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Maple Point Tri-Team Tournament

MP-BHT. 6. 5. 4. 7. Maple Point Tri-Team Tournament. 3. 8. 2. All Play. 1. Play. MP-BHT. Instructions: 1) Students become members of a Social Studies Team. 2) Each student on team will be given a number 1-8. 3) Spin wheel to see which student gets question.

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Maple Point Tri-Team Tournament

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  1. MP-BHT 6 5 4 7 Maple Point Tri-Team Tournament 3 8 2 All Play 1 Play

  2. MP-BHT Instructions: 1) Students become members of a Social Studies Team. 2) Each student on team will be given a number 1-8. 3) Spin wheel to see which student gets question. 4) Both the team and individual student will answer question separately. 5) Each question worth 1 point for team / 2 points for individual. Potential to earn 3 points total. Play

  3. Team Scores The Big Wheel Team One Team One 6 5 4 7 Team Two 3 8 Team Three 2 All Play 1 Spin Wheel YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN

  4. The ANCIENT WORLD final challenge 81 41 71 51 91 11 21 61 1 31 82 62 52 12 72 42 92 22 2 32 93 3 33 43 83 63 53 13 73 23 4 94 14 24 84 64 54 34 74 44 5 75 25 35 65 55 95 15 45 85 6 76 26 16 36 96 46 66 56 86 27 7 67 47 87 37 97 77 57 17 68 8 28 88 58 98 38 18 78 48 69 49 19 39 59 9 89 79 29 99 50 20 70 40 80 60 10 100 90 30

  5. 4 How many hemispheres are there in the world? Q1

  6. Historian, Archeologists and Geographer What are the three types of social scientists? Q2

  7. Geographer Which social scientists would be interested in river valleys? Q3

  8. Archeologist Which social scientist would be interested in a dagger? Q4

  9. Geographer Which social scientist would be interested in a map? Q5

  10. Historian Which social scientist would be interested in a scroll? Q6

  11. Writing did not exist. (prehistoric) Why would a social scientist not find any writing during the Stone Age? Q7

  12. Paleolithic and Neolithic What are the two parts of the Stone Age? Q8

  13. Paleolithic What word means old stone age? Q9

  14. New Stone Age What does Neolithic mean? Q10

  15. the use of stone for tools What discovery started the Stone Age? Q11

  16. the use of stone tools What discovery started the Paleolithic Age? Q12

  17. the discovery of farming What discovery ended the Paleolithic Age? Q13

  18. agriculture What term refers to the business of farming? Q14

  19. the discovery of metal What discovery ended the Neolithic Age? Q15

  20. the discovery of metal What discovery ended the Stone Age? Q16

  21. domesticate What terms means to train a wild animal to be useful to humans? Q17

  22. they hunted and gathered food How did the earliest humans get enough food to survive? Q18

  23. stable food supply When agriculture was discovered, which of the five features was first to develop? Q19

  24. specialization of labor When people had a stable food supply, what was the next feature to be developed? Q20

  25. trade Because people had different jobs, what were they able to do with their surplus of goods? Q21

  26. Mesopotamia What word means the land between two rivers? Q22

  27. Sumer The first cities started to developed in the southern part of Mesopotamia. What was this area called? Q23

  28. a city state An area that had their own ruler and their own farmland was called what? Q24

  29. moats and walls Name two defense systems city-states used to defend themselves against enemies? Q25

  30. the irrigation systems What new invention allowed the people of Sumer to grown enough food for it’s people? Q26

  31. food shortage What was the first problem the people of Mesopotamia faced in the hills? Q27

  32. uncontrolled water supply When the people of Mesopotamia moved from the hills to the river plains, what problem did they face? Q28

  33. attacks by neighboring villages Once Sumerians built an irrigation system and agreed to maintain it, what was the last problem they faced? Q29

  34. social levels In order for a society to be considered a civilization, It must meet five features. Which feature is missing…. Highly developed culture system of government specialization of labor stable food supply Q30

  35. system of government, social levels, and specialization of labor Which feature(s) would include a pharaoh, vizier, and scribe? Q31

  36. Highly developed culture - writing Which feature would cuneiform be found? Q32

  37. Neo-Babylonian There were four empires found in Mesopotamia. Which one is missing: Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian Q33

  38. being the worlds first empire What was the Akkadian empire most known for? Q34

  39. Bablyonian Which of the empires of Mesopotamia developed the first code of laws? Q35

  40. Assyrian Which of the empires were known for their military strategy and ruthlessness? Q36

  41. Neo-Babylonian Which of the empires was known for the Hanging Gardens? Q37

  42. prehistoric What is the word that means “before written history?” Q38

  43. artifact What is a manmade object called? Q39

  44. civilization A complex society has five features. What is another name for a complex society? Q40

  45. they had to work together / grew into towns What was the effect of many Sumerian villages using the same irrigation system? Q41

  46. Ancient Greece Which civilization we studied got their food supply mostly through trade? Q42

  47. one has a leader/emperor, larger area of land is covered Name one major difference between a city-state and an empire? Q43

  48. The Nile River What was the most important physical feature of Egypt? Be specific when naming this physical feature. Q44

  49. protection from invaders What is a possible benefit of living near a desert or a mountain range? Q45

  50. vegetation What environmental factor includes plants? Q46

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