the sack company statesboro n.
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The Sack Company - Statesboro PowerPoint Presentation
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The Sack Company - Statesboro

The Sack Company - Statesboro

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The Sack Company - Statesboro

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  1. The Sack Company - Statesboro

  2. Introduction

  3. The Sack Company

  4. Albert Roesel Became The Sole Owner Of The Company In 1973, Albert Roesel bought out his partners and became the sole owner of the business. As the leader of the business, Mr. Roesel was able to expand into complementary business. Industrial Maintenance, Millwright/Rigging and Programmable Logic Control services were added. At this point, H.A. Sack Company employed around 100 employees.

  5. H.A. Sack Company And SCM, Inc. Merged Together In 2015 H.A. Sack Company and SCM, Inc. merge together all divisions and departments of the company and will begin operating with a new logo under one name, The Sack Company. Both facets of the company are important, are on the same team, and operate as one.

  6. Company Affiliations The Sack Company is proud to be a part of many industry related organizations and associations. Through these partnerships, we have been able to build relationships and provide services to many of our clients. We are also able to develop a network of people that help us stay up to date on the newest trends and technologies to keep us at the forefront in all of our areas of work and build our reputation within the construction industry.

  7. 21 JUN SACK RECEIVES BB&T SAFETY AWARD FOR 2017 The Sack Company has an excellent safety program, as well as an educated staff in the field with regard to safety. Our company is, and has been, dedicated to educating our personnel on what safe working practices are, how to plan for safe job sites, and globally to establishing safe working environments for our personnel on all of our job sites. We are continuously working to improve our program. Thank you for the recognition and support and we look forward to finishing 2018 safely! (pictured L to R- Dan VerBeek, Paul Roesel, Scott Russell, Fred Hill)