soil erosion in nepal n.
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Soil Erosion in Nepal PowerPoint Presentation
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Soil Erosion in Nepal

Soil Erosion in Nepal

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Soil Erosion in Nepal

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  1. Welcome to Nepal Soil Erosion in Nepal A Case Study of the Causes and solutions used to tackle soil erosion

  2. Aims for today • You will find out about how soil erosion effects people in Nepal • Where is Nepal – what are the key facts about the country of Nepal? • You will consider the causes and the solutions used to control soil erosion in Nepal. Page 34 and 35 in Interactions

  3. Recap! What is soil Erosion? • What are the 4 main causes of soil erosion? • Overgrazing – too many animals eat all the grass • Up and Down Ploughing – Water runs down the furrows • Deforestation – trees provide protection and hold the soil together • Soil exhaustion – soils are over-used and can grow no more

  4. What do you know about Nepal? • Where is Nepal? • What is the Capital City? • What is its population? • What is life like there?

  5. Check page 34 for map and fact file

  6. Title: Soil Erosion in Nepal Nepal Fact File Location: Between China (Tibet) to the North and India to the South Population: 23 million Size: About the same size as EnglandOccupations: Mainly subsistence farming. Small plots of land, scattered along steep valley sides. Wealth: One of the poorest countries Physical: The rooftop of the world. Climate is wet in summer and dry in the winter

  7. So what is the problem in Nepal? Lets read the second Paragraph on Page 34

  8. What causes soil erosion in Nepal? Physical Factors or Human Factors Unstable soil Steep Slopes Trees for firewood Increase in animal numbers Melting snow Heavy Rain Tourists & Trekkers Population Increase Terraces collapse

  9. How do these create erosion? Soils need to be stabilised - Terraces Steep Slopes Unstable soil Heavy Rain Terraces under threat and some collapse Melting snow Tourists & Trekkers Trees for firewood Deforestation Increase in animal numbers Overgrazing Population Increase

  10. Solutions • Tree Planting Programmes • Alternative fuel sources (Yak dung!) • Fenced areas • Small dams • Government agencies • Self help schemes

  11. More information • Today’s presentation can be found on the Geography website main page ‘Soil erosion in Nepal’ on Http://

  12. Homework task for next Thursday You are a member of the village council for the village of Lukla (near Everest). You have realised that there is a growing problem of soil erosion in your local area and you have been asked to write up a report that explains the problem of the erosion of soil in the area and what can be done to help solve the problems.

  13. Recap! • Where is Nepal? • What types of soil erosion are in Nepal? • What solutions are the Nepalese Government attempting to use to help the problem?

  14. Pictures of Nepal – you might want to use these!