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  1. Benefits Orientation “Benefits for Educated Consumers” Presented by Human Resources

  2. ICUBA • Independent Colleges and Universities Benefits Association (ICUBA) • “Better Benefits Through Collaboration” • 501(c) 9 corporation to purchase benefits for members • MEWA-multiple employer welfare association • Pool purchasing power to reduce costs

  3. ICUBA Members

  4. Benefit Plan • Plan Year: April 1 – March 31 • Tax Savings Program • Elected premiums will be deducted on a pre-tax basis under Section 125 of the IRS Tax Code • You have thirty (30) days from your hire date to elect these pre-tax benefits or you must wait until open enrollment • Open Enrollment each February • Make changes to your benefits for the following plan year effective April 1st • Coverage is locked for benefit plan year (April-March) unless there is a qualified status change • Marriage, Birth, Adoption, Divorce, Spouse gains/loses coverage elsewhere, etc. • You must make changes to benefits within thirty (30) days of the status change • Eligible Dependents: • Spouse, domestic partner, dependent child(ren), step-children, and domestic partner ‘s dependent child(ren)

  5. Medical Coverage • Two (2) PPO plan options • Risk/Reward PPO • PPO 70 • College covers 63% of the total premium for employee and eligible dependents • Both plans have in and out of network coverage • Both plans have college funded Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) • Factors to consider when choosing a plan • Plan design: Risk/Reward PPO – or – PPO 70 • Cost • HRA Contribution • Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion: • Applies to employees, spouses, children over age 19 • One year waiting period for pre-existing conditions • Pregnancy is not a Pre-existing Condition • Prior creditable coverage can be applied to waiting period, if there is no gap in coverage of 63 days or more (give proof to HR)

  6. Risk/Reward Rates (4/1/2013-3/31/2014)

  7. PPO 70 Rates(4/1/2013-3/31/2014)

  8. Provider Search 1. Find a Doctor & More 2. Select “Blue Options” 3. Enter Provider and Location Criteria and 3. Click “Search”

  9. Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) • Est. by US Dept. of Treasury – July 2002 • College contributions in addition to 63% of premium • Administered by ICUBA • Can only be used by family members on ICUBA medical plan • Two methods of reimbursement • MasterCard or reimbursement request (within 1 year from date of service) • Keep receipts, Explanations of Benefit (EOB), etc. for verification of medical expense • Unused money rolls over indefinitely • While employed and enrolled in medical plan Check balance online:

  10. Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) • Money earns interest at the FL Dept. of Financial Services rate on a quarterly basis • Never taxed • Never be converted to cash • Portable with 36 months continuous participation in Rollins medical plan • Monthly administrative fee applies if no longer employed • If you drop medical plan or leave employment without 36 months = forfeit $ • HRA available end of each month you participate in high deductible plan • As long as covered before the 15th of the month

  11. HRA (cond.) • Eligible Expenses (full listing on ICUBA Benefits Site): • Out of pocket health services (medical, dental, vision) • Prescriptions • Over the counter medical supplies • COBRA, long term care, retiree health premiums • Non-eligible expenses: • Life, long term disability, any other pre-tax premiums • Non-medical expenses, cosmetic or other not medically necessary • Dependents that are not enrolled in the ICUBA plan • Over the counter drugs without a prescription

  12. HRA Monthly Funding Schedule

  13. Pharmacy Coverage • Catamaran • Formerly Walgreens Health Initiatives (WHI) and CatalystRx • 24/7 Customer Service • Separate ID card for pharmacy benefits • Preferred Medication List is available at • Three Tier Copay Structure • Tier 1: Generics • Tier 2: Preferred Brand • Tier 3: Non-preferred Brand • Three Options for getting prescriptions filled • 30 day retail • 90 day home delivery • 90 day retail • Free Diabetic Supplies • Free Over the Counter Preventive Generics with prescription

  14. Orlando CatamaranRx Pharmacy Network • Retail Pharmacy Network • Over 62,000 chain and independent pharmacies nationwide including: Publix, CVS, Walgreens, Costco, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. • Advantage90™Retail Network • 90-day maintenance medications • Over 39,000 chain and independent pharmacies nationwide including CVS, Publix, Sam's Club, Target , Walgreens , Wal-Mart , Winn-Dixie • Mail Service Pharmacy • Located in Orlando, Florida

  15. Pharmacy Benefit Tiered Copays • Whenever possible, have your doctor consult your Preferred Medication List for the lowest cost generic or brand medications available for your therapy. • You may visit • Member Services: 1-800-207-2568 Remember: 90 day mail order saves you time and money!

