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AKRON MUNICIPAL COURT PRESENTATION. AKRON MUNICIPAL COURT. WHAT IS THE AKRON MUNICIPAL COURT?. Akron Municipal Court. One of three municipal courts in Summit County. (Barberton, Stow)

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  3. Akron Municipal Court • One of three municipal courts in Summit County. (Barberton, Stow) • The Akron Municipal Court serves the cities of Akron and Fairlawn; the townships of Bath, Richfield and Springfield; the Villages of Lakemore and Richfield; and that part of Mogadore in Summit County, Ohio.

  4. Judge Michael Judge Williams Presiding Judge Holcomb Judge Larson Judge Cook Judge McCarty The court's six judges are attorneys and are required by Ohio law to have practiced law at least six years prior to becoming a judge.  The judges are elected on a nonpartisan basis and serve six-year terms.  Their role is to supervise the administration of justice in their respective courts and insure that all trials, court hearings and administrative procedures are fair and just.

  5. Misdemeanor Sentences Offense Under State of Ohio Code (ORC) Offense Under Akron City Code (ACC)

  6. The Akron Municipal Court has 5 specialized alternative programs: DRP (Discretionary Rehabilitation Program) Mental Health Court Drug Court DUI Court Family Violence Court

  7. DRP The Prosecutor's Discretionary Rehabilitation Program (DRP) is a first-offender diversion program begun in January 1998, and is in collaboration with Oriana House. This program was established for persons who have committed a criminal offense who have NO prior criminal record. By completing the program, a person can avoid having a criminal conviction on his or her record. This may be helpful in obtaining employment or being accepted into schools or colleges. Who is eligible for this program? First time offenders charged with non-violent criminal offenses. All potential DRP Participants will have a complete background (Nationwide Criminal Case History Check, and Driver’s Record) check completed by the Akron Municipal Court Probation Department. How do I complete this program? You must pay a $200 program fee or complete 4 days of Community Service in lieu of this $200 fee. You must also pay any restitution for damages due to your offense(s). You are required to attend five 90 minute education sessions that are facilitated by the Oriana House. These sessions will be offered in the evenings and on Saturdays. The five sessions must be completed within 90 days. What happens when I successfully complete this program? Your initial guilty plea is vacated, the charge is dismissed, and the case is sealed. What happens if I do NOT successfully complete the program? Your initial guilty plea will be recorded, you will be convicted of this offense(s), and you will be sentenced by the Judge assigned to your case.

  8. Mental Health Court • What is MHC? • The Mental Health Court is a 2 year diversion program and was formed, in part, as a response to the overwhelming numbers of mentally ill offenders being seen by the Akron Municipal Court. • This program is a collaborative effort between the Summit County ADM Board, Community Support Services, and the Akron Municipal Court. Residential treatment is provided by Oriana House, Inc. Sharp Program. • What is the criteria to be admitted to MHC? • Primary Axis I Diagnosis of Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder or Bipolar Disorder • Charged with a misdemeanor(s). Misdemeanors of the fourth degree will not be accepted unless the defendant has multiple offenses with a potential sentence of at least 90 days in jail. • Those charged with crimes of violence must have victim's consent to participate. • Defendant must agree to participate. • Defendant must acknowledge a willingness to take his/her medication. • Defendant does not have a current sex offense. • Defendant must have the ability to understand and comply with the requirements of the Mental Health Court as well as the consequences for failure to comply. • ** Upon successful completion of the program, offenders will have their guilty plea vacated and their case dismissed.

  9. Drug Court • What is Drug Court? • Drug Court is a special court given the responsibility to handle cases involving drug-using offenders through intensive judicial supervision, case management, mandatory substance abuse treatment, drug testing, and graduated sanctions and rewards. • The Drug Court program is an “open ended” 6 to 12 months of participation. During this time, offenders are on probation to the Akron Municipal Court Probation Department and attend weekly case management appointments at the Oriana House Drug Court offices. These offices are located at 750 W. Market St. in the Highland Square area of Akron. • Who is Eligible for Drug Court? • Drug Court is intended for male and female drug abuse offenders who meet the following criteria: • Are charged with: Attempted Drug Abuse(M-1), Drug Abuse Land Premise(M-1), Permitting Drug Abuse(M-1), Possession Drug Abuse Instruments(M-1), Drug Abuse other then Marijuana (M-3), Drug Paraphernalia(M-4); or other misdemeanor offenders who are under a pre-sentence investigation and determined to have a drug issue. • Are diagnosed with with abuse or dependency. • Are approved by the City of Akron Prosecutor’s Office • Offender expresses a willingness to participate in Drug Court Programming and engage in treatment. This is a voluntary program.

  10. Who is not eligible for Drug Court? • No more than 5 previous contempt convictions on separate cases. • No violent misdemeanor convictions within the past 5 years. • No violent felony convictions within the past 10 years, and has not served a prison term within the past 5 years for a violent offense. • No active felony probation or parole supervision. NOTE: Felony probation supervision will be determined on a case by case basis. • No prior convictions for Trafficking or Distribution of Drugs. • No Prior successful completion of the Summit County Drug Court Program or successful completion of an Akron Municipal Court Specialized Docket Program. What is the Probation Track for Drug Court? Permits offenders who are on “regular probation” supervision to be transferred into the intensive Drug Court Program. Are diagnosed with drug abuse/dependency. Offender has expressed a willingness to participate in Drug Court Programming and engage in treatment. This is a voluntary transfer of probation. Offenders who complete the Probation Track Drug Court Program do NOT earn a dismissal of their original conviction.

  11. DUI COURT ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: • Second or third OVI conviction in 6 years • Summit County residency • Desire to change behavior • Willingness to complete a treatment program and participate in a self-help or recovery group • Limited, nonviolent prior criminal history • Reliable transportation • DUI COURT PROGRAM MODEL: • Regular DUI Court appearances • Intensive Probation Supervision (weekly appointments) • Random drug and alcohol testing • Participation and completion of treatment programming • Participation in a self-help or recovery group • Graduated sanctions for non-compliance • Incentives and rewards for compliance DUI Court The mission of the Akron Municipal DUI Court is to enhance public safety through intensive supervision and treatment for repeat DUI offenders. In addition to regular appearances before the DUI Court Judge, the program will ensure compliance by providing individualized treatment planning, frequent drug and alcohol testing, and implementation of graduated sanctions and rewards.

  12. Family Violence Court • Who is eligible for this program? First time misdemeanor domestic violence offenders. Both offender and victim must be adults. • Offenders who enter this program are required to complete a twenty-six week violence cessation program, as well as case management, one year of probation and other treatment as needed. • Supervision and Services: • -Coordination of services with the Battered Women’s Shelter and Victim Assistance, and the Oriana House. • -Random Urine Drug Screens and alcohol tests. • -Referrals to Time Out Diversion (TOD), Violence Cessation operated by Summit Psychological Associates. • Client will be considered successfully released when they have completed the four phases of the program: • Primary Treatment- successful completion of Time Out Program • Aftercare/ Other treatment- successful completion of any follow-up recommendations from Time Out. • Maintenance- Compliance in reporting, and individual programming • Transition- Compliance in reporting, and individual programming • * Successful completion of the program will result in the guilty plea vacated and charge and dismissed.

  13. CONTACT INFORMATION : JEFFREY C. STURMI DEPUTY CHIEF PROBATION OFFICER AKRON MUNICIPAL COURT 217 S. HIGH ST. MEZZANINE LEVEL AKRON, OHIO 44308 (330) 375-2760 EXT.4921 jsturmi@akronohio.gov *Please feel free to call or email me for any additional information or questions that you may have.

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