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  1. apron • Used to protect your clothing and the food while cooking or baking,r:1,s:0

  2. Liquid measuring cup • Used to measure liquids like milk, juice and water

  3. Dry measuring cup • Used to measure larger quantities of dry ingredients like flour, sugar and rice • Common sizes include ¼ c, 1/3 c, ½ c and 1 c,r:2,s:0

  4. Measuring spoons • Used to measure small amounts of dry and liquid ingredients under ¼ c • Common measurement include ¼ tsp, ½ tsp, 1 tsp and 1 T,r:9,s:21

  5. Rubber scraper • Used to scrape the sides off bowls and containers,r:7,s:0

  6. Wire whisk • Used incorporate air into mixtures to make them light and fluffy like eggs whites

  7. Straight edge spatula • Used to level off ingredients while measuring • Used to smooth frosting when icing cakes

  8. Mixing bowls • Used to hold foods for storage and preparation • Can be plastic, metal, glass, ceramic or other materials

  9. Square cake pan • Used to bake square cakes and bar cookies like brownies • Can be metal, glass or other materials

  10. Rectangular cake pan • Used to cook rectangular cakes and casseroles like lasagna • Can be metal, glass or other materials

  11. Casserole dish • Used to cook combinations of food in the oven,True/

  12. Baking sheet • Used to cook cookies or reheating frozen foods

  13. Tube pan/angel food cake pan • Used to cook round cakes like angel food cakes

  14. Layer cake pans • Used to bake layer cakes that often have custard or jam between the layers

  15. Cooling rack • Used to place food on when cooling to protect the counter

  16. strainer • Used to drain liquid off solid food • Used to incorporate air into dry ingredients

  17. Box grater • Used to grate food like carrots and cheese

  18. Bottle/can opener • Used to open cans on one end and bottles on the other

  19. Can opener • Used to open tin cans

  20. COLANDER • Used to remove liquid from large piece of solid food like potatoes

  21. Cutting board • Used to protect the counter and food when cutting or chopping • Come in various colors depending upon the food to be prepared

  22. DISH RACK/DISH DRAINER • Used to place clean dishes on to drain before drying

  23. Dish towel • Used to dry dishes • The larger of the two towels

  24. Dish cloths • Used to wash dishes and counters • The smaller of the two cloths

  25. Electric mixer/hand mixer • Used to beat, whip or cream ingredients together

  26. Frying pan/skillet • Used to fry, saute, pan fry or fry food on top of the stove

  27. Kitchen shears • Used to cut herbs, packaging and string in the kitchen

  28. Kitchen spoon/large spoon • Used to stir, serve or baste food from the stovetop or oven

  29. ladle • Used to serve soup and stews

  30. Loaf pan • Used to cook quick breads like banana bread • Used to cook loaves of bread

  31. masher • Used to mash food like potatoes, turnip or strawberries

  32. Muffin pan/muffin tin • Used to cook muffins or rolls

  33. Oven mitt • Used to protect your hand when handling hot items

  34. Paring knife • Used to remove the outer layer off food like potatoes • Used to chop, dice or mince food like carrots • Usually about 6” long

  35. Pastry blender • Used to cut fat into dry ingredients when making biscuits and pastry

  36. Pastry brush • Used to brush foods with liquid or sauce like meat and barbeque sauce

  37. Pie plate/pie pan • Used to cook pies and quiche in the oven

  38. Pizza pan • Used to cook pizza in the oven

  39. Saucepan (pot) and lid • Used to cook food in on top of the stove

  40. Scouring pad • Used to remove stubborn food from utensils

  41. Slotted spoon • Used to remove solid food from liquids like peas and corn

  42. turner • Used to remove, serve or turn food when cooking

  43. pitcher • Used to hold or serve liquids like water,Bar%20&%20Supplies

  44. Wooden spoon • Used to stir or combine ingredients • Should be used where heat can be conducted like on the stovetop

  45. peeler • Used to remove the outer layer from fruit and vegetables like apples or carrots

  46. Cookie cutters • Used to cut dough when preparing cookies • Come in a variety of sizes and shapes for many occasions

  47. Rolling pin • Used to flatten dough

  48. Kitchen fork • Used to pick up and serve food like meat • Should never be used to puncture meat because the juices will escape

  49. SIFTER • Used to remove lumps and incorporate air from dry ingredients like flour and icing sugar

  50. Chef knife • Used to cut most foods in the kitchen • The blade is usually 8 to12 inches long