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Team name: The winners Team leader: Prisacariu Roxana Team members: Bujoreanu Paula PowerPoint Presentation
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Team name: The winners Team leader: Prisacariu Roxana Team members: Bujoreanu Paula

Team name: The winners Team leader: Prisacariu Roxana Team members: Bujoreanu Paula

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Team name: The winners Team leader: Prisacariu Roxana Team members: Bujoreanu Paula

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  1. Team name: The winners Team leader: Prisacariu Roxana Team members: Bujoreanu Paula Prisacariu Roxana Drângă Maria Magdalena

  2. PERFECT EDUCATION What comes to our mind when we think about education ?Hmm…maybe teachers, classes , projects, conferences, culture or why not managers , engineers , doctors? Education is the study of how humans learn in educational settings, the psychology of teaching , and at the same time the effectiveness of educational interventions . Educational psychology is concerned about how students learn and develop. As Socrate said :’Educations is the taming of a flame , not the filling of a vessel ‘. It is predominantly oriented toward preparations for life , that the man is formed. On the other side , education aims to develop human qualities and exploring horizons. So, here appears the attitude of man towards his own development , sense of responsibility to next generation, concern to convey the young adults , the experience of using tools, to educate youth as the workforce. Education is one of the ingredients to the success. It is part of a person’s character , of self –respect from yourself and others , as well it’s a moral trait.

  3. Through education we should see the most important factor in developing the personality of a person , it must strongly influence a person’s actions .When it comes to success, we need more intense discipline (which derives all of education in a certain percentage ) and a self personal-education after all. The reality is different .It’s not what it seems to be. The people live in a world of ideas. Education offered by school has changed .Students aren’t motivated. For them school is not longer a motivation. We see famous people on tv , full of money , with a luxury lifestyle , but more than half of these people do not even graduated. They represent our example, a model that is imposed on us by society. We live in a tumultuous period of life. It’s hard to get yourself accepted in a new environment , nobody gives you a chance to prove what you know , they put everyone in the same bunch of people , we are considerated that we have the same level of education. In my country in Romania , the education system is massive. The schedule from school is loaded , we have to achieve a mass of information in a relatively short time. Romanian teachers do not seem to be concerned with the relationship they have with their students. Communication is unidirectional. Instead a perfect education must come from both side , of both the teacher and the student.Let’s take for examples higher education .The y must prepare you , to define your skills and knowledges for your future job. A serious student must take part in courses , to get involved as much as possible into the subject , to read extra, to work harder to obtain what he dreams for .A teacher should come with a variety of materials to make sure that will give you the necessary information that you need to make a vision on what you study. Then it is preferable to test you through tests, projects, presentations, or to do a research. If you want to get feedback from as many teachers you want , you should attend the scientific sessions on the topic you wish to be criticized or actually for the simple way to get an oppionion from a teacher well prepared.

  4. If you are undecided about career , you must attend several conferences , workshops, or even career counseling. After each semester , it would be good for students , to be recommended based on notes and desires, at various internships on the field they are studying. In this way they will be able to assimilate more knowledge to make a connection between information accumulated and to see how to use them effectively in a company, for example if we talk about an economic domain, becoming in this way ready for the labor market. Romanian education trends tends to be very loaded for students.It is difficult to finish a romanian university , and at the end even the satisfaction is low. On the hand that they don’t’ ensure you a job , and on the other hand after you studied a lot you still don’t fell prepared to deal with major claims from a job. A perfect education should teach you to be a person who is capable to demonstrate through knowledges, through self-control , to become a member of a much desired job. A proper education will offer you the chance to enter into the labor market immediately after the graduation regardless of the study. An internship program offered by faculty , to get familiar with the working environment is an intersection which should give you a perfect education with the needs of a company. In my view In my view , ASE and Politehnica are 2 colleges with potential in developing into a perfect education. They have proper equipment , well prepared teachers, lots of extra activities from where you can choose to participate , and there is a long list with jobs/internships from where you can optate for. As well from abroad , I can optate for London Business School because they have numerous partnerships with companies and you can participate at you can subscribe to as many internships do. Last weekend I had a chance to have a conversation about education with some people from AIESEC organization. They listened to what I said , I mean I expressed my point of view and they agreed with me in most of the situations. They as well said that is important for us students to participate at organized meetings with known people , representatives from banks, we will learn how they came to occupy those positions high in the corporates.

  5. It’s 9 o’clock in the morning. John wakes up slowly by no rush, because he knows there’s one more hour until the bus comes. He goes downstairs where his mother has just prepared his cereals and his healthy pocket lunch. He seams so excited because in a little while he will met again with his best friend, Josh with whom he developed a revolutionary project and it’s so enthusiastic about it. They are building a site that will help their colleagues and them in the same time, to improve and accumulate information more eficiently and in a more relaxed way,the same amount of information as if they would go to school. They are planning to upload various videos, 3D drawings and schemes,live demonstrations in which teachers will explain concepts and theories in a more efficient way that are applied in real life.This system is going to help everyone learn in a more efficient way in a faster way and of course will benefit from a consistent support from teachers and tutors because they will help Jack and Josh if their project will succeed. In the same time, their colleagues will go to school, but only for evaluation and maybe some questions or clarifications in situations in which they didn’t understood exactly what they had to do. It is true that it’s required a sistem of evaluation, in this case students will be required to come to school or they will have to support online assessment tests. That was a perfect day for John, the one when he goes to school just for a little while, he could come back home, open his computer, say “Hy” to his teacher from his laptop, choose what he would like to learn in that day, choose a subject and stick to it. This was John’s and his friend plan and he was glad because he knew it’s a good one. In this scenario we presented an idea of how we see future education.It’s true that there could be some inconveniences because those students will no longer be very active in terms of social life if we stick to this project.In adition we want to emphasize the fact that they would interact as much as they did when they were going to school because there would exist online conferences and they would learn more from each other. This system is not necessarily meant to replace public education, but there are some thing and aspects that could be fixed from each others home, easily, by accessing this kind of sites.  In my oppinion the educational system is inefficient and badly focused. We put a lot of effort in teaching students a lot of theory, that  won`t  help  more than  1% of the students (those who decide to dedicate their career in research), and almost no effort at all in teaching students basic knowledge about life. For exemple, I think that a  fresh graduated student must have strong knowledge about  hygiene, first aid, orientation skills, good communications skills,  (including business to business sector), code of good manners, and other helpfull life tips, that is considered to be learnt at home, but in most of cases is not. Also I find every important that a fresh graduted student to be aware of the possibilities of career form which he has to choose, by atending the right courses (most of fresh graduted students have no ideea what they want to do with their career, and most of them end up working in different area of the one they studied at university).  So, in conclusion we are the leaders of our own actions, we decide what we do, how and why we do it.