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Phonics for

Phonics for

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Phonics for

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  1. Phonics for ESLLearners

  2. English Alphabet has: 44 sounds 26 letters

  3. Bb-bee Bat web bib box bun bye /b/ voiced

  4. Cc-cee cat cent cider cost cuss /s/ or /k/ unvoiced

  5. The Letter Cc • C is always sounded like k or s—like k before a, o, and u—and like s before e, i and y. Thus, • ca, ce, ci, co, cu, cy. ka, se, si, ko, ku, sy. • At the end of words it is always hard like k, and in public. When followed by i, or e before vowels the syllable slides into the sound of sh; as in cetaceous, gracious, social, which are pronounced cetashus, grashus, soshal.

  6. Dd-dee dam dent dot mud /d/ voiced

  7. Ff-ef fan Fence wiff of fun /f/ unvoiced

  8. The Letter Ff F has its own proper sound, as in life, fever, except in of, where it has the sound of v.

  9. game leg go gut Gg-gee /g/ voiced

  10. The Letter Gg G before a, o, and u, has always its hard sound, as in gave, go, gun. Before e, i, and y, it has the same hard sound in some words, and in others, the j. But these varieties are incapable of being reduced to a single rule, and are to be learnt only by practice, observation, and a dictionary, in which the sounds are designated.

  11. Hh-aytch hat hem hit hot hunt /h/ unvoiced

  12. The Letter Hh H can hardly be said to have any sound, but it denotes an aspiration or impulse of the breath, which modifies the sound of the following vowel, as in heart, heave.

  13. Jj-jay jam jest jim job jump /j/ voiced

  14. The Letter J J is the mark of a compound sound, or union of sounds, which may be represented by dzh, or the soft g, as in jelly.

  15. Kk-kay ask keep kit kung fu /k/ unvoiced

  16. The Letter Kk K has but one sound, as in king; and before the n is always silent, as in know.

  17. Ll-el lab leg lip gold gull /l/ voiced

  18. Mm-em map met dim mom mud /m/ voiced

  19. Nn-en nap net con nun /n/ voiced

  20. Pp-pee pat pet pop cup /p/ unvoiced

  21. Qq-cue quart queen quiet quote /kw/ voiced

  22. The Letter Qq Q has the power of k, and is always followed by u, as in question.

  23. Rr-ar car red rid rope rut rye /r/ voiced

  24. Ss-es sap yes some sun busy /s/ or /z/ unvoiced

  25. The Letter S S has the sound of c as in so, of z, as in rose —and when followed by i, preceding a vowel, the syllable has the sound of sh, as in mission; or zh as in osier.

  26. Tt-tee tap pet tip cot turn /t/ unvoiced

  27. The Letter T T has its proper sound, as in turn, at the beginning of words and ends of syllables. In all the terminations tion, and tial, ti have the sound of sh as in nation, nuptial; except when preceded by s or x, in which cases they have the sound of ch, as in question, mixtion.

  28. Vv-vee vast very vine love /v/ voiced

  29. The Letter Vv V has uniformly one sound, as in voice, live, and never silent.

  30. Ww-double u water dew win sow wuss /w/ voiced

  31. The Letter Ww W has the power of a vowel, as in dwell; or a consonant, as in well, will.

  32. Xx-eks exam ax x-ray sax /ks/ /gz/ unvoiced

  33. The Letter Xx X has the sound of ks as in wax; or gz, as in exist, and in other words, when followed by an accented syllable beginning with a vowel. In the beginning of Greek names, it has the sound of z, as in Xerxes, Xenophon.

  34. Yy-wi yam yes yield you /y/ voiced

  35. The Letter Yy Y is a vowel at the end of a word- as in vanity; a dipthong- as in defy; or a consonant at the beginning of a word- as in young.

  36. Zz-zed zoo zebra zany zero buzz /z/ voiced

  37. Aa Short vowel /ă/ cat map that -a

  38. Aa Short vowel /ă/ bald tall what cost not -aw

  39. Ee Short vowel /ĕ/ egg met bend deck -eh

  40. Ii Short vowel /i/ ink pig rid -ih

  41. Oo Short vowel /ŏ/ dog frog log -oh

  42. Short vowel /oo/ Oo look book stood bush full -ooh

  43. Uu Short vowel /ŭ/ cut luck bug -uh

  44. Lesson 1 ba be bi bobu by cace* ci* co cu cy* da de di do du dy fafe fi fofufy kakekikokuky Gagegi go gugy

  45. Short a vs. short u cat ket kit cot cut bad bed bid bod bud bag beg big bog bug

  46. Lesson 2 ha he hi ho huhy ma me mi mo mu my na ne ni no nu ny ra re rirorury ta teti to tuty wa we wiwowuwy

  47. Lesson 3 la le li lo luly pa pe pi popupy sa se si so susy zazezizozuzy

  48. Short Vowel Sounds bag big bog bug den cap bit dot fag dig dog dug hen gap citgot cag fig fog hug men lap hit hot gag gig hog lug pen map pit jot hag pig jog mug ten rap sit lot rag wig log tug wen tap wit not

  49. Short Vowel Sounds man fob bad bed bid fop bet but can job had fed did hop get cut pan mob lad led lid lop let hut ran rob mad red hid mop met nut van sob sad wed rid top yet putt

  50. Lesson 4 abebibobub ac ecicocuc ad ed id od ud afef if of uf al el ilolul