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Renovation Ideas For Your Living Room PowerPoint Presentation
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Renovation Ideas For Your Living Room

Renovation Ideas For Your Living Room

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Renovation Ideas For Your Living Room

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  1. Renovation IDEAS For YourLiVING Room

  2. Let’s Get Started • When it comes to living room design, there are really no hard-and-fast rules. • The colors you choose for your living room will affect how guests feel in the space. Colors can energize or relax the space, depending on how intense they are and how warm or cool they are. • Let’s start with some fresh Living room Ideas which you can imply to give a new fresh look for your Living room and home.

  3. Red & White Combination • You like color, the color of Energy? • Well here is a secret, you can balance the heat and energy of your Red with a blend of White color of your living room. • Here is an example how you can do that.

  4. Try Pattern Combination • Do you want to do some experiment? • Try some Mix and match color combination. • The best will be some mixed pattern combination for cushions and mat on the floor. • Don’t worry about the color match with your wall or anything, just keep the tone of the color same.

  5. Add Shine With Sun Light • You can pack a lot into your living room—even a dining set—if you keep furnishings from weighing the space down. • Lucite dining chairs, an open-weave coffee table, and an unobstructed wall of windows keeps this room from feeling cramped.

  6. Add A Reading Corner • Like to reading in your living room? • Drag a cozy chair over to a window or next to a bookshelf and be sure to provide ample light for late-night page turning.

  7. Affection For Coffee? • How about a large coffee table… • An extra-large coffee table with a feminine shape is the modern take on the traditional game table. • The cornered edge of the table will help to stop spilling things on the floor, and will help you keep your floor mat keep clean a bit more than usual.

  8. Like To Your Carry Office With You? • Yes you can add your office in your living room with a petite home Office in a corner of your Living Room. • Instead of a traditional desk chair appoint a living room chair that looks good facing the desk or the rest of the space.

  9. Little Living Room • Ahh I get it you have got a small Living Room, but here is a solution for that too. • The trick to turning a small-space into an elegant living area is to use appropriately sized furniture. • A sectional sofa might seem too big for a petite area but in fact it’s the perfect size and helps define the space.

  10. Mix It Up • Throw caution to the wind and mix in a bunch of different patterns for a lively look. Pick complimentary colors to guide you when shopping.

  11. Add Some Floral Prints • Add an extra ambiance to your Living Room with the Maxi floral prints and super-sized stripes. Take a look.

  12. Hope That Helps you getting some Kool Ideas for Your Living Room

  13. You need a some help with you living room call us at 212-222-2770

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