enjoy a diving treat in malapascua n.
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Enjoy a Diving Treat in Malapascua PowerPoint Presentation
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Enjoy a Diving Treat in Malapascua

Enjoy a Diving Treat in Malapascua

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Enjoy a Diving Treat in Malapascua

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  1. Enjoy a Diving Treat in Malapascua Malapascua is a tiny island and you couldwalk around this 1km wide and 2.5km long island in about two hours. It has bounced back from the damage caused by the typhoon Yolanda and welcomes tourists with open arms. The main touristy area is concentrated around Bounty Beach, where the ferry drops you off.It may be a small place but it has lots to offer. All the hotels and resorts in the island are focussed on maintaining the beauty of Malapascua and highlighting the fact that the island is the best dive spot in the Philippines. Excellent places to stay In. Besides the usual facilities like Free Wifi, Restaurant, Spa, Bar, Childcare and Airport transfer, all Malapascua Island Hotels provide facilities like: Scuba Diving Stand-Up Paddling Local Tours Sunset Cruises A snorkelling tour around Malapascua, They will also guide you on a walk around the small island and meeting the friendly local people of the villages, The hotels give you the best in terms of facilities and location. You can enjoy the unique experience of reaching your hotel in a boat and enjoying their twenty four hour service. You can experience fresh water showers in hotels too.

  2. Dive in to See Underwater Diversity Tourists visiting Malapascua Island go with the intention of gathering the one in a million experience of Scuba Diving Malapascua Island. These dive trips are wellorganised and depart from the resorts and bring you back there. All you have to do is get out of your bed and into the boat. Safety is the first priority in these trips. The keen interest of tourists to go diving in Malapascua is because besides the Thresher Shark one can sight diverse vibrant and often mythical looking sea creatures. You may be able to sight creatures like: White tip Reef Sharks Hammerhead Sharks Manta Rays and Devil Rays Mandarin Fish Pygmy Seahorses Blue Ringed Octopus Diving Destination There are more than fifteen dive centres on the island, most offering similar trips. You can choose from among: Monad Shoal Kalanggaman Island Gato Island Lighthouse Kimud Shoal Doña Marilyn If you enjoy the seaside with some adventure thrown in then Malpascua Island should be your next destination.