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Venezuela. Capital – Caracas. Facts About Venezuela. Population: 29,278,000  Total Area: 353,841 sq. miles Currency:   bolívar fuerte (takes 6.3 to = 1 USD). People in Venezuela. At least one-fourth of Venezuela's contemporary population consists of immigrants, many of them illegal.

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    1. Venezuela Capital – Caracas

    2. Facts About Venezuela • Population: 29,278,000  • Total Area: 353,841 sq. miles • Currency:  bolívarfuerte (takes 6.3 to = 1 USD)

    3. People in Venezuela • At least one-fourth of Venezuela's contemporary population consists of immigrants, many of them illegal. • Made up of four groups: • mestizosor pardos 67% • white (European descent, mainly Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese)2l % • black (African and Caribbean descent) 10% • Indian (Native Americans) 2% • Tend to be regionally localized: • The cities are mainly inhabited by whites and pardos; • Indians occupy the remote Guianan and Amazonas interior • blacks live along the Caribbean coastline.

    4. People in Venezuela • Today's citizen might be: • a barefoot cowboy in the llanos • a store owner in Caracas • a high powered oil industry executive in Maracaibo • Yanomami Indian in the Amazon basin whose lifestyle has not changed much from that of his ancestors a thousand years ago • Women are equal to men and are business executives, medical doctors, judges, engineers, and architects. • In some professions such as lawyers, women actually outnumber men. • At least 85 percent of Venezuelan society own a TV set. • Even shacks in the slums of Caracas have television antennae on their roofs. • Satellite dishes are on nearly every building even in the remote areas. • Recently, Venezuela partnered with China to launch a communication satellite that will eventually provide internet service to the entire population at little or no cost.

    5. Religion in Venezuela • Over 90% are Roman Catholic • About 8% are Protestant • Remaining percentage of the population practice another religion, or are atheist • Small Muslim community and Jewish community • Official language is Spanish. • English is quickly becoming second “official” language. • Indigenous languages on the verge of becoming extinct. There are about 40 of them. • Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic are also commonly spoken. Language in Venezuela

    6. Government in Venezuela • 23 states, a federal district, and a federal dependency, which includes 11 island groups. • Federal Republic • 5 branches – • Executive, legislative, judicial, electoral(runs elections), citizen (ensures laws are followed) • President elected to a 6 year term – no term limits • National Assembly - 167-seats - unicameral - 5-year terms.

    7. Families in Venezuela •  Men are expected to be the bread winners. • Women are expected to stay home and rear children. • In bigger cities like Carcas, more women are going to work. • Most members live in close proximity. • Average family size is 5+

    8. Fast Facts About Venezuela • Most popular sport is baseball. It is the national sport. • The world’s highest waterfall is Angel Falls in Venezuela. It drops 3212 feet. (about 15 times taller than Niagara Falls) • Venezuela has won the Miss Universe title 6 times and the Miss World 5 times. This is more than any other country in the world. • Venezuela holds the distinction of being one of the most urbanized countries in Latin America. • School children in Venezuela can chose between morning classes (7am—Noon) or afternoon classes (Noon – 5pm) .  Older children can even chose night classes (5pm—10pm). • Caracas, though a popular tourist destination, is also considered very dangerous. • Venezuela is known for its oil production. It one of the founding members of OPEC and the only non-Muslim country that is a member.

    9. Fast Facts About Venezuela • If you are invited to dinner, it is poor manners to arrive on time. 15-30 minutes late is proper. • Venezuelans eat a large breakfast, large dinner (lunch) and light supper. • Everyone greets each other with a kiss.