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Top 10 of Slovakia

Top 10 of Slovakia. Traditional food ‛ bryndzové halušky’. 10. t he most popular national dish t he small gnocchi-type dumplings covered in a sharp sheep cheese with bacon on top. The geyser of Herľany. 9 . a favourite destination in Košice surroundings was drilled in the 1870´s

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Top 10 of Slovakia

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  1. Top 10ofSlovakia

  2. Traditionalfood‛bryndzové halušky’ 10. • the most popular national dish • thesmall gnocchi-type dumplings covered in a sharp sheep cheese with bacon on top

  3. ThegeyserofHerľany 9. • afavourite destination in Košicesurroundings • wasdrilledin the1870´s • is404.5 m deep • the periodicity of emanation is about 32-34 hours • water springs for about 20-30 minutes to the height of maximum 20 metres

  4. VýchodnáFolklore Festival 8. • the oldest and largest nationwide festival • presentation of manifestations of traditional folk culture • more than 1400 performers • participation of craftsmen, producers and artists • at the first weekend in July

  5. Typical Slovak villageČičmany 7. • wooden houses clustered around the town church • the exteriors of woodenhouses are decoratedwith various artistic designs, including abstract geometric • shapes, animals, arrows, clovers, crosses and hearts • the white paint is a lime varnish applied to protect the wood from natural decay

  6. MusicalinstrumentFujara 6. • a large sophisticated folk shepherd's overtone fipple flute of unique design • has three tone holes located on the lower part of the main body • the sound is produced by a fipple at the upper end of the main body of the fujara

  7. Ochtinská Aragonite Cave 5. • issituated in southern Slovakia, near Rožňava • famous for its rare aragonite filling • one of thethree aragonite caves in theworld • 300 m long • discovered in 1954

  8. TheHighTatras 4. • mountains in the Prešov Region • are located in Slovakia and Poland • thehighestpeak – Gerlachovský štít 2655 m • 17 peaks over 2,500 metres • UNESCO - Biospheric reservation of the Tatras • TANAP – thefirst Slovak national park (1949)

  9. TheKremnicaMint 3. • one of theoldestmints in theworld • established in 1328 • King Charles Robert of Anjou • Slovak euro coinssince 2008

  10. Woodenbridge in Kolárovo 2. • thelongestwoodenbridge in Europe • over the river MalýDunaj • built in 1992 • 86 metres long and  2.25 metres wide

  11. The National ParkSlovak Paradise 1. • situated in Eastern Slovakia • located in the north of the SlovakOreMountains • containsabout 350 caves • full of ravines, gorges, chasms, meadows and waterfalls • areaof 197.63 km² • established in 1988

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  13. Thankyouforattention • Lenka Sovičová, Peter Štoffa III.D

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