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  2. WELCOME! We’re glad you are here! Goals for this session Information Who can help Where to find info Forestry Graduate Student Association Business office policies/procedures Computer facilities & resources Graduate degree requirements Assistantships Answer your questions

  3. Forestry Graduate Student Association (GSA) Primary Purpose Enhance graduate student personal, professional, and social experiences within the Department and University by: • promoting graduate student research and ideas, • furnishing a forum for interaction and communication among current, incoming, and prospective Forestry graduate students and departmental faculty and staff, and • when appropriate, advocating the position of the Forestry graduate students to the Department’s Chair, faculty, and other constituencies.

  4. Forestry Graduate Student Association (GSA) Membership • Forestry M.S. or Ph.D. student (advisor, co-advisor, or • committee member in the Forestry Department), and • Currently enrolled full or part-time • Faculty Advisor • To be determined • Meetings • Regular meetings held monthly • Officers • Elected at beginning of each semester • Term is one semester, with 2 term maximum

  5. Forestry Graduate Student Association (GSA) Recent Activities • Socials • Invited speakers • Newsletter • Reforest the Bluegrass • Spring coat drive • Pay raises for MS students • Pedagogy course development • Participation in UK Grad Conference

  6. Forestry GSASpring 2009 Officers President: Ben Augustine ( Vice-President: Emma Witt ( Secretary: John Hast ( Financial Officer: Josh Felch ( Social Events Planner: Michael Shouse (;) Public Relations: Open Information Technology Specialist: Open

  7. Budget & Other Policies/Procedures

  8. ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Leslie Queary Business Manager Room 216, 257-7611, Cheryl Estes Administrative Associate Room 105, 257-7596, Christie Cloud Accounting Clerk Room 216, 257-2516, Reneé Williams Information Specialist Senior, Extension Room 216, 257-7597,

  9. Travel • Before trip • Travel approval essential (if out-of-state) • Submit request to Leslie Queary (Room 216) • Enjoy your trip! • After trip • Complete travel voucher • Attach original receipts • Please include account number • Submit to Cheryl (105) • Need help? . . . Ask us!

  10. Budgets • Please direct all questions about your accounts and budgets to Leslie.

  11. HR and Payroll • Please direct all questions about any human resources aspects and payroll to Cheryl Estes in Room 105. • To make any changes to payroll - address change, account number change, etc. please see Cheryl.

  12. Worker’s Comp • If you are injured in the field or on the job, please call UK’s Worker’s Comp office at 800-440-6285 to file the report. (please carry this number in your wallet) • Please see Cheryl if you have questions.

  13. MailingsFedEx and DHL • Next day and 2nd day shipments • Package item yourself • FedEx boxes in supply closet (Rm 116) • FedEx and DHL envelopes and labels in Rm 105 • Please bring package, completed labels, and acct # to Cheryl • International shipments also available through FedEx

  14. Mailings cont’dUPS • Ground shipments • Package item • Attached UPS meter card (blue) • Leave in mail room for pick up

  15. Mailings cont’dUSPS • Package item • Attach the domestic meter card (manila) • For international shipments, attach pink meter card • Leave in mail room for pick up

  16. Mailings cont’dCampus Mail • Campus mail envelopes are in mail room • Place in envelope and leave in metal basket labeled ‘campus mail’ in mail room • Mail is picked up daily between 8:00 and 9:00 AM

  17. Supply Purchases • Office Supplies • First check supply closet, Room 116 • If item not available, please have an account number and see Cheryl in Room 105 • Lab Equipment • Please have an account number • You may use • Fisher Scientific for chemicals (call Sandy Baker at 257-2354) • Carolina Biological Supply (online or by phone) • Forestry Suppliers (online or by phone) • If all else fails, see Millie for assistance in room 120

  18. Pro Card (credit card) • When you make a purchase with a UK Pro-card, please: • fill out the form • attach original receipts • turn in to Christie in the Business Office, Room 216

  19. Reimbursements • Reimbursements may be given when: • a purchase was not for • travel • food • postage • the amount is more then $25.00 (if not, save receipts until total is more then $25.00) • Please have • Original receipt • Account number, then • See Cheryl (105) or Leslie (216).

