the judicial state court n.
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The Judicial State Court PowerPoint Presentation
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The Judicial State Court

The Judicial State Court

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The Judicial State Court

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  1. The Judicial State Court

    PD.3 By, Hadassah Poteet, Gabrielle Griner, Jonah Sheffield, and Ashley Roth
  2. Judicial State Level It has four court levels that monitor criminals and criminal cases. They also determine whether the two other branches actions are leagal. Each level controls certain cases. They interpret laws passed by the legislature and that are signed by the executive.
  3. The 4 Courts Each county has at least one judge and they serve four year terms. These are the lowest level of courts in Florida. They deal with misdemeanor cases, violation of city ordinances ans civil suits less then 2500 dollars. Circuit Courts. Florida is divided into 20 different circuits . Cicuit judges deal with cases such as will settling, hospitalization, juvenile justice cases, tax, realestate issues, felonies, and count court appeals. The judges hold six year terms and they also vote for the chief circuit judge. This is the highest trial court, and is the first court to hear a case. Distict Court of Appeals. Florida has five court districts that have fifty judges and sixty- one court judges.The head quarters are in Tallahassee, Lakeland, Miami, West Plam Beach and Daytona Beach. Appellate (appeal people) are elected six year terms. They deal with rulings. Specific leagal documents of the district court of appeals are...writ of mandamus (command someone to perform an official act), writ of prohibition (property to returned to owner). Writ of certioran ( documents be provided to a lower court). Because supreme court requests are noemally denied district court verdicts are usually final.
  4. Supreme State Court Florida’s highest court Judges are chosen by the governor. They serve six year terms and one is selected a two year term as chief justice. This level is in charge of admitting and diciplining attorneys who violat ethical or leagal standards. They appeal for the lower courts.
  5. Florida’s Judicial System Florida’s judicial system has two seperate systems, the state and federal. The majority of cases are filed in state courts. There are many sources of law that the court uses. Laws: U.S. Constitution, Florida Constitution, Satutes, Regulations and prior decisions of the court.
  6. Judicial Power Their main goal is to make sure that no law goes aginst or violates the Constitution regarding the rights and power of the states.This branch also keeps order through taking care of court cases. The judicial branch has supreme power and no one is above them to prove their ruling wrong. Judicial review is held by most state courts.
  7. Sources Ameican Government text book Florida State and Local Government workbook