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  1. 2013

  2. The scope of our operations HALTIK employs 436 people, 101 of whom are fixed-term employees. We have offices in 28 cities and a total of 420 customer service points. Our information systems are used by 21,900 end users. Our financial figures Financial actuals 2012: €84 million (service agreement €41.5 million, projects €42.6 million) Budget 2013: €56.6 million (direct project costs not included) Our largest places of business ICT Agency HALTIK • Rovaniemi • Kajaani • Vantaa • Helsinki • Turku Hallinnon tietotekniikkakeskus HALTIK

  3. Our operations As the strategic service centre for the administrative sector of the Ministry of the Interior, HALTIK develops, procures, produces and maintains the highly usable and secure information and communications technology services for agencies and departments within the administrative sector. HALTIK’s main tasks: • HALTIK produces the essential data systems and the statutory or stipulated security network services for internal security. • HALTIK procures the shared services for the administrative sector and the integration services for the administrative services in addition to producing ICT expert services. Hallinnon tietotekniikkakeskus HALTIK

  4. Our organisation Management Ilkka Haataja Director Human Resources and Financial Management Marko Manninen Director Customers and Procurement Ilkka Jolma Director Infrastructure Anne Sandberg Director Information Systems Virve Kivelä Director Regional Services Kyösti Salonen Director Contact Centre Stina Huovinen Service Manager Hallinnon tietotekniikkakeskus HALTIK

  5. Our clients Ministry of the Interior Police The Border Guard Emergency Response Centre Administration The Finnish Immigration Service Staff and departments within the Ministry of the Interior Ministry of Finance Regional State Administrative Agencies Centre for Economic Davelopment, Transport and the Environment Local Register Offices Customs The Finnish Goverment Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR Popular Register Centre Ministry of Justice, Finland The Finnish Defence Forces State Security Networks Ltd Ministryfor Foreign Affairs of Finland Hallinnon tietotekniikkakeskus HALTIK

  6. MAIN SERVICES Telecommunications services User Services Our services System maintenance services Workstation services HALTIK CUSTOMER Communications services Contact services Projects and expert services • SUPPORT SERVICES ServiceDesk Regional services Hallinnon tietotekniikkakeskus HALTIK

  7. Fair • No colleague or cooperation partner is left to their own devices; all work is completed together in a good group atmosphere. Target-oriented • Our operations are directed • by the high quality criteria • for ICT services. Our values Responsible Versatile HALTIK’s employees are top experts in their fields. Expertise is maintained through training, and employees are encouraged to further their education. • HALTIK knows its responsibilities as a system administrator and as a trusted partner to its clients. Strong shoulders carry great responsibility. Communal • Work is team play in which every employee and cooperation partner is valuable. Hallinnon tietotekniikkakeskus HALTIK

  8. HALTIK –Turvallisuuden ytimessäHALTIK – I säkerhetens centrumHALTIK – Centred on Security