to me. Brad says “Stay calm Alice; don’t be scared help is coming”. >>

  36. So I stay calm and waited. I felt like this was the scariest moment of my life!!! >>

  37. I heard something. It sounded that something was roaring. I thought for a moment.... This is a sound of a car’s engine. I heard it and the car stopped. I felt someone picking me up. Is someone kidnapping me? >>

  38. Then I was really glad. It was my mum. I went in the car and so did my mum.

  39. “Alice what were you doing out there?”

  40. “I was looking for you mum. You weren’t home yet. I was so scared.”

  41. “Sorry Alice, the art shop in town was closed, so I went in another town to buy the art supplies.”

  42. “Well mum you could have gone back home instead.”

  43. “Well we’re going home right now”

  44. My mum was laughing as usual. I’m happy that my mum found me.

  45. I opened my player and looked at Brad. I said to my self thank you Brad.

  46. We arrived at home and I saw my dad. He brought pizza. I was so happy because we are going to eat dinner together.

  47. By: Anabella and Burcin