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  2. Attendance Dock Sheets PC Sheets ___________ ___________ Timesheets ___________ ___________

  3. Timesheets • Timesheets should report hours worked from the 16th of the previous month to the 15th of the current month • Timesheets are due in the Human Resources office three business days after the 15th of the month • Timesheets that are received late will not be paid until the next payroll • There are instances when the deadline will be pushed up due to holidays; you will be notified in advance of these changes

  4. Timesheets Continued • Make sure you are using the correct timesheets • Miscellaneous: Form #450-E (White - Permanent Employees) • Temporary: Form #450-G (Pink- Temporary Employees) • Make sure all areas are complete • Dates • Last 4 of Social Security Number • Signatures • Indicate what funds and what the employee was doing • Example: Ticket Sales – School Activities Fund , Extended Day – Title 6B

  5. Timesheets Continued • Miscellaneous: Form #450-E (White) Permanent Employees • Used For: • Regular hours above the normal work week • Stipends • Overtime • A physical 40 work week has to be worked to be eligible for overtime pay • The work week is Monday through Sunday • Temporary: Form #450-G (Pink) Temporary Employees • Used For: • Non-Contracted Employees • C.O.E. • Sweepers • Tutors

  6. What Needs to be Sent to HR • Timesheets • Dock Sheets • PC Sheets ___________ ___________ Timesheets ___________ ___________ PC Sheets Dock Sheets

  7. Absence Codes • ACT – Activities • AL – Associate Leave • BL – Bereavement Leave • BSL – Bereavement Sick Leave • COMP – Compensation/Flex Time • DOCK – Dock • EX – Administrative Exchange Days • JD – Jury Duty • MD – Military Duty • PC – Personal Circumstance Leave • PI–Personal Injury*(Contact HR) • PO – Political Office • SB – School Business • SP – Sick Leave Personal • SF – Sick Leave Family • SFML – Medical/Parental Leave • SWC–Sick Leave Worker’s Compensation*(Contact HR) • VAC – Vacation

  8. Inputting Attendance • Attendance should be recorded from the 16th of the previous month to the 15th of the current month • Attendance should be input on SAP using transaction code CAT2 • PT50-Quota Overview –Approximate leave balance • It is recommended that you input attendance weekly • The deadline for having all attendance input is 3 business days after the 15th of the month • Again, there are instances when the deadline will be pushed up and you will be notified in advance

  9. Attendance • Input all attendance • All time for employees must be accounted for • If the employee is out of time input DOCK as the absence reason and send Dock Sheet to HR • Flex and Comp Time must be recorded also • Flex and Comp Time needs to be input into SAP • Employee balances are to be tracked by the secretary at the school or department site

  10. Attendance Continued • Reporting: • Attendance report should be printed monthly and signed by supervisor • Monthly attendance report should be filed by secretary at the school or department site • Path: SAP Menu > Laramie County School District Reports and Queries > HR > Time Sheet • Do NOT input your own attendance • All schools and departments should have 2 individuals that have authorization on SAP to input attendance

  11. Holidays and Snow Days • Holidays and Snow Days • Already built into calendar, no need to input • Snow Days: Employees will not be charged for leave that was pre-arranged (sick leave, vacation leave, personal circumstance leave, dock, etc.).

  12. Holidays and Snow Days Continued • Second Snow Day of the School Year: • 10 Month Employees: The day will need to be made up without additional pay. If an employee is absent from work on the snow makeup day, that employee will be charged personal leave (sick leave, vacation leave, personal circumstance leave, dock, etc.); contact Human Resources to have time recorded as a manual adjustment will need to be done.

  13. Holidays and Snow Days Continued • Partial Snow Days (early release and late start): If the employee is absent on a partial snow day, that employee will be charged for the entire day. If the employee cannot make it to work because of the weather, their sick leave or personal circumstance leave should be charged.

  14. Jury Duty Leave • Employee must provide copies of the paperwork received from the Laramie County District Court to HR • The paperwork should summarize dates of the jury duty and the pay • The Employee will keep the check and deposit it • The Employee must also send a signed dock sheet to HR • The Employee may keep the jury duty pay and take a Personal Circumstance or Vacation Day • If the employee chooses to do this no paperwork from the District Court would be required

  15. Personal Injury Leave • The initial 60 working days of an absence caused by injury incurred on the jobshall not be charged to sick leave. • Physician’s statement will be required initially and updated every 15 days • Accident report form must be completed by principal and sent to HR and to Risk Management • After 60 days the employee will begin exhausting their sick leave and/or apply for long term disability benefits • Contact HR to coordinate Personal Injury Leave • See unit negotiated agreements for more on Personal Injury Leave

  16. Bereavement Leave BL - Bereavement Leave BSL – Bereavement Sick Leave • The first 5 days of leave can be taken as Bereavement Leave with approval from the supervisor • These days will not be taken from sick leave • Beyond 5 days shall be taken as Bereavement Sick Leave with approval from the supervisor and Assistant Superintendent of HR • These days will be taken from sick leave

  17. Vacation Leave • Only 12 month employees receive Vacation Leave

  18. *UPDATED*Personal Circumstance Leave • Teachers, Paraprofessionals, and Technical and Support Services staff receive 2 Personal Circumstance days per school year • May carry one day over from previous year • Maximum accrual of Personal Circumstance Leave is 3 days • Personal Circumstance accrued beyond the 3 day maximum will roll over to sick leave • Personal circumstance taken in excess of what employee has accumulated will be taken as Full Dock • Administrators do not get Personal Circumstance Leave, instead they can take up to 5 exchanges days, in which they have worked to makeup the time. They must fill out a Request for Limited Term Leave for Administrators (Form #SUP200). • Transportation employees do not receive Personal Circumstance Leave • Custodial employees receive 1 Personal Circumstance Leave day

