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This is. JEOPARDY. Enjoy Genetics Jeopardy! Team #1 chooses a category and question dollar amount first. Teacher reads the “answer” completely , then contestants can raise their hands, and then respond.

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This is...

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  1. This is... JEOPARDY

  2. Enjoy Genetics Jeopardy! • Team #1 chooses a category and question dollar amount first. • Teacher reads the “answer” completely, then contestants can raise their hands, and then respond. • I, your teacher, will record the contestant’s score – You gain the dollar amount if correct; lose the dollar amount if incorrect. • Be careful, you could also lose points if your group is not listening, talking out of turn, or not showing good “sportsmanship.”

  3. Game Board $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 Final Jeopardy $500 $500 $500 $500 $500

  4. $100 Who is considered the father of genetics?

  5. $100 To Game Board Gregor Mendel

  6. $200 In sexual reproduction, how much information does an offspring receive from each parent?

  7. $200 To Game Board ½(half)

  8. $300 A section of a chromosome that codes for traits is called what?

  9. $300 To Game Board A gene.

  10. $400 What type of an allele is NOT expressed when a dominant allele is present?

  11. $400 To Game Board recessive

  12. $500 The actual genes that a person has for a particular trait are called their…

  13. $500 To Game Board genotype

  14. $100 Construct a Punnett square considering that a black guinea pig is heterozygous and a white guinea pig is recessive. What is the probability of getting a white offspring from this cross?

  15. $100 To Game Board 50%

  16. $200 What are the possible phenotypes of the offspring of two heterozygous black guinea pigs? Black is the dominant trait, white is recessive

  17. $200 To Game Board 75% black25% white

  18. $300 Cross a heterozygous type A mother with a type O father. What is the probability of getting an offspring with type O blood?

  19. $300 To Game Board 50% chance type O blood

  20. $400 Can a cross between a homozygous type A parent and a type B heterozygous parent produce an offspring with the AB blood? If so, what it the chance of it happening?

  21. $400 To Game Board Yes. 50% chance type AB blood.

  22. $500 If B is the gene for black and W is the gene for white, what will the resulting offspring look like if the pattern of inheritance is incomplete dominance?

  23. $500 To Game Board grey

  24. $100 If a red pig and a white pig are crossed, the result is a pink pig. What would the possible phenotypes be if two pink pigs were crossed?

  25. $100 To Game Board 25% red25% white50% pink

  26. $200 Cross a colorblind male and a carrier female. What is the probability that the parents will have a colorblind daughter?

  27. $200 To Game Board 25%

  28. $300 An orange head is dominant over a green head in Oompaloompas. What are the possible genotypes and phenotypes if a heterozygous orange headed Oompaloompa is crossed with a green headed Oompaloompa?

  29. $300 To Game Board Genotypes: hybrid/heterozygous- 50%pure/homozygous- 50%Phenotypes:orange headed- 50%green headed- 50%

  30. $400 If a mother is a carrier for sickle cell anemia, a sex linked trait, and a father has sickle cell anemia, what is the chance that their offspring will have the disease?

  31. $400 To Game Board 50% chance of having an offspring with sickle cell.

  32. $500 When a purple bird mates with a yellow bird, the result is a purple and yellow speckled bird. What type of inheritance is this?

  33. $500 To Game Board Codominance

  34. $100 Who was the first cloned mammal and what type of animal was she?

  35. $100 To Game Board Dolly the sheep.

  36. $200 In order to determine if an individual has a genetic disorder, scientists sometimes take a photograph of their chromosomes then cut and paste them with their pairs. This is called a…

  37. $200 To Game Board karyotype

  38. $300 Cells that have not yet differentiated into specialized cells are known as…

  39. $300 To Game Board Stem cells

  40. $400 Why could cloning be good for someone who needs an organ transplant? Hint: State why it is better than organ transplants now.

  41. $400 To Game Board Organs from clones would be genetically identical to the individual in need of the organ. There wouldn’t be any chance of the organ being rejected. Also, no anti-rejection drugs that would suppress the immune system and possibly lead to other infections/illnesses would be prescribed.

  42. $500 Describe the process of nuclear transfer in cloning.

  43. $500 To Game Board The nucleus, containing genetic information, from a body cell would be removed. The nucleus from an egg cell would also be removed. The body cell nucleus would be placed into the empty egg cell. This cell, containing the proper number of chromosomes, would be placed between two electrodes and a jolt of energy would start the process of cell division. This new embryo would then be implanted into a surrogate mother.

  44. $100 How do you represent recessive traits?

  45. $100 To Game Board Lower case letters.

  46. $200 What is the chance of having a male or female offspring?

  47. $200 To Game Board 50% male50% female(XX x XY)

  48. $300 What do we call this diagram and what do the shapes that are shaded in represent?

  49. $300 To Game Board It is a pedigree. The shaded in shapes represent either a male or female which has the trait being studied.

  50. $400 How many generations are represented?

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