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Unite 8

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Unite 8

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  1. Unite 8 Time The inaudible and noiseless foot of Time. -------- Shakespeare

  2. Warm-up Activities Task 1:Talking about different concepts of time Task 2:Old Saying about “Time” Task 3:Monochronic (M-time) vs Polychronic (P-time)

  3. Task 1: Talking about different concepts of time Oriental View of Time: Circle Shape According to the observation of nature, shift of days and nights, shift of four seasons, people in Orient believe that time will be repeated. Therefore, they seem to have plenty of time, and concept of time is more flexible.

  4. Task 1: Talking about different concepts of time Occidental View of Time: Radial Shape According to the Holy Bible, the Old Testament, Chapter I Genesis, GOD creates the whole world, and time begins. It is just like a radial, a line which is non-reversible. Once you made an appointment with others, you could not cancelled it in any excuses. They are totally controlled by time, the iron hand of time.

  5. Task 2: Old Sayings about “Time” Do you love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of . Franklin Time is a versatile performer. It flies, marches on, heals all wounds, runs out and will tell. Jones The time of the fool is long, because he does not know what to do With it; as is that of the wise, because he distinguishes every moment of it with useful or musing thoughts. Addison

  6. Task 2: Old Sayings about “Time” Some times I would rather leave people take away years of my life than take away a moment. Bailey Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath away. Hitch There is no other misfortune that could be compared with the loss of time. Better

  7. Task 3:Monochronic (M-time) vs Polychronic (P-time) M-time M-time is characteristic of people from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and America. As Hall explains, “People of the western world, particularly America, tend to think of time as something fixed in nature, something around us and from which we can not escape; an ever-present part of environment, just like the air we breathe.” As the word monochronic implies, this approach sees time as lineal, segmented, and managed. Appointments and schedules are very important to members of this culture.

  8. Task 3:Monochronic (M-time) vs Polychronic (P-time) P-time People from cultures on p-time live their lives quite differently. P-time cultures deal with time holistically. They can interact with more than one person or do more than one thing at a time. According to Dresser, this multidimensional approach to the moment “explain why there is more interrupting in conversation Carried on by people from Arabic, Asian, and Latin American Cultures.” They also take great stock in the activity that is Occurring at the moment and emphasize people more than Schedule. For P-time cultures, time is less tangible; hence Feelings of wasted time are not as prevalent as in M-time Cultures.

  9. Words & Expressions Words: antique: (French word) n, adj, 古董,古时制造的 举例: He is interested in collecting antiques made of silver. 他对搜集银质的古董非常感兴趣。 Many people in the US collect antique clocks. 很多美国人搜集古董钟。

  10. Words & Expressions Words: chronobiology: n, the study of biological rhythms. Chrono-: Greek prefix, means time 举例: Chronological: adj.按年代顺序排列的 Chronometer: n. 记时计. Chronocomparator: n.时间比较仪

  11. Words & Expressions Words: desynchronise: v, cause to occur at different times or with different speeds de-: prefix, means reverse syn(m)- Latin prefix, meaning together 举例: deforest: vt.采伐森林, 清除树林 decode: vt. 解码, 译解 demodulation: n.[ 讯] 解调, 波

  12. Words & Expressions Words: desynchronise: v, cause to occur at different times or with different speeds de-: prefix, means reverse syn(m)- Latin prefix, meaning together 举例: Sympathy: n. 同情, 同情心 symphony: n.交响乐, 交响曲 synchroclock: n 同步电钟, 同步时计

  13. Words & Expressions Words: Hispanic: adj; n, from or connected with a counties where Spanish or Portuguese is spoken; Synonyms: Latinos; Spaniard 举例: Jeniffer Lopez is a famous Hispanic Actress and singer in US. 珍妮佛洛佩兹是美国著名的拉美裔演员及歌手。 Brazil is one of the strong football team in Hispanic America. 巴西是南美足球的一支劲旅。

  14. Words & Expressions Words: unison: n, doing something together as one;at the same time uni-Latin prefix; 唯一, 单一,一致 举例: unilateral: 单边的 unicorn: 独角兽, 麒麟 unification: 统一, 一致

  15. Words & Expressions Words: addict: n, a person who is unable to free himself from a harmful habit, especially taking drugs. 举例: At age of ten, he’s already a confirmed on-line game addict. 虽年仅十岁,他已经是一个名副其实的网络游戏狂了。 Drug addicts always resort to crime to get the money they need. 毒品瘾君子通常通过犯罪手段得到毒资。

  16. Words & Expressions Phrases & Expressions: frown on/upon something: to disapprove of 不赞成,反对 举例: Smoking in public places is very frowned upon. 公共场所禁止抽烟。 He is eager to continue his study after graduation, but his father frowned on the idea. 毕业后他渴望继续深造,但他的父亲不赞成。

  17. Words & Expressions Phrases & Expressions: summon up : try very hard to have enough of something such as courage, energy, or strength, because it is needed. 鼓起勇气。 举例: I could not even summon up the courage to open the envelope . 我甚至不能鼓起勇气打开信封。 A qualified judge should summon up all his strength and wisdom To defend the authority of law. 一名合格的法官应该用自己全部的力量和智慧去维护法律的权威。

  18. Words & Expressions Phrases & Expressions: adjust to: gradually get used to a new situation by making small Changes in the way one does things.适应。 举例: It is really hard for Russian to adjust to the hot weather in Indian . 俄罗斯人很难适应印度的炎热天气。 Since you can not change the weird rules and regulations here, just adjust to that. 既然你无法改变这里怪异的规章制度,那就去适应吧。

  19. 句型应用 sentence study “Theyremind me thatmy life is not ruled by clocks, that I can choose the time I live by.” (Line 2) remind sb. that…提醒某人某事,也可用 remind sb of sth. /to do sth.提醒某人做某事

  20. Example Yellow flowers of rape alwaysremind me ofmy childhood in the countryside. 黄黄的油菜花总使我想起我在农村度过的童年。 Hereminded himself to thank her for the present. 他提醒自己要感谢她送的礼物。

  21. sentence study Thosewho have been in a serious accidentoften report that, as it occurred, everything happened in slow motion; apparentlythis is a survival tool built into the brain, an ability to accelerate to several times normal perceptual speed, thereby “slowing down” the world and giving the victim “time” to think how to avoid disaster. (Line37)

  22. sentence study ①此句的主要结构为:Those…often report that…, that引导的宾语从句较长。在这个长句中,“as it occurred”为插入语,意为:“在事故发生的过 程中。” ② this是指 “everything happened in slow motion”。 “built into the brain”是过去分词短语做 “tool”的后 置定语,相当于“which is built into the brain”。

  23. sentence study ③“an ability to ... perceptual speed”是“a survival tool”的同位语。 ④“slowing down …”和“giving …”是并列的两个现 在分词短语,起补充说明作用。 thereby,意为“因 此,从而,由此”。例如:He became a citizen, thereby gaining the right to vote.他成了公民,因此有 投票权。

  24. 句型应用 sentence study They were all time addicts, taughtsince childhood to schedule their lives by society’s clock,and all feltlost without the security of a timepiece.( Line17) 红色部分是此句的主句,and连接两个并列谓语。 taught…by society’s clock是过去分词短语做time addicts的后置定语,相当于省略了whowas的非限定性定语从句。

  25. Writting Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a speech script entitledHow to Manage Your Time in College. You should write at least 120 words according to the situation given below: Situation: Suppose you are a senior. You are invited to deliver a speech to freshmen on time management.