homophones n.
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  1. HOMOPHONES A word that sounds the same, but has a different meaning and is spelt differently.

  2. To use the homophone there; they’re and their correctly. The Rules: They’re – is the joining together of they are. “They are hungry” becomes “They’re hungry” Their belongs to a person as it has the “I” in it It is their bike; It is their umbrella There is the place: “It is over there!”; “Go over there!”

  3. There, They’re or Their? I wanted to know if this is their ball or mine? I wanted to go over there to get the dog. I am going to their party, are you? There are plenty more fish in the sea! Did you ask if there are any more? My mum says that they’re a really bad football team! I think it’s over there! Let there be peace on earth and goodwill to all men Can I bring my children? They’re usually well behaved!

  4. Homophone Challenge This week’s Literacy Focus: To use the homophone “your / you’re” correctly.

  5. Your Second person possessive, as in belonging to. Examples are: Your stereo. Your book. You’re Contraction for you and are. Examples are: You’re great. You’re fabulous. You’re amazing.

  6. You’re or Your You’re wrong! I wanted to know if this is your bike or is it mine? Thank you for your kind invitation, it was greatly appreciated. I did appreciate your help. You’re the one that I want! I’ve had time to consider the options and I think that you’re wrong. I’ve had time to consider the options and I think that your opinion is wrong When you’re ready, then we shall begin You’re very kind!