  19. *UPDATED*Personal Circumstance Leave Continued • Personal Circumstance Leave may not be taken: • First 10 days of school • Last 20 days of school • To extend a holiday • Exceptions for all employees must have Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources’ approval • Send requests for exceptions to HR • Must be approved by supervisor before submitted to Assistant Superintendent • ASSUME REQUEST IS APPROVED UNLESS CONTACTED BY HR

  20. *NEW* Wellness Incentive Plan 2012-2013 • Eligibility: • Employees on the District BCBS health insurance plan • Spouses on the District BCBS health insurance plan • Sign up by 3 pm Sept. 7, 2012 at • Incentive Plan #1 - $100 • August 1- October 26, 2012 • Requirements: • Blood draw for completion of Mayo Clinic Health Assessment • Completion of the Mayo Clinic Health Assessment online • Watch Atomic Learning video • Benefit paid out November 30, 2012 paycheck

  21. Incentive Plan #2 - $100 • November 12- April 30, 2013 • Requirements: • Complete Incentive Plan #1 • Watch Atomic Learning video (Deadline TBA) • Accrue 150 points by April 30, 2013 • 1. Complete the exercise and tobacco components (worth 100-125 pts.) • 2. Choose additional activities (worth 25-50 pts.) • Benefit paid out May 31, 2012 paycheck • Contact: • Lynn Fox, Wellness Coordinator • 771-2373 Ext. 10249 • • Website:

  22. Military Duty Leave • Military employee must provide copies of the official orders to HR • The orders should summarize dates • Military employees are entitled to 15 days of paid annual training each contract year • If the employee receives orders beyond 15 days the employee may take: • Personal Circumstance Leave • Vacation Leave • Full Dock (send dock sheet to HR)

  23. *UPDATED*Family Medical Leave Requirement • Sick leave that is taken 10 consecutive days is considered Family Medical Leave • Please notify HR of all instances of employees being absent for 10 or more days • This helps HR to begin the Family Medical Leave procedures • To request Family Medical Leave due to pregnancy, pregnancy of spouse, or for a medical reason employee must submit letter to HR and indicate dates he/she plans to be on leave • Employee will have to provide doctor’s excuse to HR • With the exception of pregnancy • Family Military Leave – (see handout)

  24. Sick Leave Donations • Each employee is responsible for distribution and collection of their own requests • Employees must be in the same unit to donate sick leave • Donations should be on the Sick Leave Donation Form or emailed to HR • Donations received after payroll has been processed for that pay period will not be accepted

  25. Sick Leave Banks • All units have sick leave banks • Employees do not have to be members of the respective union to apply for and receive sick leave from the sick leave banks • Applications can be obtained by contacting a unit representative • All sick leave banks require physician’s note • Sick leave banks do not donate toward parental leave unless there are complications

  26. Human Resources Contacts

  27. Human Resources Contacts (Cont)

  28. Additional Training on Attendance • Please contact Human Resources if you would like individual training on the attendance procedures

  29. AESOPSubstitute Placement

  30. Substitute Placement Program • Website: • Secretaries and principals have the same authority on AESOP and share the same ID and Pin • Secretaries and principals have authority to: • Create and modify all absences at their school • Approve absences • Setup preferred substitute lists • Run reports • Print training materials for teachers • Please work with your school principal to delegate the AESOP responsibilities

  31. Teacher’s Activity • Teachers can use either a touchtone phone or the internet to enter absences into AESOP • Teachers can enter absences up until the 6:45 a.m., at that point the secretary will have to enter the absence • Absences can be entered one month in advance over the phone and a year in advance on the internet • Specific sub requests • Teachers do not have authority to assign substitutes, only secretaries, principals, and the sub office can do this

  32. Preferred Lists • Substitutes on the teacher’s preferred list will see jobs up to 120 days before the absence begins • Substitutes on the school’s preferred list will see jobs 30 days in advance; this number is set by each school • Substitutes not on preferred lists will see jobs 9 days in advance • Schools cannot exclude substitutes from their school • If you have a problem with a substitute, a substitute evaluation will have to be submitted to HR • The Assistant Superintendent of HR will then meet with that sub

  33. New Teachers • It is the secretary and principal’s responsibility to train new teachers • The sub office will provide the new teachers with their AESOP ID and Pin • An AESOP packet on instructions is included in the new teacher packets • Instructions for printing the guide are in the handouts • ALL TEACHERS MUST KNOW HOW TO ENTER THEIR OWN ABSENCES

  34. Reports • Daily Report can be displayed. The report details: • Employee’s Name and Grade • Start and End Times • Absence Reason • Notes • Numerous other reports are available to run such as: • Absence Patterns • Call History • Substitute Availability • Employee Register • Please run this report on occasion and verify it is accurate

  35. Example Report Example of Day of the Week Absence Analysis Report

  36. Reminders • Remind teachers to enter absences accurately • The substitutes are paid according to what is input on AESOP • When requesting a specific substitute, it is the teacher’s responsibility to contact substitutes before they have the secretaries assign • Paraprofessionals • Paraprofessionals can only substitute when the Sub Office is out of subs • The paraprofessional must have their substitute permit on file with HR • Student teachers can only sub for their mentor teacher • Student teachers can only sub 5 days while they are student teaching • To be paid, student teacher must have their employment paper work complete with Sub Office, prior to the absence

  37. *NEW*NEED A PARA SUB? • Call Nicole Venturino AT 771-2163 or 10203 (in-district) • Nurse Subs are scheduled through Mary Wininger – 771-2122 or 10204 • If Mary is not available call Debbie Haller at 771-2208 or 10207.