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How to book a Taxi ? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to book a Taxi ?

How to book a Taxi ?

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How to book a Taxi ?

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  1. How to book a Taxi ?

  2. Vocabulary . Flat Rate:A charge or fee that does not change, but remains the same in all cases. Hailing:To stop or call out to something. For example; to "hail a taxi cab". A Receipt: Receiving a bill which marks what you have paid or a payment made. A Tip:An optional payment given in addition to payment made for a service given.

  3. Vocabulary

  4. Do you know how to call for a taxi over the phone or ask the hotel staff to organize one for you? First things first… think about how you will begin your request:

  5. Greetings“Hello” “Good morning” “Good afternoon” “Good evening”  Telephoning for a taxi“May I have a taxi at…?” “Could you send a taxi to…?” “I’d like to order a taxi…” “Could I book a taxi…?” “I’d like a taxi immediately/as soon as possible please.” 

  6. Checking where the taxi is:Your taxi hasn’t turned up on time, so you need to find out why: “Hello, my name is Mr. Smith. I ordered a taxi for 8p.m. at XYZ Street. It’s 8:15 now. Could you check what has happened please?” “Can you make sure one arrives as soon as possible?”

  7. In a hotel: You are staying at a hotel and would like to ask a hotel employee to organize a taxi for you. You ask the receptionist:  “Could you organize a taxi for me for this evening please? I need to be picked up at 7p.m to go out for a business dinner.” “Could you book a taxi to take me to the train station tomorrow morning please? I need to be at the station at 8:30a.m. What time do you think should I leave?” 

  8. You ask the doorman/porter: “Excuse me, could you hail a taxi for me please?”  “Excuse me, I need a taxi please.” “Excuse me, could you get a taxi for me please?”  You would like to know in advance how much the taxi is likely to cost: “How much is the typical taxi fare to the airport/train station/city centreetc?”

  9. In the taxi You need to tell the driver where you want to go: “Could you take me to ‘The Irish Pub’ on 123 XYZ Street please?” You need to tell the driver you are in a hurry:“I’m really in a hurry, so can you take the quickest route please?” You are not sure you are at the right address:“Are you sure this is 123 XYZ Street? I can’t see ‘The Irish Pub.”

  10. You need to know how much to pay:“How much is the fare please?” “How much do I owe you?”  You feel the service was good and you want to give the taxi driver a tip:  “Keep the change.”  Then, if the driver thanks you, you reply:“You’re welcome.”

  11. Max got off the plane in Los Angeles and now needs a taxi to his hotel. He is unsure about where to go so he decided to go to the information stand inside the airport (terminal) for direction.Max: "Excuse me. Could you please tell me where I can get a taxi?"Customer Service Representative (CSR):  You can exit the main floor and flag a taxi or you can push the "taxi call" button in the exit. However, there are usually taxis sitting out front waiting for customers, so you can easily get one there.Max: Thank you.CSR:  You are welcome.  If you are having trouble finding one you can come back here and I'll call a taxi for you.Max: Thanks again.Max exits the terminal and finds a taxi...Max: Could you take me to the Radisson Hotel, please?  How long to you think it will take to get there?

  12. Taxi driver: It's very close to the airport, so it should take about 5 minutes to get there.Max: That's perfect, because I had a really long flight.Taxi driver: Where are you travelling from?Max: Augusta, Maine.Taxi driver: Here we are. We have arrived.Max: Great!  How much will that be?Taxi driver: Your fare is 6 dollars.Max:  Here's a 10.  Please, keep the change.Taxi driver: Thank you.  Have a good stay!Max:  Thank you.

  13. Now your Turn!Use the phrases and dialog above as a guide to create your own dialog. You:  Could you take me to...?Your partner: Sure! What's the address?You:  What's the address?Your partner:  The address is __________________.You:   What's your flat rate?Your partner:  The flat rate is ___________.You:  Okay.  Thank you.Your partner:  ________________ (use the phrases above to continue the dialog or start a new dialog).