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Power Supplies

Power Supplies

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Power Supplies

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  1. Power Supplies Evolution of Power Supplies over the past 50 years

  2. The development of the microchip • The microchip (also called a chip) was developed by Jack Kilby in 1959 • A microchip is a set of inter-connected electronic components like transistors and resistors. They are etched onto a tiny chip made of materials like silicon. They are made on a VERY SMALL scale.

  3. 1940’s - Model 700 Vacuum Tube In the late 1940’s to early 50’s the Model 700 Vacuum Tube was invented. It was one of the first power suppliers to be put on the market during that era

  4. On October 9th, 1957 the first patented alkaline battery was invented. This battery was able to power very few small electronic devices. It would be able to hold AC power for electronic devices to run on 1957 – First Patented Alkaline Battery

  5. 1960’s – Kepco Type KM In the mid-1960’s the Kepco Type KM was invented. This Power Supplier was more involved in simulations, control,and modeling. There was still a lot of improvements that needed to be made to make the system more efficient

  6. In 1976 the Kepco Model BOP was created. This power supplier was made during an energy crisis. The system was known as a switching power supply which gave an opportunity to re-surface and establish a significant position in the electronic market. 1976 – Kepco Model BOP

  7. In 1979 another type of switched mode power supply came out. The difference was that this one was for the computer. This gave the computer the advantage of being able to plug into a wall and then the power supply would convert form DC to AC. 1979 – Switched Mode Power Supply

  8. In the 1980’s the regulated DC power supply was modified to where it was portable in a house. If you plugged it in you could power a variety of different electronic devices that used DC power 1980’s – Regulated DC Power Supply

  9. 1991 was the year that the Macintosh portable, which was one of the first laptops out there on the market, came out. The power supply that was given was a small converter box that you could plug into the wall on one side and plug into your laptop to charge on the other. 1991 – Macintosh Portable

  10. 2000’s the new iPhone charger was invented to where it was very tiny, yet able to charge your iPhone quickly and with ease 2000’s – iPhone Charger

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