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Writing a Mini Epic

Writing a Mini Epic

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Writing a Mini Epic

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  1. Writing a Mini Epic Using the characteristics of an epic Creative writing task

  2. Epic Characteristics Review • What makes an epic an epic? -Turn and talk with your partner. •What are some examples of an epic?

  3. Characteristics and Examples • Epic Hero – Examples: • Epic Plot – Examples: • Epic Setting - Examples: • Epic Theme – Examples: • Archetypes – Examples:

  4. An epic…… • Tells the tale of a quest, told in formal, elevated language (no slang) • Narrates the exploits of a larger-than-life hero who embodies the values of a particular culture (an archetypal hero) • Deals with events on a large scale • Uses many of the conventions of oral storytelling, such as repetition, sound effects (i.e. alliteration), and figures of speech (epic similes). • Often includes gods and goddesses or other supernatural beings as characters • Mixes myth, legend, and history (imagination and reality)

  5. The Hero’s Journey • Exile – The hero leaves his home to embark on a journey. There is a reason for leaving: to search for something, a call to duty…… • Journey – The hero encounters tests and trials as well as allies and enemies along the way. • Return Home – The hero journeys home and reflects and thinks about what has been learned on the journey.

  6. Assignment • Choose an epic hero/heroine. You can either choose yourself, a family member, or a god or goddess from ancient history. • Your epic hero must be charged with a task. He/she can guard something, learn something, or search for something as he/she endures their epic journey, but there should be some purpose to their adventure. • Decide who your hero’s/heroine’s helpers will be. They are usually mythical creatures, with special powers, but the decision is up to you. You should use your imagination to come up with a unique plot and characters. • You should outline your mini-epic poem according to the three phases: exile, journey, and return home. Brainstorm ideas about why your epic hero/heroine needs to leave home, what he is going to encounter along the journey, and how he will successfully complete the quest. • Now it's time for you to begin writing your mini-epic! It should be no less then 15-20 lines. You can make it rhyme, if you want. You should type your mini-epic poem, 12 pt font. • When you’re all done, you can print out your work and decorate the borders of the epic poem with drawings of the characters or setting.

  7. Brainstorm Grand parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins To make a better life for her family Single parent, raised me alone Mom Exile – laid off from her job after 25 years Return home – Got her Bachelors at 53 Journey – went back to school; money was an obstacle

  8. Your Turn! • Make an outline of your mini-epic poem! • Include: -The hero or heroine -The task or purpose of the journey -Mentors, allies, enemies, different archetypal characters -Exile: Why does hero/heroine need to leave home -Journey: What will he/she encounter? (Hardships, defeat, victories?) -Return Home: How will hero/heroine successfully complete quest? (Graduation, defeat a dragon, ask a girl/boy out)?