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Assessment Night

Assessment Night. Sunnyside Head Start May 6 at 6:00 pm. Agenda. Type of Assessment Administration of Assessment Legal Considerations Parent/ Community Involvement Expectations/Outcomes Interactive Activity Evaluation. Assessment Type.

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Assessment Night

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  1. Assessment Night Sunnyside Head Start May 6 at 6:00 pm

  2. Agenda • Type of Assessment • Administration of Assessment • Legal Considerations • Parent/ Community Involvement • Expectations/Outcomes • Interactive Activity • Evaluation

  3. Assessment Type Teaching Strategies GOLD is an assessment system used to record and document assessment information throughout the year. Its primary purpose is to help teachers to: • Observe and document children’s development and learning over time. • Support, guide, and inform planning and instruction. • Identify children who might benefit from special help, screening, or further evaluation. • Report and communicate with family members and others.

  4. Administration of Assessment • Teaching Strategies GOLD is an observational assessment system for children from birth through kindergarten. Teachers observe and document children’s development in the following areas: Social- Emotional, Physical, Language, Cognitive, Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies, The Arts and English Language Acquisition. For the Part Day Program has three checkpoints. Fall, Winter and Spring. This assessment is done during individual and group observations throughout the year.

  5. Legal Considerations • Confidentiality: The information gathered during assessments and throughout the year is shared among the team members ( teaching staff, site supervisor, and the child specialist) to identify needs and to ensure delivery of services. Information is kept confidential among the team members, and is not released to anyone outside the agency; unless the parent has given written permission.

  6. Involvement • The assessments results will be shared with parents during Parent/ Teacher Conferences. Parents get involve in assessments by offering them the opportunity to participate in parent-initiated child/ family goals. Parents share their own personal goal for their child throughout the year ( Individual Goal Plan ). Once this goal is accomplished, parents can add a new goal. Parents also are welcome to volunteer at the center in many different ways. Remember you are your child’s first teacher.

  7. Expectations/ Outcomes • We use on-going assessments to help us understand how your child is learning and developing. We observe and record your child’s interest and strengths through the information you parents share with us about your child. The National Office of Head Start and the State of Arizona have established learning standards for early childhood programs that guide teachers in offering curriculum/guide instruction that prepares children for kindergarten.

  8. Interactive Activity • Each parent would say his/her name and the name of his/her child in the program. A big beach ball will be provided with numbers from 1-5. The ball will be thrown to parents and they will catch it. The number they touch or is closer to his/her thumb is the number of personality traits they will share about their child. Get ready to have some fun.

  9. Evaluation Head Start Parent Survey 2013-2014 • This survey is completed by: Father _ Mother _ Grandparent _ Guardian _ Other _ • My knowledge about assessment prior tonight. (Please circle one) 1 2 3 4 • My knowledge about assessment after tonight’s presentation. 1 2 3 4 • Was the information useful? Yes__ No __ • Will you recommend Head Start to other parents? Yes__ No__ • In what areas has your child grown the most? Please mark one or two. Social/ Emotional __ Physical Development__ Language Development__ Cognitive Development__ Literacy__ Math__ Other__

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