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Artists Portray Animals PowerPoint Presentation
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Artists Portray Animals

Artists Portray Animals

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Artists Portray Animals

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  1. Artists Portray Animals Kindergarten Art Docent Program - Earhart Elementary School

  2. Lascaux Cave Painting[15,000 – 10,000 BC]- In September 1940, in Southern France, four young boys were looking for a lost dog, and ended up they found a cave having animals painted on walls & ceiling. Yellow Horse What animal is this? This is called “Chinese Horse” because it resembles some of the horses seen in Chinese painting. It is 45x58 inches. What do you think the artist used to paint this? [This is done by blowing powdered pigment onto the cave wall through small bones. What colors do you think they used? [The colors found in the soil and rocks – red and yellow] You will learn more about this in Lincoln Middle School 6th grade 

  3. Oskar Kokoschka[1886 – 1980]Kokoschka travelled and lived in Germany, England, Switzerland, and many cities in Europe, North Africa and the Near East. He painted very colorful pictures. Mandrill What animal do you think it is? [A large African baboon] Can you find him? Does he look friendly? Where does he live? [jungle]

  4. SekkyoA Japanese artist, who may have lived about 200 years ago Bull The artist used a brush and black ink to show us this animal. What animal do you think it is? What is the bull doing? What type of tree you think it is? Do you see the flowers? Can you find the artist’s name? [The red seal on the lower left]

  5. Albrecht Durer[1471-1528]A German artist lived about the same time that Columbus came to America. He drew and painted with great detail. Young Hare What animal is this? Does it look real like the artist was using camera instead of using watercolor? How do you think the rabbit’s coat would feel? Do you see his signature? [He used his initial A & D to create a logo design] Can you see the rabbit’s whiskers? What color is the rabbit?

  6. Franz Marc[1880-1916]A German artist who loved nature and animals and painted his animals in very colorful ways but usually don’t see on real animals, such as blue horses and yellow cows Two Cats What animal do you see? How many cats in this oil painting? What colors are the cats painted? What are they doing? Do these cats look as real as the rabbit we just saw? Why not? Do you know how to mix two primary colors together to create another color, which called secondary color?

  7. Color Wheel Primary Colors: Red Yellow Blue Primary Colors: Orange Green Violet Intermediate Colors: Red-Orange Red-Violet Yellow-Orange Yellow-Green Blue-Green Blue-Violet

  8. KawanabeKyosai[1831-1899]Another Japanese artist who drew with a brush and ink Tiger What is this animal? Would you like to pet this tiger? Can you find a pattern of stripes? What color did the artist use? Can you find the artist’s name?[The square red seal on the right is his signature. Chinese paintings had a great influence on Japanese and Korean paintings. The artists all have their own special seal, also called chop]

  9. Tang Dynasty[618-906]This animal guards buildings or tomb entrances to scare away bad spirits and trespassers. Chinese Guardian Lion What animal is this? Is this a painting? [It’s a sculpture of a lion, which is very alert and his mouth is opened wide. What material is this lion made of? [Copper. It can also be made of stone, like marble.] What is he holding? [He is playing with a baby cub. Some lions would play with a ball.] Have you ever seen one before? [This lion is in front of a temple. You can also see them in front of important areas and some big houses in China or even Chinatown]

  10. Examples