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ASP. Lesson 3. Bell Ringer. Genesis 3 Select key scenes/quotes from Genesis 3 and make specific connections to ASP . . Getting Through Ch. 4-9. Chapters 4-6

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  1. ASP Lesson 3

  2. Bell Ringer • Genesis 3 • Select key scenes/quotes from Genesis 3 and make specific connections to ASP.

  3. Getting Through Ch. 4-9 • Chapters 4-6 • Analyze the quote on the strip of paper distributed to you. Be ready to QUICKLY address how the quote reveals key info about the themes and/or characters in the text. • Chapters 7-9 • Five groups, fifteen minutes • Objective – to create notes (on board) for peers that establish key events, key symbols (actions, objects, or characters), key themes, and at least one interesting thing that you don’t think anyone noticed. • Be sure to include page numbers. • Groups • 86-91 • 92-97 • 98-106 • 109-117 • 118-126 • Assign each person in the group a page or two.

  4. Winter Carnival • Focus on pages 137 – 138 • What key details are revealed about Finny? • What interrupts the proceedings? • Focus on the language Knowles’ uses to describe the “separate peace.”

  5. Leper Scene • Read “The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner” • Use the poem as a lens to explore the Leper scene in chapter 10.

  6. Levels of Meaning • Find one claim that you either agree with or disagree with and be ready to discuss.

  7. Homework • Next class – Graded Discussion (over wherever we left off to the end of the text) • You must have discussion notes ready. • On paper, not in your text! • Discussion notes will include… • Questions • One question about a quote from the text. • One question about a quote from the criticism we have read. • One question about the larger significance of the text. • Must Discuss Quotes • Select two quotes that we need to discuss and briefly state why we need to discuss these quotes.

  8. An “A” Level Participant… • Uses a variety of methods • Asks questions • Responds to questions • Brings up key passages • Shows evidence of active listening • Responds to others by answering or exploring their questions • Supports others by responding to their participation • Pays attention to the content and movement of the discussion • Is thoroughly prepared • Uses texts to back assertions or raise questions • Demonstrates command of the entirety of the reading and addresses how the parts make the whole • Generates thought-provoking questions and original insight • Easily locates page numbers

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