the history of rock music by james norton n.
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The history of rock music By James Norton PowerPoint Presentation
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The history of rock music By James Norton

The history of rock music By James Norton

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The history of rock music By James Norton

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  1. The history of rock musicBy James Norton

  2. In The begining Main influences The electric guitar – the symbol of rock n roll. • Rock and roll mainly come from Jimi Hendrix. • Rock n Roll may have helped the civil rights movement with the creation of motown in the 1960s. • There was two main-stream artists that revolutionised ‘Rock N Roll’ and influenced sub genres to be born • The Beetles • Elvis Presley

  3. Elvis Presley Elvis in his earlier days • Elvis started it all. He revolutionised the business we know today as Rock and many other hybrid genres such as pop-rock. • Elvis is well known for the purchase of Graceland where he lived until his death. He was also buried in the grounds amongst his family who to this day still live in the house.

  4. Elvis Presley ... Elvis - Las Vegas concert – 1970s • Also he is well known for his country and gospel approach to music. • Furthermore he influenced others to make something of their lives. Barry White is one of many people who was influenced by Elvis aka the king of rock n roll.

  5. The Beatles The Beatles • The band consisted of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison. • Well known for their single ‘she loves you’ which became the first million selling record (imbedded in history as one of the greatest songs ever) • Paul McCartney was and still is possibly the best song writer ever and has influenced modern artists inside and outside of the rock genre such as oasis and cold play.

  6. The history of UK Grime Typical Studio • UK grime deprived from hip- hop in the mid 1990s when a garage crew was created. • It was called pay as you go which specialised in garage music. • Later in the 1990s, an artist within the group called Wiley created a new sound which we know today as Grime. • Bands such as Run DMC and many more were the first signs of rap artists. Although in some people’s views, rap is a lot like UK grime, rap is more slow paced and also has different types of notes in an instrumental.

  7. Wiley Wiley in concert with Skepta • Wiley aka ‘the godfather of grime’ made his presence known with one of his first solo songs. It was called ‘Pies’. This is when Wiley had built the foundation which has made grime what it is today. • Nowadays the foundation that Wiley has built has influenced talent scouts and record companies to be on the look out for people who are either very good song writers or even performers/artist. E.g. Estelle has recently performed a song with Kanye West. Although in the song she was singing, she originally started off as an MC. • He has influenced both older and younger musicians within the grime industry such as; Bashy and his crew, roll deep.

  8. Ghetto Ghetto’s album which included 25 tracks. • Ghetto Is the most promising artist to hit the grime scene since Wiley. • In many people’s point of view, Ghetto is better than Wiley, however is understated because he is an underground artist, where as Wiley is more mainstream. • Although ghetto has not been in the industry as long as Wiley, he is quickly gaining recognition and has climbed to the top of the ‘underground charts.’

  9. From underground to mainstream Lady sovereign is one of many grime artists signed to the label Def Jam. • Since the creation of Grime, Grime has progressed from an underground genre into a mainstream genre. • Many record labels such as; Def Jam are signing artists within the grime industry. • Artists such as Lady Sovereign and dizzy rascal have been signed in the past and have made it from the underground level artist, (word on the street) to the mainstream level artist. (celebrity)

  10. Great song writers... from both genres Bob Dylan • Some of the greatest songwriters have come from the rock and UK grime genres. Lyrics from artists have influenced people When writing their own songs. Here are some artists who have been influential within their industries/genres. • John Lennon, • Bob Dylan • Double S • Kano