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Take a Look at Your World PowerPoint Presentation
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Take a Look at Your World

Take a Look at Your World

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Take a Look at Your World

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  1. Take a Look at Your World

  2. By taking a look at things around you, renewable and nonrenewable resources abound! You can learn about your world from exploring ecosystems as well as by studying how animals make adaptations necessary for survival.

  3. Our environment does not have to remain polluted, and through the efforts of mankind it can become healthy and pollution free.  Can the efforts of one person make an impact on our world?

  4. You can create a presentation using the Our Environmentcomputer database by choosing from ideas like these: Preserve the Park Be an Environmentalist Save the Soil Forests or Farms Great Park Nature Reserve

  5. Closer to Home As you take a look at Texas, you can see how science and technology led to the opening of the Interurban Railway which runs through the Blackland Prairie and how it became such a valuable resource to the Texas economy.

  6. We hope you have fun taking a look at your world!

  7. Guiding Questions: How are mankind and nature in harmony today? What are your responsibilities in the wise use of land and other resources? How has technology made a difference in our physical environment? How can changes in the environment affect your health? How have the people of Texas made a difference in their communities, their state, and the world?