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Welcome to Grove Music Online PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Grove Music Online

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Welcome to Grove Music Online

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Welcome to Grove Music Online

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  1. Welcome to Grove Music Online

  2. The ultimate authority on all aspects of music … Comprehensive and authoritative… Over 50,000 articles on all aspects of music Broad coverage of musical styles and traditions worldwide – from Aboriginal music to the Zarathustran music of ancient Persia More than 20,000 biographies Updated regularly with new and revised articles Invaluable… Over 500 Sibelius-enabled audio examples covering styles and people Over 3,000 links to related web sites 3-D interactive images of musical instruments Detailed works list for a vast range of composers Extensive lists of additional research resources Now for the tutorial …

  3. …which can always be accessed from the navigation bar This tutorial will show you all the search and browse options…

  4. Type a word or phrase into the quick search box and click

  5. These are the results for ‘Verdi’ Results from the Grove Dictionary of Opera are flagged with this icon

  6. If you click on Operabase … Here’s Verdi’s entry in the Dictionary of Opera marked in burgundy

  7. … you can search for recordings and access lists of past and future performances

  8. A Quick Search for ‘trumpet’ gives 18 results Results from the Grove Dictionary of Jazz are flagged with this icon

  9. Click on a result to open the article

  10. See the article structure here

  11. You can print or email an article Use the contents panel to navigate the article

  12. Musical examples are embedded in the article Click on the thumbnail to view a printer-friendly version

  13. Moving along the grey navigation bar… you can look at image links for this article Click on the link and a new window will open

  14. Here is an image of trumpets found in the tomb of Tutankhamun

  15. Scroll down the page for links to images on external websites

  16. There are also interactive 3D images of musical instruments…

  17. … like this one for the trumpet!

  18. You can rotate the image to view the instrument from every angle

  19. You can see the different parts, like the third valve…

  20. … or the mouthpiece

  21. … and you can explore the features

  22. Select ‘Sounds’ to see web links to sound files associated with the article

  23. You can also view all of the related articles in the Grove Dictionary of Music Simply click on the link to go straight to the relevant section

  24. Click on ‘Links’ for a list of carefully selected external websites

  25. Like this one from the International Trumpet Guild

  26. You can click on ‘Article Search’ to search within the article Back to our trumpet article

  27. If you search for ‘horn’ in the trumpet article…

  28. …and click on one of the results…

  29. …you will be taken straight to the relevant section, with your search terms highlighted in red

  30. …by typing them in here and pressing enter Each article has a bibliography at the end You can check abbreviations like HBSJ…

  31. Click here to go to the homepage The result is displayed over here

  32. Click here to go to the Advanced Search page

  33. Read search tips and access context-sensitive help A Boolean search for articles containing Texas AND “Country Music” …

  34. … gives 30 results

  35. You can choose other searches from the grey navigation bar A biography search for tenors born in Berlin …

  36. … gives all these results!

  37. Click ‘Works’ to search the works list Enter ‘Firebird’ to discover who wrote it and to find out more about it

  38. Here are all the results

  39. Click here to access special features and all the musical examples

  40. Click here for information on the musical examples … … and here to listen to them Read interviews on specific subjects

  41. See a list of the examples which illustrate technical features … … or those which illustrate a composer’s style Click here for all of the musical examples listed A-Z by article

  42. Here are the musical examples listed A-Z by ‘People’ All 500+ Sibelius-enabled audio examples are listed under article headings

  43. You can scroll down to an entry and click the + sign to see the full list

  44. Here is a list of audio examples of Mozart’s work

  45. …and the musical example will open in a new window Just click on the ‘go’ button…

  46. Use these buttons to play the music and to modify the tempo and pitch You can also click on the article heading to go to the complete article

  47. Click here to browse the articles