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Image and Store Design PowerPoint Presentation
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Image and Store Design

Image and Store Design

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Image and Store Design

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  1. Image andStore Design

  2. Store Image: Personality of the store Type of merchandise Quality of merchandise Sales associates Design and layout of the store Bags and packaging Colors and store décor Store fixtures and equipment Lighting Music Scent
  3. Physical Environment Store Front Selling Space Store Layout Behind the Scenes
  4. Store Front Total store exterior or the home page on a website Windows Display merchandise Used to attract customers Should be clean and well lit Door Store Sign
  5. Store Front-Continued First impression Work together with the image of the store Seen even when the store is closed
  6. Selling Space Most important of the interior spaces Contains the store’s interior design and the fixtures Fixtures are furnishings that hold and display merchandise Lighting this area is important On a website, these are product pages
  7. Store Layout Arrangement of store’s merchandise, fixtures and equipment Includes the cash register and fitting rooms Same concept on a website Tabs or links to different areas of the store website
  8. Store Layout-Continued Should encourage customers to browse Should be consistent with the store image Should make the target customers feel comfortable The longer a customer stays in the store or on the website, the more they are likely to buy.
  9. Store Layout: Customer Paths
  10. Behind the Scenes Areas of a store or website that are not seen by customers Receiving and marking area Merchandise storage area Supplies storage area Office area Mechanical necessities area for heating and cooling the store Payment records on a website, for example
  11. Activity Using Word, insert a picture of a store front from the Internet Under the picture, type a brief description of your first impression of this store. Type a brief description of the store front For example, state the colors used, the materials used, a description of the sign, a description of the window displays Type a brief description of the image this store is creating with the front of the store. Type your name in the header Save, Print, Turn in