  16. Dental Coverage • Three Humana Dental Plans • DHMO • PPO Low Preventive Plus • PPO High

  17. Dental Plan Comparison** *Non-network providers can bill you for charges above the amount covered by Humana. To ensure you do not receive these additional charges, visit a participating PPO Network dentist. To find a dentist in the PPO network, go to and select the “PPO/Traditional Preferred” network option. **This is a summary only. Refer to your Dental Summary Plan Description (SPD) for full benefit description.

  18. Dental Rates* *Includes Rollins’ contribution of $10.98/month for all plans and coverage categories

  19. Provider Search 1. Find a Dentist 2. Select “DHMO” or “PPO” and enter zip code 3. Select “HD DHMO/Prepaid CS250” for DHMO – or - “PPO/Traditional Preferred” for PPO

  20. Provider Search (cont.) 4. Enter Zip Code or County 5. Select service or Provider information

  21. Vision Coverage • Advantica EyeCare is a managed vision eye care insurance company with a national network of optometrists, opticians and retail providers. • Benefits can be obtained at any of the in-network providers, which include (but not limited to) EyeMasters, Sears Optical, JC Penney Optical, Target Optical, Pearle Vision, Optical Outlets, Wal-Mart, VisionWorks, and Florida Eye Clinics • Out of network reimbursement with claim form • For entire network: • Employee Monthly Premium: • Employee only: $3.98 • Family (Employee + 1 or more): $10.18

  22. Vision Plan Summary

  23. Provider Search • Provider Search 2. Select Vision Care Provider 3. Select Current or Future Member 4. Enter desired search criteria

  24. College Life Insurance • College paid coverage - no election necessary • 2x salary, rounded up to nearest $1,000 • Maximum of $500,000 • Age reductions at 65, 70 & 75 • Portability options at termination • Must complete beneficiary information online • Additional Benefits: • Will Preparation Program • Identity Theft Program • Healthy Rewards® • CIGNA Secure Travel® • CIGNAssurance® Program for Beneficiaries • Employee Assistance Program

  25. Voluntary Life Insurance • Employee Life • $10,000 increments, up to 7 X Salary or a Max of $500,000 • Guaranteed issue for voluntary life: $150,000 • Benefit Reductions at 65, 70 and 75 years of age • Spouse Life • Up to 50% of employee voluntary life amount, in increments of $10,000; Max of $250,000 • Guaranteed issue for spouse life: $50,000 • Benefit Reductions at 65, 70 and 75 years of age • Child Life • Up to 50% of employee voluntary life amount in increments of $2,500; Max of $12,500

  26. Voluntary Life Insurance (cond.) • Portable – keep policy at same rates if you leave employment • Additional Benefits • Survivor financial counseling services • Portability, accelerated benefit option, wavier of premium if totally disabled & beneficiary interest bearing asset account • Evidence of Insurability (EOI) • Medical history form • Over $150,000 for employee voluntary life • Over $50,000 for spouse life • Must complete beneficiary information online • Can update beneficiaries anytime

  27. Life Insurance Rates Employee and Spouse Life rates: Based on Employee’s age as of 1/1 of the current year Child Life rate (monthly): $0.16 per $1,000

  28. Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) • Administered by ICUBA • Funded by employee with pre-tax contributions • Used to pay for qualified healthcare (medical, Rx, dental, vision) expenses • Maximum annual contribution reduced to $2,500 per Health Care Reform • Entire annual election available upfront • Obtain funds through: • ICUBA Benefits MasterCard - or - • File claims online at • Deadline to use funds 6/15/2013 or forfeit remaining balance (have until 6/30/2013 to submit all claims through 6/15/2013)(for plan year 2012/2013) • MUST elect every year, does not roll over

