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“Enjoy English”

3 класс. “Enjoy English”. п роверка домашних заданий & диктанты. Митюгина Т атьяна Г еннадьевна, у читель английского языка МОУ « Кокинская СОШ» Брянской области 2011г. . Unit 1, Lesson 1 Dictation. Dictation. Lazy, brave, name, snake, take, nice, five, ride, nine,

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“Enjoy English”

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  1. 3 класс “Enjoy English” проверка домашних заданий & диктанты МитюгинаТатьяна Геннадьевна, учитель английского языка МОУ «Кокинская СОШ» Брянской области 2011г.

  2. Unit 1, Lesson 1 Dictation Dictation • Lazy, brave, name, snake, take, • nice, five, ride, nine, • go, no, home, nose, close.

  3. Unit 1, Lesson 1, ex.2, p.3 WB Good work!

  4. Unit 1, Lesson 1, ex.3, p.3 WB • Dear friends, • Welcome to Green School! • Let’s read and write in English. • Let’s run and jump in the forest! • Let’s go to school together! • Mr. Greenwood and his pupils.

  5. Unit 1, Lesson 2 Dictation • Dictation He, she, we, green, three, you, music, blue, rule, welcome, funny.

  6. Unit 1, Lesson 2, ex.2, p.4 WB • strong, slim, swim, shy, sad • skip, count, sit, six, stop • cat, cockerel, crocodile, can

  7. Unit 1, Lesson 3, ex.1, p.5 WB • a, n, d, e, c • n, i, g, s • i, w, r, e, t • n, c, u, o, t • a, r, e, d dance sing write count read Well done!

  8. Unit 1, Lesson 3, ex.2, p.5 WB • 1) name, is, Her, Jane. • 2) nice, is, She, girl, a. • 3) well, can, She, dance. • 4) has, red, She, got, hat, a. Her name is Jane. She is a nice girl. She can dance well. She has got a red hat.

  9. Unit 1, Lesson 4 Dictation • Milk, eggs, bread, juice, butter, • ham, cake, fish, cheese, sweets. Dictation

  10. Unit 1, Lesson 4,ex.1, p.6 • w, s, e, e, t • u, e, r, b, t, t • k, c, a, e • r, a, e, b, d • i, u, j, e, c sweet butter cake bread juice

  11. Unit 1, Lesson 4,ex.4, p.6 • 1)pupils, are, We. • 2) music, like, Do, you? • 3) cars, like, red, I. • 4) go, school, they, to, Do? We are pupils. Do you like music? I like red cars. Do they go to school?

  12. Unit 1, Lesson 5 Dictation Dictation Park, farm, farmer, smart, car, dark, are. Good job!

  13. Unit 1, Lesson 5,ex.2, p.7 Great !

  14. Unit 1, Lesson 6,ex.3, p.8 • I …….seven. • I have got a dog. His name …….Rex. • Rex ……brave and kind. • We …….friends. • We ……..happy. am, is, are am is is are are

  15. Unit 1, Lesson7 Dictation Dictation • Potato, corn, apple, tomato, • nut, cabbage, carrot. Good job!

  16. Unit 1, Lesson 7,ex.1, p.9

  17. Unit 1, Lesson 7,ex.3, p.9

  18. Unit 1, Lesson 8,ex.3, p.10 • I am Billy. I live in the English____________. • I think I am very _________. • I ________ got a lot of friends. • I______ to school. I can write. • I like ________, honey, jam and cakes. • But I don’t like cabbage and __________. • Do you _______ sweets? nice, corn, have, go, forest, sweets, like forest nice have go sweets corn like

  19. Unit 1, Lesson 9 Dictation Dictation • Porridge, soup, tea, coffee, milk, • butter, jam, cheese, meat, fish, • bread, ham. Keep it up !

  20. Unit 1, Lesson 9,ex.1, p.11 • белый • куда • что • кто • почему e r e a t o y Super!

  21. Unit 1, Lesson 9,ex.2, p.11 • 1) g, e, g - • 2) a, t, e - • 3) m, j, a - • 4) f, f, c, e, e, o - • 5) e, e, w, s, t - • 6) k, a, c, e - egg tea jam coffee sweet cake Fine !

  22. Unit 1, Lesson 10 Dictation Dictation • Bird, girl, dirty, her, shirt, • farmer, tiger, butter, doctor. Good job!

  23. Unit 1, Lesson 10,ex.3, p.12 Her name is Bess. • is, Her, Bess, name. • 2) nice, is, and, merry, She. • 3) not, Bess, lazy, is. • 4) like, does, Bess, not, porridge. • 5) and, can, dance, She, sing. She is nice and merry. Bess is not lazy. Bess does not like porridge. She can dance and sing. Perfect!

  24. Unit 1, Lesson11 Dictation • Horse, farmer, girl, short, corn, • shirt, car, or, morning, bird, • park, her, farm, are, dirty. Fine !

  25. Unit 1, Lesson11, ex. 2, p.13

  26. Unit 1, Lesson11, ex.3, p.13 is, can, has got, likes is She ________seven. Jill ______________ a funny cat. She __________dance, sing and play tennis. She ___________dogs. has got can likes

  27. Unit 1, Lesson12, ex.2, p.14

  28. Unit 1, Lesson12, ex.4, p.14 he, she, they, it, we I and Tom are friends. 2) Alicelikes sweets. 3) Tricky, Tim and Tom can sing well. 4) Tim has got a hat. The hat is funny. Weare friends. She likes sweets. They can sing well. It is funny. Perfect!

  29. Unit 1, Lesson14, ex.1, p.16 ee - ea ea ee ea ea M……t, ……t, coff……, sp……k, ice cr…m, t……, ch……se, br……d, sw……t ea ea ee ea ee Keep it up !

  30. Unit 1, Lesson14, ex.2, p.16

  31. Unit 1, Lesson15, Dictation Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Good job!

  32. Unit 1, Lesson15, ex.2, p.17 likes, Mary, cheese. corn, likes, and, bread, Nick. lemons, Jane, eat, can’t. and, likes, red, apples, green, Pam. 5) in, eats, meat, morning, Jack, and, ham, the. Mary likes cheese. Nick likes corn and bread. Jane can’t eat lemons. Pam likes red and green apples. Jack eats meat and ham in the morning.

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