  20. Key Shop • If you need keys made, please see Leslie in the Business Office for the signed form. • The key shop is behind Donovan Hall. • Donovan Hall is the building next door on the other side of Huguelet Dr.

  21. Car Reservations • Cars or trucks may be reserved through the College of Agriculture Motor Pool. • Please see any of the staff to reserve a car. • You will need: • account number & user code • departure and return day and time • phone & email • destination • type of vehicle needed (truck, car, van, etc.) • who is traveling

  22. Vans If you will be driving a van: • You may need to be certified first • See Cheryl Estes for help or phone the Motor Pool (7-7570)

  23. Chemicals If you will be using chemicals • You will need to complete a chemical hygiene test first • Ask Millie Hamilton for details (TPC Room 120)

  24. Forms • For most UK forms: • Most forms can also be found in the supply closet, room 116.

  25. You need to know Darryl ! Darryl Cremeans, Ph.D. Data Systems Manager

  26. Darryl wears many hats Many of which can help facilitate your success here

  27. Space Committee Chairman Desk assignments Office allocation Lab space needs Storage Renovation projects etc The committee has ratified a protocol for making these decisions

  28. Departmental Safety Contact Oversee lab inspections Remedy any safety issues identified by the Fire Marshall etc If you encounter anything you feel puts you at risk – You need to report it to your major professor, if they fail to resolve it to your satisfaction please discuss with Darryl.

  29. Inventory Control Assistant Annual inventory (Oct-Dec) We need you to bring in for scanning every piece of bar-coded University equipment you possess.

  30. Data Systems Manager Tech support Office 257-1396 Cell 229-8919 Ag Helpdesk – 257-3335 UK Helpdesk – 257-1300 Network Administrator Web master Computer Labs Etc etc

  31. Your Computer The department endeavors to provide each graduate student with a pc (desktop or notebook) and a printer If your printer runs out of ink – get an account number from your major professor and give it and your model to Cheryl. Free network printers in the lab Please do not print frivolous documents. Password protected to prevent abuse.

  32. Computer Lab – Room 121 General use Poster printing Scanners ARCView databases SAS PDF creation Can be used for instruction etc

  33. Network Resources Shortcut to Forestry Forestry3 = file server for pc lab Forestry8 = print server, GIS data Forestry5 = file server for faculty, staff, and graduate students I: drive I:\common I:\home\loginID

  34. Departmental Listservs – every full time employee – all extension people – all faculty – all graduate students (even if not hosted by Forestry) – professional staff – research folks – forestry instructors – all forestry students (both undergrad and graduate)

  35. Forestry Department Web Site Faculty and Staff Graduate School Information Department Seminar Schedule GSA newsletter Grad Student pages Etc

  36. Parking at the Cooper Building Only for official vehicles and visitors (who need a one-use hang tag from Cheryl) There are three “loading zone” spaces (black/yellow, 15 minutes maximum) Please don’t get towed!

  37. Campus Life • Student Organizations • Graduate Student Congress • Wildcat Wheels • Campus Recreation

  38. Forestry Program’s Graduate Committee (handles academic issues) • Dr. Chris Barton ( • Dr. Paul Kalisz ( • Dr. Songlin Fei ( • Dr. Andrew Stainback ( • Mr. Josh Brinks ( • Student member (currently vacant) • Dr. Dave Wagner, DGS (

  39. Forestry Department Web Pages • Staff • Faculty • Programs • Department Seminar Calendar (for other UK seminars: • Etc.

