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Open House, Fall 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Open House, Fall 2011

Open House, Fall 2011

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Open House, Fall 2011

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  1. Open House, Fall 2011 Room 341 Mrs. Alexis Room 341 Mrs. Alexis

  2. Contact Information Mrs. Alexis 773-534-1770 Email link on the homepage Room 341 Mrs. Alexis

  3. Saucedo Pledge • I will be Responsible. • I will be Respectful. • I will be Prepared. • At Saucedo, excellence is our goal! Room 341 Mrs. Alexis

  4. The Most Important Meal of the Day!! Eat breakfast at home or at school everyday! Room 341 Mrs. Alexis

  5. T.E.A.M Together Everyone Achieves More Room 341 Mrs. Alexis

  6. Freddie the Frog’s Adventures • Our class mascot is Freddie the Frog. • Freddie will go home with one student a week. • When Freddie is at your home please take care of him and record his adventure’s with the student. • Freddie MUST return to school the next day. • Photos of Freddie and his pal would be a great addition to our binder. Room 341 Mrs. Alexis

  7. Grades • Students’ Expectations Complete class work and homework Complete quarterly projects Pass unit tests and weekly quizzes • Parent’s Expectations Check child’s grades on IMPACT weekly Check assignment book and monitor homework completion daily Read and sign weekly progress reports Read with your child everyday and sign reading journal Encourage respectful and responsible behavior Room 341 Mrs. Alexis

  8. Supplies • 3 spiral notebooks • 1 composition notebook • 2 folders • Assignment notebook (provided by school) • Pencils • Crayons/colored pencils • Glue (liquid or stick) • Scissors • Highlighter • Pencil sharpener with cap • Pencil bag (NO boxes) • Book covers for all textbooks • Library card • Internet access Paper towels Copy paper Post-it notes Kleenex Room 341 Mrs. Alexis

  9. Uniforms • Blue bottoms (pants, skirts to the knee, jumpers) • Shorts may be worn until Oct. 1st. Only • White collared shirt for girls and boys • Ties must be worn starting Oct. 1st. Red cross tie for girls Blue tie for boys • Black shoes • Gym: yellow Saucedo shirt and gym shoes • Plain jeans on Friday • NO • hoodies, cologne, perfume, large jewelry, pictures or wording other than Saucedo logo on clothes • Refer to handbook for more information Room 341 Mrs. Alexis

  10. Glasses • Students must wear glasses everyday to ensure success in the classroom. • • Classroom habit forming chart Room 341 Mrs. Alexis

  11. 1st Quarter Resource Schedule Monday: Music (homework on occasion) Tuesday: Gym II Wednesday: Music Thursday: Music Friday: Math Lab Room 341 Mrs. Alexis

  12. A.D.O.P.T Great Behavior Attention Directions On task Preparation Time Rewards Good-time tickets/prizes Praise Good grades Consequences Warnings Clip-down Reflection time Call home Room 341 Mrs. Alexis

  13. Homework chart Expectations • Homework Monday -Thursday (sometimes Friday) • Homework due the next day unless otherwise noted • If all homework is completed, student receives a sticker on chart. • 4 stickers a week earns students a “No Homework Pass” • No Homework Pass allows student to skip homework for a day. Room 341 Mrs. Alexis

  14. Practice Log • Each month students will get a practice log to keep track of their time at different websites. • Students must visit each site at least once a week and complete reading and math activities. • Parents and students will fill in the log with the appropriate symbols. Parents will sign the log and return it to the teacher every Friday. Room 341 Mrs. Alexis

  15. Assessments Scantron Riverside DIBELS ISAT Unit tests and quizzes Room 341 Mrs. Alexis

  16. 3rd Grade Fees • $4.00 will be used for a Scholastic News subscription to enhance comprehension of non-fiction reading in the content areas of science and social studies • $4.00 will be used for Raz-Kids online leveled library subscription. • $2.00 will be used to purchase a spelling/writing dictionary. Room 341 Mrs. Alexis

  17. Computer Usage and Availability • All students will be required to have access to computers with the Internet (at home or library) for homework, practice, and research. • • Please do not allow your child to copy from the Internet when doing research. All work must be done in “kid language”. Room 341 Mrs. Alexis

  18. iPads • 32 iPads, 1 MacBook, and syncing cart were funded through a grant from Apple. • I wrote a grant with Mrs. Silas outlining how the iPads would be used in the classroom and how they would enrich the curriculum. We were selected out of over 100 applicants. • The iPads will be integrated throughout the curriculum as learning tools, not just a gaming device. • iPads will stay at school. • Students need to bring in a pair of headphones to use with the iPads. Room 341 Mrs. Alexis

  19. CPS Acceptable Use Policy • Every student and parent must be aware of the technology/Internet usage policy set forth by CPS. • Failure to adhere to the policy could result in disciplinary action. • Please take the time to review the policy at the web address below. It will also be on the Homepage as a download. • Room 341 Mrs. Alexis

  20. Box Tops for Education • Each box top earns the school 10 cents • Cut the Box Tops from a variety of products and send them to school in groups of 10. • Classrooms compete each month for a trophy and fieldtrip certificates. • Check our room’s progress on the football field outside of the office. • Money earned from Box Tops collections have been used to fund the Kiddie Carnival, class trips, educational games, and LCD projectors. Room 341 Mrs. Alexis