  29. HRA andFSA Comparison

  30. Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) • Administered by ICUBA • Funded by employee with pre-tax contributions • Used to pay for qualified dependent day care expenses (not healthcare for dependents) • Maximum annual limit of $5,000 per family • Funds are available as they are deducted from payroll • Dependents: dependent under age 13, physically or mentally challenged adults who are unable to care for themselves • Obtain funds through: • ICUBA Benefits MasterCard – or – • File your claims online at • Deadline to use funds 3/31/2013 or forfeit remaining balance (have until 6/30/2013 to submit all claims through 3/31/2013) (for plan year 2012/2013) • MUST elect every year, does not roll over

  31. Benefits Enrollment • Must submit elections within 30 days of hire date • Online through ICUBA website • Deductions are retro-active to hire date

  32. ICUBA Benefits Site • (No www.) • Access Benefits Library & Reference Center full of detailed plan summaries, rates, and more • Single source login to view benefits and check balances on HRA/FSA debit card • Register as First Time User • Remember your login ID and password for future logins and access to benefits information throughout the year

  33. First Time User Type in your Social Security Number, Company Key and Date of Birth. The Company Key is ICUBA in all caps.

  34. Click “Start Here” to enroll in your benefits and add beneficiaries.

  35. Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse and EAP Benefits • Free Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services • Up to 6 counseling sessions per issue per plan year are available to ALL employees and everyone in an employee’s household • Do not need to be enrolled in any ICUBA benefit plan in order for you or a household member to access EAPservices • Behavioral Health Plan • Same as medical benefits (primary care, specialist, etc.) • Client Connect® Provider Matching Service • Assists members in locating an appropriate provider • MHNet website • Articles; interactive health and wellness instruments; health assessments and videos; family, personal, and mental health information; on-line seminars; discounts to vendors and community resources • Username: ICUBA Password: 8773985816 • MHNet contact information is on the back of the Blue CrossBlueShield of Florida ID card

  36. Short Term Disability (Salary Continuation) • Administered by Rollins • No employee premiums • Available after 90 days of employment • Pays salary if unable to work for more than 5 days due to sickness or injury • First 5 days are PTO • Days 6-90 are paid at 100% • Days 91-179 are paid at 66 2/3%

  37. Long Term Disability • Administered by CIGNA • No employee premiums • Eligible date of hire • Pays salary if unable to work for more than 6 months due to disability • 66 2/3% of monthly earnings to a max of $10,000 • Maximum benefit period to age 65 • Limited benefits of 12-24 months if disabled after age 65

  38. Parental Leave • Administered by Rollins • No employee premiums • Available after 90 days of employment • Pays 100% salary after birth or adoption for 6 weeks • Available if you are the sole caretaker for 20 or more hours a week

  39. Travel Accident Insurance • Administered by CNA • Coverage starts date of hire • Covered for injuries sustained while on a business trip made on behalf of the College • Excludes vacations and travel to and from work

  40. Long Term Care Insurance • Employee Paid • Covers Facility and Home-Based care • Employee, spouse, parents, grandparents • Premiums are after tax and do not increase with age • Three levels of Daily Facility Care benefit & Lifetime Max • Available with or without future benefit guarantee • Life insurance built in • Guaranteed benefit increase option • Guaranteed Issue • Portable • Contact HR for detail, rates, and enrollment forms • Can enroll at any time • EOI may be required if not enrolled within 30 days of hire date

  41. Tuition Remission • Available after 1 year of service • Waives the cost of the tuition only. All other fees, equipment, books, computers, international travel, room and board, etc., are the responsibility of the employee. • Employees • Employees may complete up to two degrees under this policy. The degrees could be both in the undergraduate programs or both in the graduate programs or one of each • Spouses/partners, children, and stepchildren • Eligible to complete up to two degrees, one in the undergraduate program and one in a graduate program • Policies on R-Net • Tuition Remission for Faculty & Staff • Tuition Remission for Dependents of Faculty & Staff

