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  1. MOROLE ENGINEERING SUPPLIES COMPANY PROFILE 62 Stasie Po box 1829 Ga-Marota Steelpoort 1151 1133 Tell: 013 216 1850 Cell: 082 438 4377 Email:

  2. INTRODUCTION • Morole company was formed in 2013 and it consists of two members. • Morole company was formed to create employment for the unemployed and give satisfactory for each task offered by our clients, because we are very determined in everything we perform.

  3. GOALS • In a shortrun we would have employed most of the un-employed South Africans,because we would have created many jobs by then. • We want to open many branches and venture our company through out South Africa. • We want our company to be well known for its customer satisfaction in its delivery.

  4. STRENGTH • We don’t take tasks that we cannot perform, we do what we know best in order to deliver good quality. • We have skilled labours to perform each task provided, we don’t take chances. • We have all necessary tools and machineries for each task to deal with. • We know that time wasted is never regained, so we perform our task within the time frame provided. • We have a company website wherein many clients can log in and see most of the tasks we render.

  5. AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION • We regard our selves as an all trade company and we are also experts in the following: • Fabrication • Welding • Installation • Erection • Plumbing • Supply of the following: • Lubrication systems • Valves • Conveyor belts and accessories • Couplings • Master Pneumatic and regulator • Filters • And Construction

  6. WEAKNESSES • As a new and small company we are still battling fanancialy,but that does not mean we won’t be able to perform any task. • We are currently not well known as we haven’t performed many tasks locally.

  7. CONCLUTION • We at morole don’t believe in shifting blames, as we are good in what we do and we always make a follow up after any service rendered. • We are determined to work on the scope of work provided, we will never bring what is not of satisfactory to the client unless requested by the client to make any changes. • We are a target driven company.

  8. MISSION • We want to deliver quality in the customer satisfaction arena. • We want to bring out services that we believe many companies cannot perform or bring out customer satisfactory after rendering. • We are going to shorten every time frame offered to us to perform ours tasks.

  9. VISION • In the next years we see our self as a well-known company, not only locally but through out South Africa. • We would have brought down the rate of unemployment in South Africa,because creativity is in our nature. • Our company puts the environment first, so whatever task we render will not harm the environment and surroundings.

  10. MEMBERS • Director: Mr E Mmopane who holds greater experience in Structural plater/Boilermaker in terms of section 13 of the manpower training act of 1981,certificate number(2)ET12301 • With 22 years of experience in fabrication and installation. • Marketing manager Reuben Mopane,who holds experience in corporate account management.

  11. OBJECTIVES • Our main objective is to create more jobs and reduce this current high rate of unemployment in our country. • We want to bring in a good structure of good customer service and satisfactory. • We want to help our clients to be more productive, as we would save them time, because we believe that time wasted is never regained, so it is our duty to serve efficiently • We guarantee quality and competitive pricing structure.