  40. Grad School Web Pages:Provide Links to Most UK Info • Home page: • Click on “New Graduate Students” • Click on “Graduate Student Resources” or “Graduate Student Orientation” • Bulletin • Academic Calendar • Computing Services • University Libraries • Health Insurance • Etc. • Grad Student Listserv (

  41. More Pointers to Resources (examples) • Statistical Consultants – College of Ag (N137 AGN, 7-2999; • Amanda Thaxton • Keith Kohrs • Preparing Future Faculty Program (

  42. More Pointers to Resources (examples) • Graduate School Travel Funds ( • External Fellowship Application Award (

  43. How Do I Earn My Degree??? • If you are not in M.S. (Forestry) degree program • see Director of Graduate Studies of your academic program • see your academic program’s web pages, e.g.: • If you are in the M.S. (Forestry) degree program • see the following several slides • see • also, visit Dave Wagner (DGS) if you have questions

  44. M.S. (Forestry) Degree Requirements • Plan A: 24 graduate credits plus thesis • Plan B: 30 graduate credits • Fulfill other requirements of • Forestry Graduate Program • Graduate School • Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE)

  45. M.S. (Forestry) Degree Requirements(Plan A and Plan B) Specific Courses FOR 601 (3 credits; take this your 1st Fall Semester) FOR 602 (3 credits; taught odd-year Fall Semesters) FOR 770 (take 3 times; taught every Fall & Spring) Instructional experience in undergraduate course Exit seminar Oral final exam

  46. FOR 770 Topics/Instructors(Tentative Schedule) Fall 2009 Agroforestry Systems (Hill) Continuous Cover Forestry (Lhotka) University Forestry Teaching (Wagner, for TAs only) Spring 2010 Environmental Ethics (Kalisz) Fire Ecology in North American and Appalachian Ecosystems (Arthur & Paratley) University Forestry Teaching (Wagner, for TAs only) Fall 2010 Wild Canid Ecology, Management, and Conservation (Cox) Wildlife Damage Management (Barnes) University Forestry Teaching (Wagner, for TAs only) Spring 2011 Restoration Ecology (Arthur) Agroforestry Systems (Hill) University Forestry Teaching (Wagner, for TAs only) Fall 2011 The Policy and Economics of Ecosystem Services(Stainback) University Forestry Teaching (Wagner, for TAs only)

  47. Instructional Experience Opportunities (Examples) FOR 100 (Introduction to Forestry) Dave Wagner, Fall & Spring FOR 101 (Introduction to Wildlife Conservation) Tom Barnes, schedule TBA FOR 200 (Map Reading and Aerial Photogrammetry) Jim Ringe, Spring FOR 340 (Forest Ecology) Mary Arthur, Fall FOR 360 (Wood Technology and Utilization) Jim Ringe, Spring FOR 376 (Silvicultural Practices) Jeff Stringer, Summer FOR 402 (Forest Entomology) Lynne Rieske-Kinney, Fall FOR 430 (Forest Wildlife and Range Management) Mike Lacki, Fall BIO/NRC 420G (Taxonomy of Vascular Plants) Rob Paratley, Spring

  48. M.S. (Forestry) Degree Requirements(Plan A and Plan B) Graduate School & CPE Course Requirements:  2/3 of minimum credits in “regular” courses (16 credits Plan A; 20 credits Plan B).  1/2 of minimum credits in 600- or 700-level courses (12 credits Plan A; 15 credits Plan B). (Thesis, practicum, internship credits don’t count.)  1/2 of minimum credits in courses with FOR prefix (12 credits Plan A; 15 credits Plan B). (Thesis, practicum, internship credits don’t count.)  3/8 of minimum credits in 600- or 700-level FOR courses (9 credits Plan A; 12 credits Plan B). (Thesis, practicum, internship credits don’t count.)

  49. M.S. (Forestry) Degree Requirements(Plan A – Thesis) Graduate School & CPE Course Requirements . . . Here’s thebottom line (for most Plan A students): At least 24 total credits (16 credits in “regular” courses) One, 3-credit, 600- or 700-level FOR course, in addition to the 9 credits of FOR 601, FOR 602 & FOR 770 (thesis, practicum, internship courses don’t count)

  50. Additional M.S. (Forestry) Degree Requirement(if your undergraduate degreeis not “Forestry”) You must meet with a faculty committee (including your major professor) before you register for classes, to determine your course requirements. File a committee meeting report form and a list of your required courses with the DGS before you register for classes. For faculty committee requirements, see: For the committee meeting report form, see: