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SOD 2.0

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SOD 2.0

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  1. SOD 2.0

  2. About us: SOD 2.0 – is a business-class mail, that allows to carry out a safe exchange confidential documents into a company, and similarly to optimize a working process.. It is the closed corporate mail with unique possibilities. Business E-mail — is more than simply mail: Setting the task to the group of users, you no longer need to squander time on a printing-down and consolidation of information : ALL INFORMATION YOU will SEE in ONE ANSWER (including a list those, who ignored assigned). Tuning is not required some difficult IT - systems and nothing needs to be got or set. User`s interface is intuitively clear and users can begin work on standard PC in the flow of a few minutes. User can work "24/7" from any point of the world where the Internet is.

  3. SECURITY: Secure exchange of documents (Secure Document Exchange) provided by means of modern cryptoalgorithms of information and control system by access. Methods two access is provided factor authentication of users in the room of data to the only authorized users and guarantee safety of documents, except a possible risk for your business. Our comprehensive approach to safety extends to all levels of our business, including infrastructure, applications, processes and personnel. Equipment is accommodated in steady from disaster in date centers of high level of reliability. For administration of equipment and software highly skilled specialists are responsible. The intrinsic and additional functions of protecting from viruses and spam provide an increase defence of Your corporate system of exchange reports. All data is encrypted using SSL.

  4. Basic advantages 1. Unreserved amount of users. 2. There is not limitation of the documents sent on volume. 3. For you there is clear structure of the name of documents (tasks). 4. Only that man that set the problem, determines the status of executed or not executed. and more ...

  5. User facilities 1. Possibility three-factors authentication of users even a system administrator will not be able to enter a stranger account (for included the matrix of passwords is used in the system). 2. The scanned documents the program automatically recognizes and transforms in the document of Word, rtf, PDF for the further editing.

  6. Possibility of choice of language Смена языка происходит «на лету» во всем интерфейсе

  7. Possibility to create groups Возможность создавать неограниченное количество групп, включать любых пользователей

  8. For each organization, created the unique structure of circulation of documents

  9. Possibility to put tasks to the group of persons with a function by the border date of the job processing and control on the date of implementation.

  10. Your employees will see Your task as like that, and depending on the terms of execution the color of task will change.

  11. 1. Even not opening a task you will see how many employees executed a task. В примере видно, что ответил 1 сотрудник

  12. Possibility to define on statuses : 1. Answer is got; 2. Task is not read; 3. Task is read, but an answer is not got.

  13. All answers you see in one letter (you do not need anymore to squander time on consolidation of information - you save to 50% of business hours).

  14. Unique possibility ALL ANSWERS to outtype at once.

  15. Thank you for attention! We will answer any questions. Write to us:: Ring to us: +38 (056) 740-35-55 +38 (056) 740-33-77 +38 (056) 740-33-88