  42. Tuition Exchange Program • Available after 1 year of service • Provide educational opportunities to eligible dependent children of faculty and staff to participate in a tuition exchange program with members of the Associated Colleges of the South • May enroll dependent children tuition-free on a space available basis • Rollins College must pay a fee of $1,500 per student per year to the institution and each participating student must also pay a participating fee of $1,500 to the institution • Available for four years of study or until the requirements for the undergraduate degree are met, whichever is less • Birmingham-Southern College, Morehouse College, Centenary College, Rhodes College, Centre College, Southwestern University Furman University, Trinity University, Hendrix College, University of Richmond, Millsaps College, University of the South • Policy on R-Net • •Tuition Exchange for Dependents of Faculty & Staff

  43. Tuition Grant Program • Available after 1 year of service • Provides a tuition grant benefit up to $2,000 per fiscal year (June-May) split into up to $1,000 per semester for each dependent child's tuition at an eligible institution of higher learning • Applies to enrollments on a for-credit basis only at accredited institutions of higher learning not covered by the Rollins’ Tuition Remission and Tuition Exchange policies • Limited to no more than four consecutive years from the start of grant for undergraduate study • Policy on R-Net • Tuition Grant Program

  44. Employee Tuition Assistance Program • Available after 90 days of employment • Limited to a total reimbursement of up to $200 per fiscal year (June – May) • The courses that may be approved for Employee Tuition Assistance Program consideration are as follows: • High School Level - courses prescribed for the granting of a diploma (certificate of equivalency) • Undergraduate Courses - must relate to an employee's current position or provide development for future positions available within the College • Advanced Degrees - must relate to the current position of the employee to be eligible • Technical Schools, Home Study Programs, Adult Education Courses, etc. - must relate to the staff member's current position. • Other Courses - Offerings such as home review courses for professional certification must be highly job related and be approved by the Human Resources Department. • Policy on R-Net • Tuition Grant Program

  45. Healthcare Tips • Preventive care • FREE ICUBA Cares™ In-Network Benefits: • Aspirin for adults with a physician prescription • Prescribed folic acid and generic pre-natal vitamins for pregnancy • Prescribed diabetic supplies (meters, lancing devices, lancets, test strips, control solution, needles, and syringes) • Dental preventive exams/cleanings through Humana • Annual Physical • Annual Gynecological Exam • Lab Tests • Pap Tests • Mammograms • Urinalysis • Immunizations • Electrocardiograms • Echocardiograms • Colonoscopies & Sigmoidoscopies • Colorectal Screenings • Prostate Cancer Screenings • Bone Mineral Density Tests • Allergy Injections

  46. Healthcare Tips (cond.) • Clinics vs. Urgent Care vs. ER • FloridaBlue“Know Before You Go” • Clinical Care Consultant • • 888-476-2227 • FloridaBlue Center • 434 N. Orlando Ave, Winter Park • Services: • Get assistance with medical claims • Talk with a nurse about your doctor's treatment options • Find out how your benefit plan will cover a service • Compare costs on health care services • Research doctors and hospitals • Check your health with a personal health assessment

  47. Healthcare Tips (cond.) • Health Dialog Health Coach • Information and support for chronic conditions • Back pain • Diabetes • High blood pressure • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) • All full time and part time employees and household members • Generic or mail order prescriptions • Wellness incentives • Better You From Blue™ Health Fairs • $25 annual incentive for health risk assessment online or at health fair • Healthy Additions $25 incentive for pregnant member enrolled in program • Free on-site fitness facility and classes • Discounts through Blue 365 on

  48. Plans :

  49. Rollins 403(b) Retirement Plan • Two companies for contributions • TIAA/CREF • Fidelity • Asset allocation options: • Do it yourself allocations: you choose the funds • Targeted allocations: ready-mixed funds based on age & estimated year of retirement