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String Instruments

String Instruments. Violin. Viola. Harp. Double Bass. Cello. Chin rest. Body. Bridge. Fingerboard. Pegs. Scroll. Tailpiece. F-holes. Strings. Neck. Peg box. Open String Tuning. Violin:. Cello:. Viola:. Double Bass:. (Viola – sounds like). Arched Harp.

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String Instruments

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  1. String Instruments

  2. Violin Viola Harp Double Bass Cello

  3. Chin rest Body Bridge Fingerboard Pegs Scroll Tailpiece F-holes Strings Neck Peg box

  4. Open String Tuning Violin: Cello: Viola: Double Bass: (Viola – sounds like)

  5. Arched Harp • Used at least as far back as 3000 BC • Part of ancient Egyptian funeral practices • Common in ancient Asia, Europe and Africa • Between 3 and 10 strings

  6. Angular Harp

  7. Framed Harp

  8. Rebec

  9. Fiddle

  10. Citole

  11. cittern

  12. Gittern

  13. lUTE

  14. vIOL

  15. Hurdy Gurdy

  16. Psaltery

  17. Dulcimer

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