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Wind Power PowerPoint Presentation

Wind Power

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Wind Power

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  1. Period 1 presentation Wind Power

  2. The ruins of a Persian windmill

  3. The modern windmill

  4. How Tall Do They Get • The tallest wind turbine is Fuhrländer Wind Turbine Laasow. Its axis is 160 meters above ground and its rotor tips can reach a height of 205 meters. It is the only wind turbine in the world taller than 200 meters.

  5. Math Mathematical Equation

  6. Chart blades- the arm of a propeller or other similar rotary mechanism, as an electric fan or turbine rotor- Electricity . a rotating member of a machine pitch- the turning of the blades into or out of the wind to adjust the rotation speed and the generated power brake- is used to hold the turbine at rest for maintenance low-speed shaft- The rotor turns the low-speed shaft at about 30 to 60 rotations per minute. gear box- a collection of mechanical components that deliver maximum power from an engine by managing a series of gear ratios that in turn operate a transmission. generator- a machine that converts one form of energy into another, especially mechanical energy into electrical energy. controller- a system that control the blades angel and makes a grid for all wind generators in a wind turbine farm anemometer- an instrument used for measuring the speed of wind wind vane- used to measure wind direction and tells the yaw drive to turn the turbine towards the wind nacelle- the streamlined housing that contains the inner workings of the wind turbine high-speed shaft- drives the generator yaw drive- component of the horizontal axis, ensures that it produces the maximum amount of electricity. yaw motor- powers the yaw drive tower- raises the turbine to enable it to capture higher speed winds

  7. How A Wind Mill Works

  8. Height/Spans of Building

  9. A generator has magnets spinning around a conductor which is usually a coil of wire. This rotation of the magnets eventually produces an electrical pressure called voltage.

  10. Aerodynamics

  11. Wind in Bradenton