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Write The Perfect Resume PowerPoint Presentation
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Write The Perfect Resume

Write The Perfect Resume

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Write The Perfect Resume

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  1. Write The Perfect Resume

  2. What to know before you start! People don’t read resumes…They SKIM them! (Employers look for any reason to throw away a resume since they get so many. Visually it should look appealing and be easy to read)

  3. Intro: • Identify your Job/School target and make target statements • Identify core job/school qualifications and find evidence for skills • Parts of a Resume • Dos and Don’ts • Format, Edit, Polish, and Proofread • Full Sample

  4. Identify your Job/School target and make target statements • You don’t want to apply for a job you aren’t interested in • Decide what you want to do or where you want to go (ex. I’m good at accounting) • Specify your target (ex. Entry level auditor for a big 5 accounting firm)

  5. Identify Core Job/School Qualifications and Compile Evidence • Most ads specify a variety of required skills • Other ways to find qualifications: • Occupational Outlook Handbook • Informational Interviews with Professionals • Professional Associations • College Career Centers • Make notes on experiences that could fill the skill requirements of the job

  6. Contact Information Objective Education Related Experience Other Experience Activities Publications Presentations Honors Licenses/Accreditations Skills (languages, computer programs) References Parts of a Resume

  7. Contact Info • Your name should be prominent, top and center of the page, at least 18 pt. font. • In smaller font include Permanent Address (and School Address if applicable), Phone numbers (home/cell), and E-mail • The address should have no abbreviations (i.e. Rd should be Road) • Example Meredith Johnson School AddressPermanent Address 257 West Shell Street 780 Columbus Road Bradenton, FL 34201 Boston, MA 02120 (617) 559-9049 (513) 729-8350

  8. Objective • Make it short and to the point • There should be no question as to the purpose of this resume • Clearly state the type of position you hope to obtain • Example for an Engineer Objective:To obtain a position as an engineer in the field of structural engineering.

  9. Education • Recent graduates should have this section right below their objective (this will probably be your strongest asset). • Highest level of achievement should be first (ex. Bachelor and then Associate), and leave out High School unless it applies to the career. • List the degree as awarded by the institution (A.A., B.A., B.S., etc.) but spell them out.

  10. Education cont… • Include your GPA only if it is over a 3.0 (you may want to include Major GPA instead if it is higher). • You only need to include schools that granted you a degree (If you transferred from a school you may leave it out). • Could include Dean’s/Provost list below the degree. Education: State University of New York College at Oneonta Oneonta, NY Bachelor of Arts in psychology Exp. May 2010 GPA 3.6

  11. Related Experience • Any work experience or major activities that are relevant to the career you are applying for can be included here. • Include place of employment, job title, dates worked, & bulleted summary (w/ action verbs) • Start with most recent • Example • Related Experience: • Evening Sun Newspaper, Stansbury, CT Jan 2006-Present • Intern • Received Outstanding Service Award, 1999-2000 • Effectively interviewed and wrote articles for the weekly news • Generated a list of 120 advertising businesses

  12. Other Experience • Any other job experience that doesn’t relate to the career you are applying to should go here, with same format as in related experience. • Include any activities you have been actively involved in, starting with most recent. • Should include activity title, any leadership positions, and dates involved. Activities

  13. Publications, Presentations, and Honors • Honors awarded for sports, leadership, and service • Written and published articles or papers • Presented at any conferences or meetings • Ex: Presentations: “Bake a pie” National Cake conference May 2001

  14. Skills • Fluency in a foreign language • Computer knowledge and experience • Operating office machinery • Certification or license to operate special equipment in this section (if received in college, you may place this under education) • Interests/hobbies

  15. References • Available on Request OR • Include full name, title, address, and phone # &/ email address • Hint: If you only have an email address for one Reference, don’t include it.

  16. Dos • Do STAY CONSISTENT! If you start with one format, stay with it. (ex. If you start numbering dates 5/08, number all dates. Don’t change half way through to May 2008) • Do make the whole resume look appealing to the eye • Do use professional weight paper, maybe in an off white or bright white, so the resume will stand out.

  17. Dos • Do use only one font style, but utilize font size, bolds, italics, and underlines to catch the eye. • Do Label your second page with your name and page 2 • Do prepare a list of great Action verbs • Do be prepared for a phone call • Do keep information relevant to what you are applying for

  18. Don’ts • Don’t make your resume more than 2 pages (especially if you have recently graduated) • Don’t repeat anything • Don’t include high school information • Don’t make bulleted items full sentences • Don’t use pictures or random colors

  19. Don’ts • Don’t ever repeat the same information • Don’t use templates • Don’t staple a resume/cover letter • Don’t use negative words

  20. CHRIS DOE 212 Hollow Road SUNY College at Oneonta Binghamton, NY 13888 Golding Hall 478 Oneonta, NY 13820 Mobile (607) 316-0202 Room (607) 364-1324 • OBJECTIVE: • To obtain an entry level position at _________ • EDUCATION: • State University of New York College at Oneonta, Oneonta, NY May 2008 • Bachelor of Science in Geography with concentration in International Business and World Trade, GPA 3.59 (as of Fall 2007) • Dean’s List (2 semesters) • EMPLOYMENT: • Resident Advisor • SUNY Oneonta, Oneonta, NY Aug. 2006-May 2008 • Assist residents with personal and academic issues • Facilitate meetings • Develop educational and fun programs each month • Enforce rules and regulations within the residence hall

  21. Intern • Rounder Records Group, Burlington, MA May 2007-Aug. 2007 • Acquired positive traits to become successful in the business world • Contacted and serviced venues with tour support material • Ensured venues had adequate preparations for artists and • publicists • Assistant Manager • Subway, Oneonta, NY Mar. 2003-Aug. 2007 • Directed opening of store and preparations of sandwiches • Monitored Inventory and prepared weekly order • Learned to prioritize quickly and work under pressure • ACTIVITIES: • Field Hockey, Goalie Nov. 2004 – Present • Resident Student Organization Aug. 2006 – Present • Cancer Walk, Volunteer May 2005 • Polish Club, Vice President Nov. 2004 – Jun. 2005 • Golding Hall Government Sept. 2004 – May 2005

  22. SKILLS: Nearly fluent in Polish Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Minitab, SPSS, Internet Explorer, and Firefox Farming experience Strong Intrapersonal Skills REFERENCES: Available upon Request PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT copy this into a word document, font sizes are not correct and have been adjusted for this power point. Also this entire document would normally fit on 1 page, other wise you should remember to include your name and page number at the top of each page.