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8 must have pregnancy & postnatal care essentials PowerPoint Presentation
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8 must have pregnancy & postnatal care essentials

8 must have pregnancy & postnatal care essentials

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8 must have pregnancy & postnatal care essentials

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  1. 8 must-have Pregnancy & Postnatal care essentials So, you’re pregnant! Welcome to a beautiful world of holding a little one in you. Your body will be going through many changes and experiences. Fortunately, there are various pregnancy and postnatal related products that will make this journey of yours a lot smoother and easy-going. Here a list of 8 of those essential products that you must have!

  2. Pregnancy Essentials:- 1. Yoga Mat- to do the yoga asanas, stretching exercises comfortably under the supervision of a trained physiotherapist.

  3. 2. Thera Band- for strengthening exercises of the muscles during pregnancy and also for weight loss exercises after delivery. 3. Swiss Ball- it’s advisable to consult a physiotherapist and get to know the exercises to be done with the help of a Swiss Ball for labour preparation, strengthening of pelvic floor and core muscle exercises.

  4. 4. Abdominal Belts - to support your back while your baby is in the womb. 5. Pregnancy Pillow – for proper support to the mother while she lies down to sleep or rest. It’s also used as a support while breast feeding the baby. Size and quality of the pillow is very important.

  5. 6. Hot Water Bottle- increases circulation in the area of pain and relieves the symptom. 7. Multivitamins/Antibiotics/Medicated Creams – Your Doctor will prescribe medicines and certain medicated creams to be used. You can simply order them at your home space through Professional Health Care.

  6. 8. Weighing Machine- to monitor weight of the mom-to-be throughout pregnancy. Post-natal care essentials:- 1. Mother Massage Oil - For relaxation, for tonic of the skin, to reduce friction while massaging the flabby tummy post-delivery.

  7. 2. Breast Pumps - to extract mother’s milk and store it in this bottle through the pump. This can be fed at night while the mother sleeps comfortably, or in times when the mother has to attend to some other chores and outdoor social activities. 3. Feeding Bottle – a good quality milk feeding bottle which is comfortable to use and also latex-free.

  8. 4. Bottle Sterilizer – to maintain proper hygiene, germs-free feeding bottle, nipples etc.

  9. 5. Handrub / Sanitizer- it’s important you keep a sanitizer handy with you at all times to maintain utmost hygiene and germs-free environment while handling the baby. 6. Baby Massage Oil- for a healthy massage of the baby by professional masseur or japa nurse

  10. 7. Bath Tub- for baby bath by professional masseur or japa nurse or Healthcare Professional Services 8. Bath Chair – with chair for easy handling of the baby while bathing