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This is

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This is

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  1. Thisis

  2. Jeopardy Life Science

  3. Jeopardy

  4. What is 21 percent? The Air Around You for 200 The percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere is approximately _____________ Back to Jeopardy

  5. What is water vapor? The Air Around You for 400 A gas in the atmosphere that varies in different places and from time to time is __________________ Back to Jeopardy

  6. What is Nitrogen? The Air Around You for 600 __________________ is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere. Back to Jeopardy

  7. What is oxygen? The Air Around You for 800 Fires need _________________ to burn. Back to Jeopardy

  8. What is density? Air Pressure for 200 The amount of mass in a given volume of a substance is its _____________. Back to Jeopardy

  9. What is decreases? Air Pressure for 400 As the density of air decreases, its pressure ______________________. Back to Jeopardy

  10. What is millibars? Air Pressure for 600 Air pressure is often measured in _________________ or inches of mercury. Back to Jeopardy

  11. What is pressure? Air Pressure for 800 ______________ is the force per unit area. Back to Jeopardy

  12. What is temperature? Layers of the Atmosphere for 200 The four main layers of the atmosphere are classified according to changes in ______________________. Back to Jeopardy

  13. What is ozone? Layers of the Atmosphere for 400 The stratosphere helps protect Earth from too much ultraviolet radiation because this layer of the atmosphere contains _________________ Back to Jeopardy

  14. What is thermosphere? Layers of the Atmosphere for 600 The warmest layer of the atmosphere is the _____________________. Back to Jeopardy

  15. What is the thermosphere? Layers of the Atmosphere for 800 The layer of the atmosphere that reflects radio waves is the ________________. Back to Jeopardy

  16. What are pollutants? Air Quality for 200 Harmful substances in the air, water, or soil are called ________________. Back to Jeopardy

  17. What is soot? Air Quality for 400 Particles of carbon that enter the air when wood or coal are burned are called _____________________. Back to Jeopardy

  18. What is sulfur? Air Quality for 600 One cause of acid rain is the burning of coal that contains a lot of _________. Back to Jeopardy

  19. What is sunlight? Air Quality for 800 Photochemical smog is caused by the action on chemicals of __________. Back to Jeopardy

  20. What is weather? Vocabulary Words for 200 ________________ is the condition of earth’s atmosphere at a particular time and place. Back to Jeopardy

  21. What is air quality? Vocabulary Words for 400 Over the past 30 years, ________ ____________ in the United States has generally improved. Back to Jeopardy

  22. What is altitude? Vocabulary Words for 600 Air pressure decreases as _____________ increases. Back to Jeopardy

  23. What are auroras? Vocabulary Words for 800 These colorful light displays occur in the ionosphere. Back to Jeopardy

  24. What is a barometer? Capture the Chapter for 200 This is the name of the scientific instrument that measures air pressure Back to Jeopardy

  25. What is ozone? Capture the Chapter for 400 This material is helpful in the stratosphere, but harmful in the troposphere. Back to Jeopardy

  26. What is air quality? Capture the Chapter for 600 By improving this, we would be able to reduce health costs because people would have fewer respiratory problems. Back to Jeopardy

  27. Capture the Chapter for 800 At high altitudes, pilots must wear oxygen masks because the air here has low pressure and _________________. What is density? Back to Jeopardy





  32. Double Jeopardy

  33. What are three? The Air Around You for 400 Each molecule of ozone contains this many oxygen atoms. Back to Double Jeopardy

  34. What are living things? The Air Around You for 800 Our atmosphere is important because it helps makes conditions on Earth suitable for __________ _________. Back to Double Jeopardy

  35. What is argon? The Air Around You for 1200 Carbon dioxide and _____________ are the next two most abundant gases in the atmosphere behind nitrogen and oxygen. Back to Double Jeopardy

  36. What is 0.00005%? The Air Around You for 1600 This is the percent by volume of hydrogen in dry air. Back to Double Jeopardy

  37. What is air pressure? Air Pressure for 400 _________ _________ is the result of the weight of a column of air pushing down on an area. Back to Double Jeopardy

  38. What is increase? Air Pressure for 800 As the mass of an object increases, its density will __________________ Back to Double Jeopardy

  39. What is 1,016? Air Pressure for 1200 30 inches of mercury is equal to about ________________ millibars. Back to Double Jeopardy

  40. What is 14? Air Pressure for 1600 At a height of 6 km, the air pressure would be about ________ inches of mercury. Back to Double Jeopardy

  41. What is the mesosphere? Layers of the Atmosphere for 400 This is the “middle” layer of the atmosphere. Back to Double Jeopardy

  42. What is -60 degrees Celsius? Layers of the Atmosphere for 800 The top of the troposphere has this for a temperature. Back to Double Jeopardy

  43. What is Exo? Layers of the Atmosphere for 1200 This prefix means “outer” in the outermost layer of our atmosphere. Back to Double Jeopardy

  44. What is 100,000? Layers of the Atmosphere for 1600 One cubic meter of air at sea level would expand out to this many cubic meters at the top of the mesosphere. Back to Double Jeopardy

  45. What is smoke? Air Quality for 400 When a candle was burned in class and covered with a jar, the jar was filled with this. Back to Double Jeopardy

  46. What are fossil fuels? Air Quality for 800 The burning of these can cause smog and acid rain. Back to Double Jeopardy

  47. What is the EPA? Air Quality for 1200 This agency monitors air pollutants in the United States. Back to Double Jeopardy

  48. What is carbon monoxide? Air Quality for 1600 This pollutant is caused by the burning of fossil fuels and can reduce the ability of blood to deliver oxygen to cells. Back to Double Jeopardy

  49. What is water vapor? Vocabulary Words for 400 This gas form of water is invisible. Back to Double Jeopardy

  50. What is altitude? Vocabulary Words for 800 This is another word for elevation. Back to Double Jeopardy