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Billy bishop

Billy bishop

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Billy bishop

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  1. Billy bishop By: your’s truly dante

  2. Age of death and birth • Billy bishop died at the age 61 0n 1956 in ontario • Billy bishop was born on Febuary 8 1894 in owen sound

  3. Family information • His family thought Billy would be so good at school and become a lawer but Billy had other plans to be an athlet. Billy got into lot’s of fights when he was in elementry school and he wasn’t very good at his studies. Billy had a sister and a brother his brother was a proud student at a military school. Billys sister on the other hand was always looking out for Billy and when Billywas in in high school his sister persued him to date some of her friends and helped him find the woman of his dreams and you might say shes the most best sister ever.

  4. Achievements • Billy bishop has won many medals in his bravery and leadership. Like the battle of virmly bridge and world war I and II. But the most greatest medal he ever got in his own eye’s was when he got his wings. The second medal he was also proud of was the military cross.

  5. Quotes • There are many quotes Billy bishop said over the years. But the quote on the edge of destiny you must show of your strength at the edge of destiny was the most life inspyering in my eyes.

  6. How did Billy bishop inpact the world • There is many things that billy bishop was famous for like. He was the first canadian ace in canada and lead a pack of canadians into a battle ang saved canada from a germanarieal attack