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ASP. Association of Screen Professionals. ASP Aims. ASP Aims – ASP is a non profit association supporting those working in the film and TV industry who aim for excellence in their profession through:. striving for the highest standard in their work.

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  1. ASP Association of Screen Professionals

  2. ASP Aims ASP Aims – ASP is a non profit association supporting those working in the film and TV industry who aim for excellence in their profession through: • striving for the highest standard in their work • a desire to extend their skills through training or master classes and peer review • a willingness to contribute positively to the industry by offering encouragement to emerging practitioners and peers

  3. Membership of ASP will be open tomembers of the film and TV profession who have been nominated by a colleague(s) who is a member of ASP and fit the above criteria. Membership nominations will be assessed by a selection panel comprised of at least 3 working industry professionals who are members of the ASP executive. Those offered membership will be able to join and remain members of ASP on payment of an annual membership fee. (currently $99)

  4. ASP will take over the administration of Perth Actors Collective courses including PAC Screen Workshops 1 and 2, PAC Acting for Stage; PAC Voice classes and also PAC Script Lab script readings. Many participants of these courses over the past 14 years are now working as professionals in the film and TV industry here and elsewhere. ASP is the only association of its kind we know of which is for working film & TV industry practitioners across a range of professions who can actively encourage and assist each other in further developing their skills. ASP will also actively foster affiliations with other relevant industry bodies.

  5. ASP Activities Masterclasses Financial ASP members will be entitled to free entry to two masterclasses each year with a leading industry practitioner. As a non profit association ASP aims to secure funds and sponsorship to access leading practitioners and teachers in the area of film and TV from Australia or internationally, eg., Judith Weston, Philip Noyce, etc

  6. In 2008 these will include: Rowan Woods - Thefirst will be a master class with acclaimed Australian feature film director Rowan Woods (The Boys; Little Fish) in the first week of August, exploring his approach “From Script to Screen”. (First 20 members to join ASP will secure a place at this) James Bogle– feature film director and writer (In the Winter Dark; Mad Bomber in Love) who has just shot his feature “Elise” in South Australia with Natalia Imbruglia will share his approach to creating films at an ASP masterclass in September.

  7. Kenneth Ransom – American actor and experienced Screen Acting teacher who has taught in Los Angeles and recently lectured at QUT, VCA and WAAPA will give a masterclass on approaches to screen acting. Peter Templeman – multi award winning director/ writer recently directing a new comedy series for SBS TV “Bogan Pride” will give a masterclass later in the year on directing comedy.

  8. Masterclass Challenges At the completion of each master class a ‘screen drama challenge’ will be offered to ASP members who wish to attempt it. Those interested can work on this with fellow ASP members in their own time over several weeks. Once completed these can been shown at an ASP Screening Night.

  9. ASP Screening Nights In order to gain feedback from peers and colleagues who are at a similar skill level, ASP members can bring their works-in-progress, rough cuts, promos or examples of screen work they are developing for showing on ASP Screening Nights. Only financial ASP members (and relevant cast + crew) will be invited to these. A small entry fee will be charged to cover venue and screening equipment costs. It is envisaged there will be approx 4 ASP Screening Nights per year.

  10. Course Discounts Financial ASP members will be entitled to a discount off PAC Screen Workshop 2 courses they enrol in. This way ASP members will be able to continue to hone their screen skills in any of the 6 week evening courses of which each have a particular theme.

  11. Actor/Director Lab New 6 week Actor/Director Labs similar to those held in LA & New York, will commence and will be available only to ASP members. At these weekly night-time labs, directors will be cast with actors and will rehearse a new scene to show each fortnight in class for feedback. Groups will be given suggestions on ways to enhance the scene and possible rehearsal techniques that could be utilised. Places in the lab will be limited and payment prior to enrolment will be necessary. As with all PAC courses these Actor/ Director Labs will be held at Subiaco Arts Centre. N.B. Although groups will not be required to film their scenes, should they wish to, they can and show these on one of the ASP Screening Nights.

  12. ASP Mentors The most experienced members of ASP may be asked if they would be willing to act as a mentor to an emerging member of the profession. If you are willing to do this please let us know. ASP would confirm with both parties that you would not be expected to contribute more than 1 hour of your time per month to this task.

  13. ASP Network ASP members will be able to utilise the ASP‘network’ via occasional email for such things as: when an ASP member needs to temporarily re-locate for a production (e.g., Broome) and wants to advertise for house-sitting / temporary accommodation. Or members who require volunteer cast or crew for non commercial/ paid screen exercises outside of a workshop or lab. Or members who have film/video equipment they want to sell. NB these emails would only go to those ASP members who are happy to receive these occasional emails.

  14. ASP Social • Informal drinks / meet and greets will be organised where possible with visiting industry VIP’s or ‘Illustrious Alumni’ of PAC Screen Workshops when they visit Perth. E.g., Emma Booth, Melissa George, Luke Ford, Emma Lung, etc. Don’t forget the fun! ( Ross reminds us) ASP will be a membership association which will have a management committee.

  15. Thanks to our kind supporters:

  16. “We need to be bold. Without daring, without extreme daring even, there is no beauty; we must therefore be almost beyond ourselves if we are to achieve all that we are capable of.” - Delacroix (21/07/1850) thanks to Chris Watson for this quote

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