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Beverly Begovich

Beverly Begovich

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Beverly Begovich

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  1. Engaging, Aligning and Integrating Physicians to Create a Patient Focused Culture that Drives Performance and Outcomes • Beverly Begovich

  2. What I will cover: • Key drivers in aligning our physicians • Four Steps to Achieve Physician Engagement • Develop initiatives to enhance physician engagement

  3. Insert Video: Herding Cats

  4. A Staged Approach to Achieve Engagement and Commitment • A journey, not an event! Step 1: Compelling Story • Step 1:Create a • Compelling Story

  5. Motivators Step 1: Compelling Story • What are they? • How do you leverage them? • Which motivators will most impact your physician leaders? • How will you put the motivators into the communication plan?

  6. Aggregation to Integration: • Physician Governance

  7. Physician Practice Committee

  8. Baptist Medical Group Physician Compact

  9. Baptist Medical Group Physician Compact

  10. Engaging Physicians Step 2: Identify and Engage Physician Leaders • Converse with the physicians you want to engage • What do you like about being in healthcare (or your specific profession)? • What do you like about what you do here? • What legacy do you want to leave behind - your personal contribution to this organization? Our team contribution? The Leadership Handbook - Peter R. Scholtes

  11. Developing Physician Governance • Primary Care department meetings • Physician Practice Council • Expand both to include specialists • Expand to aligned, independent physicians • Expand Physician Recruitment Committee

  12. Where are we now? Source: The Advisory Board Company

  13. Hospital-Physician Alignment Methodologies The further right on the spectrum, the higher the risk, the return and the ability to use a more proactive approach to alignment.

  14. Identify Clear Goals and Right Audience Step 3: Identify Clear Goals and Audience • In partnership, lead sponsors and physician leaders in process to clarify goals and measures • Again, clarify and validate the “motivators” • Given these goals, who needs to be at the table—lead process of establishing a representative collaborative team • Continue to “tell the story;” physician leaders now carrying the message to their peers • Fan the flames! Communication strategy and informationsharing

  15. Physician Compensation: Quality and Service

  16. Communicate the Initiative Step 4: Communicate the Initiative • Develop communication strategy based on “the story” • Use multiple channels and forums • Help create customized message to the audience • Simple progress measures with ongoing updates • Build enthusiasm and support

  17. Physicians Advisory Group Charter To empower physicians in the management of Baptist Health Care systems with the goal of achieving success at all levels. Why the Physician Advisory Group Exists Baptist Health Care’s patients come directly from the physicians. Physician engagement is paramount to our success; however, their engagement needs to be cultivated by a health system that provides them with the opportunities and resources necessary to succeed. For this to occur there needs to be a cultural alignment between the physicians and the health system; with the focus being shared values, an organizational focused approach to healthcare reform, and a superior patient centered approach to healthcare.

  18. Physician Advisory Group Membership Criteria: • Leaders of the medical staff: • Highly Respected among peers • Influential • Show Ownership in Baptist Health Care • Not afraid to voice their own opinion • Strong desire to carry out the mission of BHC • Passionate • Seek hospital-physician alignment and understand the value • Visionaries - understand the challenges we face ahead and want to be prepared, collectively • Ability/Desire to educate others about topics/issues/strategies/etc. • Willing to commit time to group

  19. Physician Leadership University

  20. Richard Stachler, MD Maria DiMonte John Sullivan, MD Stephanie Boerjan Brett Smith, MD Kimi Dunn Bob Spencer, MD Valarie Hampton Josh Davis, MD Carla Johnson

  21. Each of these team members were recognized as Champions of Gulf Breeze Hospital during the month of October for selfless service above and beyond the call of duty JR Lee Diagnostic Imaging Sharon Hooks Ultrasound Congratulations to our most recent CHAMPIONS Dr. Charles Roth Orthopaedic Surgeon Kathy Linkous Nursing House Supervisor

  22. Physician Networking Breakfasts on GBH Campus Quarterly

  23. How can we leverage Culture to execute strategies?

  24. How Do You Achieve World Class Results? • Clarity of purpose • Quantifiable Goals • Ensuring adequate resources and expertise • Measurement and improvement • Utilizing systematic assessment frameworks • Establishing process improvement systems and tools that can be replicated for multiple improvement initiatives • Standardization and consistency • The customer is at the center • Personal ownership and accountability • Establishing a culture of “mindfulness” • Maintaining a culture of employee engagement • Partnerships with medical staff, nursing and ancillary staff, patients and family members Leadership Operational Cultural

  25. Physician Initiatives: Evidence Based Practices to Achieve Patient Centered Excellence • Patient Centered Practices: • 10 simple things Physicians can do to improve the Patient Perception of their care • Words that Work™ • Patient Rounding • Standards of performance • Measurement • Performance Management: Vital Conversations

  26. 10 Simple Things for Physicians To Improve Patient Satisfaction • Acknowledge everyone in the patient’s room. • Introduce yourself. • Shake patient’s hand (if appropriate). • Sit (or perch) at the patient’s bedside. • “Comfort” & “Concern” • Share the plan with the patient. • Notify the patient directly of any change in care. • Smile • “What questions do you have?” vs. “Do you have any questions?” • Hardwire these simple actions---do it every patient!

  27. HCAHPS-Overall Hospital Rating Trends

  28. HCAHPS Dimensions • Nurse Communications • Doctor Communications • Responsiveness of hospital staff • Cleanliness, quiet of hospital environment • Pain Management • Communication about medicines • Discharge information

  29. Doctor Communications: • How often did doctors treat me with courtesy and respect? • How often did doctors listen carefully to you? • How often did doctors explain things in a way you could understand? • All questions are on an “Always” to “Never” scale

  30. Andrews Institute • Clinical Facility • Medical Offices • Ambulatory Surgical Center • Multi-specialty with an emphasis on musculoskeletal procedures • 8 surgical suites • Orthopedic surgery • Primary care sports medicine • Neurosurgery • Pain management • Ophthalmology

  31. Andrews Institute • Clinical Facility • Outpatient Rehabilitation • Protocols developed by Kevin Wilk & Dr. Andrews • Diagnostic Services • X-Ray and EMG Services • 3.0 tesla MRI • Medical Equipment • Braces, splints, crutches, etc.

  32. Research and Development • Biomechanics/Performance Testing Lab • Clinical outcome Studies • Sports Medicine/Rehab Products • Surgical Instrumentation Products

  33. Educational Opportunities • Surgical Skills Lab- training/testing • MD Fellowship program • Conferences- CME’s • Medical Library

  34. Andrews Institute • Athletic Performance Center • Biomechanical/ Motion Analysis • Molecular Analysis • Sport Psychology • Strength and Conditioning

  35. “You must become the change you wish to see in the world.” - Gandhi

  36. Thank You • Beverly Begovich RN, MBA, MBB • Practice Leader • •