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  1. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z • THE ALPHABET ef ei si bi di i lli em eich ai llei el kei en ou pi kiu ar es ti llu bfi zzed double llu eks guai ISE TRINITY EXAMS

  2. PREPOSITIONS OF TIME: IN, ON, AT IN ON AT 1. Year/month/season 1. Day /date 1. Clock time /meal time In 1988 In September In winter On Wednesday On 15 April On that day At three o’clock At lunch At that time At the moment 2. A week or more 2. A single day In the Easter holiday In the summer term On the Easter Monday On Christmas Day 2. Two or three days At Christmas At the weekend (on USA) 3. Part of the day 3. Day + part of the day On Friday morning In the morning ISE TRINITY EXAMS

  3. PREPOSITIONS OF TIME: IN, ON, AT We do not use in, on or at before every, last, next, this, tomorrow, and yesterday In time or on time? In time means ‘early enough and on time means ‘at the right time’, ‘on schedule’ ISE TRINITY EXAMS



  6. PREPOSITIONS OF PLACE: IN, ON, AT IN ON AT 1. In a town / country 1. On a floor 1. At a place on a journey Kate lives in York Atlanta is in Georgia On the first floor Does the train stop at York? 2. On a street (GB) On the Fifth Avenue 2. In a street (GB) 2. At a house / an address 3. On a road or river In Heyscroft Road At Mike’s (house) At 65 Shirley Road A village on this road Paris is on the Seine In the phone box In the kitchen work in the garden Swim in the pool 3. At an event At the party sit on the floor walk on the pavement Sit at my desk ISE TRINITY EXAMS

  7. PREPOSITIONS OF PLACE: IN, ON, AT, some common phrases IN ON AT In prision / hospital In the lesson In a book / newspaper In the photo /picture In the country In the middle In the back/front of a car In a queue/line/row On the platform On the farm On the page /map On the screen On the island / beach/ coast Drive on the right/ left On the back of an envelope At the station /airport At home / work / school At the seaside At the top / bottom of a hill At the back of the room At the end of a corridor ISE TRINITY EXAMS

  8. PREPOSITIONS OF PLACE: IN and AT with buildings. IN AT There are 400 seats in the cinema It was raining, so we waited in the pub. I was at the cinema. (= watching a film) We were at the pub (=having a drink) But we normally use at when we are talking about what happens there We use in when we mean inside a building ISE TRINITY EXAMS