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Joquetta Johnson, Library Media Specialist Donna Powell, English Department Chairperson PowerPoint Presentation
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Joquetta Johnson, Library Media Specialist Donna Powell, English Department Chairperson

Joquetta Johnson, Library Media Specialist Donna Powell, English Department Chairperson

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Joquetta Johnson, Library Media Specialist Donna Powell, English Department Chairperson

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  1. MDK12 Digital Library Teacher – Librarian Partnership Grant Joquetta Johnson, Library Media Specialist Donna Powell, English Department Chairperson Milford Mill Academy Baltimore County Public Schools

  2. …And They Read Happily Ever After • provide students with the understanding that writers reflect their cultural values and environment in their respective genres (literature, theatre, music, etc.) • The “Culture Through Literature Research Model - which focuses on The Cinderella Fairytale” served as the starting block (background knowledge) for this project.

  3. IB 11th grade students will be able to… • apply effective research skills by using SIRs information resources in order to identify and explain how cultural values are reflected in literature, theatre, and music. • present their findings via class discussions, a multimedia, musical, oral, or theatrical presentation.

  4. Classroom Day 1: Culture through Literature The Process… Classroom

  5. Guiding Questions (English) • Discuss how the fairytales reflect culture • Discuss the author’s Achebe(Africa) ,Elie Wiesel (Germany), and Kamala Markandaya (India) reflect their culture in the writing

  6. Implementation • Introduce the lesson • Share the Story – “Catskinella” – by Virginia Hamilton (Library Media Specialist) • Students read SIRS Article – A GLOBAL ENCHANTMENT: CINDERELLA'S DANCE THROUGH TIME (Cornell Notes)

  7. We Interrupt this Message…Thanks Mr Gibson  • Made odd day even – (OMG) • Get call from Donna • 911 real world connection Could have been a potential obstacle…

  8. The Process… Library Media Center Library Media Center Day 2: To Google Or Not To Google

  9. Guiding Questions • How does your method of search affect your findings? • How do you decide which online resource/search tool is most appropriate for your research?

  10. Implementation • Demonstrate a Google search vs SIRS search (football) • SIRs Vs. Google PowerPoint • (1st keywords –August Wilson, 2nd keywords Tyler Perry) • Subject headings • Compare and contrast findings • Students complete the SIRs Vs. Google Scavenger Hunt

  11. Media Center… Day 3 “To Google or Not Google" • Students needed an additional day

  12. rigor relevance relationships

  13. Guiding Questions… • How does one’s background influence his/her writing? • How is culture evident in theatre today? • Students research August Wilson and Tyler Perry Students will compare and contrast the playwrights

  14. SURPRISE!!!!

  15. We Interrupt this Message…Again : • Return visit…no Donna  • Lesson check-up… • Reviewed what students did & learned during 2nd visit to LMC • Debriefed and reflected on lesson • What is next ? Could have been another potential obstacle…

  16. Outcomes Achieved • explore text by reading, writing, and using SIRS and the Internet • participate in class discussions, • justify answers by explaining and, when necessary, elaborating • use concept maps • express personal and creative ideas through class discussions

  17. Student use of the SIRS databases targeted the following competencies: • Accessing and navigating the SIRS databases to locate a variety of informational texts • Identifying and using online text features embedded within SIRS • Identifying and using organizational patterns embedded within SIRS • Understanding the difference between using the free Internet and subscription databases to locate authoritative, relevant, and current information

  18. How The Collaborative Partnership Enhanced Our Professional Development • Provided an opportunity to plan a meaningful and truly collaborative lesson • Each team member played a consequential role in the successful implementation of the project • Gained a greater perspective, insight, and appreciation for respective craft

  19. How the Collaborative Partnership Impacted Student Achievement • Increased knowledge of SIRS Information Resources • Increased content knowledge • Integrates all facets of information literacy • Required use critical thinking skills • Teacher and librarian are team teaching • Enhance student knowledge on how to effectively apply research skills

  20. rigor relevance relationships

  21. MDK12 Digital Library Teacher – Librarian Partnership Grant Teamwork Makes the Dream Work And Learning is Our Foundation! Joquetta Johnson 410-887-0665 Donna Powell 410-887-0660