accessibility in apple s ios7 an introduction n.
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Accessibility in Apple’s iOS7: An Introduction PowerPoint Presentation
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Accessibility in Apple’s iOS7: An Introduction

Accessibility in Apple’s iOS7: An Introduction

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Accessibility in Apple’s iOS7: An Introduction

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  1. Accessibility in Apple’s iOS7:An Introduction For NJLA 2014, Wed, June 4th Ocean E: 2:30-3:20 Mary Kearns-Kaplan, MLS MSW Adult Outreach Services Coordinator NJ State Library Talking Book & Braille Center Email: Phone: 800-792-8322 x834 For Librarians:

  2. Disclaimers • This is an overview only. • Selected accessibility features and apps are presented here. • The experts are those who use these accessibility options; not me!

  3. What do the Statistics Tell us? • Prevalence of Disability in NJ in 2012 was 10.3%, approx 887,000 residents (was 9.7% in 2010). • Vision Loss in U.S. is on the Rise. • Between 2000 & 2010, 27% increase in cases of vision impairment in U.S. • By 2030, a 71% increase is projected. • By 2050, a 210% increase is expected. Sources: (See bibliography: 3, 4, 7)

  4. Causes & Impacts • Statistics suggest print impairments could increase. • Loss of vision, development and occurrence of arthritis, brain injury, Cerebral Palsy, Dyslexia, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, stroke, etc. can lead to a print-impairment. • Psychosocial impacts of print-impairment: • Depression. • Loss of Daily Living Activities. • Social isolation. Sources: (See bibliography: 1,2,5,6)

  5. Apple Accessibility iOS and OSX offer accessibility features for those with these impairments: Hearing Learning Physical Vision

  6. iOS7 Accessibility Settings Where are they in iOS7? Settings General Accessibility Siri: Voice command on iPhones 4S & higher.

  7. A Word to the Wise • Turning on accessibility features in iOS drains the battery.

  8. TBBC‘s World of Assistive iOS7 Features

  9. iOS7 iPhone5 Accessibility Features:Physical Challenges

  10. iOS7 iPhone5 Accessibility Features:Physical Impairments • Assistive Touch: Provides on-screen shortcuts that can be easier than using hand gestures to move around. For example, it can be difficult to pinch, so there is a shortcut. • Dictation: microphone on keyboard. • Siri: voice command. • Switch Control: allows you to use Bluetooth switch hardware to operate your device.

  11. iOS7 iPhone5 Accessibility Features:Reading Disabilities

  12. iOS7 iPhone5 Accessibility Features:Reading Disabilities • Guided Access: Can lock out use of more than one app, task, etc. at one time. • Several designed for vision impairments, but helpful also to those with reading impairments: • Dictation: Tap the microphone on keyboard. • Siri: voice command. • Speak Auto-text: will speak auto-corrections. • Speak Selection: select text and it will be spoken. • VoiceOver

  13. iOS7 iPhone5 Accessibility Features:Vision Problems

  14. iOS7 iPhone5 Accessibility Features:Vision Problems • Bold Text (to increase contrast) • Dictation: Tap the microphone on the keyboard. • Increase contrast. • Invert colors: for those with color blindness; can also reduce glare. • Large cursor (will find it under the VoiceOver options) • Larger Text = “Dynamic Type.” Apps that support it will adjust to your preferred reading size. • Siri: voice command. • Speak Selection: select text and it will be spoken. • Speak Auto-text: Will speak auto-corrections. • VoiceOver: Screen reader (text to speech). • Zoom (magnification).

  15. iOS7 Accessibility Features:Several Videos • “Guided Access in iOS7” • “App Camp: iOS 7 Accessibility” from the Tyler Lighthouse in Texas. • Hadley School for the Blind: Instructional iOS7 Accessibility videos • NLS BARD Mobile Videos • From AbleNet, “Angry Birds with iOS 7 Switch Control”

  16. A Few Good Apps“What is here today may not be here tomorrow” • ColorID= FREE: Camera App identifies colors. • Dragon Dictation: FREE: Speech to Text • LookTel Money Reader = $9.99: Reads currency. • MyScript Calculator– FREE: Use on-screen hand gestures. • Sendero GPS LookAround- FREE • Speak it! $1.99: text to speech. • Tap Tap See – FREE camera app: scans objects & reads description.

  17. Just a Few Resources AbleNet University: Free webinars on assistive educational tools. AccessWorld (from the American Foundation for the Blind) Apple Accessibility Web Site Apple Accessibility Tips and Tricks. AppleVis: iOS user group for those with vision impairments; reviews apps. Review their editorial team app picks of the month Easter Seals: Assistive Technology Updates Hadley School for the Blind: YouTube Instructional Videoson the vision accessibility features in iOS7.

  18. Some Inspiration From TBBC’s kudos page: “I am writing you today to Thank you for the wonderful service that your agency provides for so many folks who would not have the ability to enjoy a GOOD READ, without your devices and selection. To mention one of your patients without stating names, for HIPPA purposes, I have a young middle aged man who recently suffered stroke and is now partially paralyzed and Aphasic, suffers from dyspraxia, and apraxia. The gentlemen is a well-read person who is able to reach out to that wonderful world of literature through your service. The gentleman nods his head in appreciation and gratefulness, each time I bring him a NEW selection for him to enjoy. It is my pleasure, but the THANKS goes to your service.”

  19. Bibliography 1. AarslandD, et al. (2011). Depression in Parkinson disease--epidemiology, mechanisms and management. Nature Reviews Neurology; 8(1):35-47. 2. CastenRJ, et al. (2013). Update on depression and age-related macular degeneration. Current Opinion in Ophthalmology; 24(3):239-43. 3. Census Bureau, U.S. (2014). State and County Quick Facts: New Jersey.. Available at . Accessed 5/20/14.

  20. Bibliography (cont’d) 4. Erickson, W., Lee, C., & von Schrader, S. (2012). 2011 Disability Status Report: New Jersey. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Employment and Disability Institute(EDI). 5. Feinstein A. (2011). Multiple sclerosis and depression. Multiple Sclerosis; 17(11):1276-81. 6. Hochberg C. et al (2012). Association of vision loss in glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration with IADL disability. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science; 53(6): 3201-3206.

  21. Bibliography (cont’d) 7. National Eye Institute. (2013). Statistics and Data. Bethesda: U.S. Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Available at . Accessed on 10/8/13.

  22. TBBC Web Page for Librarians