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  1. Secretary Role, Responsibilities and Tasks

  2. What is the Role of the Club Secretary?

  3. The Board of Directors? • Board of Directors consists of the: • club president • immediate past president • vice president • secretary • treasurer • lion tamer • tail twister • membership director • branch coordinator • all other elected directors

  4. Role of the Club Secretary • All correspondence, coming in to the club and • Going out from the club, goes through the • Secretary. • The Secretary is the key communication link • between the District, the association, the • Community and the Club.

  5. Zone Meeting Member This appointment means the Secretary will: • Attend zone or region meetings • Assist in compiling reports in preparation for Zone meetings • Assist with preparations if the club is chosen to host a Zone meeting

  6. Correspondence The Club Secretary should meet with the Club President at the beginning of their term to discuss how correspondence will be answered, kept and reported.

  7. Correspondence • The Club Secretary is in charge of reports and other communication with deadlines and requirements. • Not communicating promptly can lead to club status changes and missed opportunities. • Delays can create problems elsewhere in the association

  8. Reports Responsible for • completing and filing reports • knowing the due dates of reports • ensuring reports are submitted on time.

  9. Reports The following are reports the Club Secretary should be aware of: • Monthly Membership Report (MMR/WMMR) • Reports as specified by the association • New member form • Family Membership forms • Transfer member form

  10. Reports • The monthly membership report reports the club’s membership for the month. This includes member losses and gains Monthly Membership Report

  11. What is the WMMR and how does the Club Secretary use it? The Web Monthly Membership Reporting (WMMR)

  12. Reports • New or Transfer or Dropped Member Form

  13. Reports Additional reports: • Club Officer Report (PU-101) • Report other elected individuals, i.e. convention delegates and alternates • Club Roster • 100% Club President’s AwardApplication • Advising Lion Distribution Officer of membership changes

  14. Records In addition to keeping track of correspondence, the club secretary also has custody of, and maintains, general records of the club.

  15. Meetings The Club Secretary is an integral part of club meetings The Secretary creates agendas in conjunction with the President

  16. Meetings A general agenda includes (but is not limited to) • Approval of minutes from previous meeting • President’s remarks • Correspondence received • Secretary and or treasurer reports • General business

  17. Meetings The Secretary is also responsible for: • Notifying participants of meeting times and location  • Recording attendance, make-up meetings and awards presented • Recording minutes during club meetings

  18. Leadership As one of the officers in the club, club members will look to the secretary for guidance, information and to help solve problems. It is important for a secretary to communicate and act effectively.

  19. Remember • Share information with the club that is received from the district, multiple district, Lions Clubs International Headquarters or Lions Clubs International Foundation. • Order member pins and kits for new members

  20. End of Term When the secretary’s term is over help the new secretary begin their year. There are some final items that need to be completed.

  21. LCI Organisation Structure Club Structure Club Officer Duties Board of Directors Potential New Member Booklet Lions Learning Center Other Topics Covered in the Club Secretary Guide

  22. Thank you for listeningAny Questions?