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Video Game Addiction

Video Game Addiction. The Knights Diamoneek McDougald. What is it?. Video Game Addiction is someone who constantly plays video games Likes virtual life better than real life MMORPG are massive multiplayer online role playing games WOW (World of Warcraft ) is the biggest addicting game

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Video Game Addiction

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  1. Video Game Addiction The Knights DiamoneekMcDougald

  2. What is it? • Video Game Addiction is someone who constantly plays video games • Likes virtual life better than real life • MMORPG are massive multiplayer online role playing games • WOW (World of Warcraft ) is the biggest addicting game • It ruins marriages, social life, and careers

  3. How to tell if someonehas a Video game addiction? • Playing for increasing amounts of time • Thinking about gaming during activities • Gaming to escape real-life problems, anxiety and depression • Lying to friends and family to conceal gaming • Feeling irritable when trying to cut down on gaming

  4. Why is video game addiction bad? • A child playing videos games for 4 to 5 hours has no time for homework, socializing or playing sports • Compulsive adult gamers jeopardize jobs and relationships • Majority of addicts are under the age of 30

  5. How to Prevent Gaming addiction? • Show gamers they are powerless over their addiction and teach them real-life excitement as opposed to online excitement • A parent can keep log of gaming behaviors • Logs of when the child plays and for how long • Problems resulting from gaming • How the child reacts to time limits

  6. Spyware Joel Tindall The Knights

  7. Spyware • Spyware isn’t designed to damage your computer. • It is a program that gets into your computer without permission and hides while it makes unwanted changes. • Spyware is put on computers to gradually collect info about the user.

  8. Important Information -Spyware hogs up RAM and processor power -Ways to prevent you from getting spyware are to use a spyware scanner or pop-up blocker -Masquerades as a prize notification pop-up window

  9. Viruses prevention programs are 100 percent efficient while spyware’s is 90 percent. • It is designed to direct unwanted advertisements to the user from their host website. • To protect yourself from it, be suspicious of installing new software and use the “x” to close pop-ups.

  10. Viruses The Knights Zhana’ Wright

  11. Viruses • Can damage your computer. • People created viruses to have bragging rights, the fun of watching things blow up, and psychology that drives sandals and arsonists . • Viruses show how vulnerable you are.

  12. Viruses • a segment of self-replicating code planted illegally in a computer program, often to damage or shut down a system or network. • Worms is a small piece of software that uses computer networks and security holes to replicate itself.

  13. Viruses • Types of viruses • Mydoom worm • Melissa • E-mail system • Trojan horses • I LOVE YOU

  14. What’s inside the computer Knights Aaron Wallace

  15. INSIDE THE COMPUTER • The CPU (Central Processing Unit) controls all the basic and complex functions of the computer. The motherboard is the main circuit board of the computer. The hard drive is what stores all your data. electrical device. The cooling fan prevents the computer from overheating.

  16. INSIDE THE COMPUTER • The Optical Drive is a part of the computer that reads CD’s and DVD’s. The Memory in the computer is referred to as the RAM. When your computer boots up, it loads everything into its RAM. This allows your computer to access all of its functions, like clicking the mouse or typing on the keyboard

  17. INSIDE THE COMPUTER • . The case protects the CPU. Video cards are used to process the graphics on the computer. The power supply is the part of hardware that supplies power to an electrical device.

  18. VIDEO GAME ADDICTION FOR 100 What is the age group of the video game addicts? • A.) 31-50 • B.) 15-30 • C.) 50-65 • D.) 40-60

  19. Correct

  20. Incorrect

  21. VIDEO GAME ADDICTION FOR 200 What are some signs of someone having a gaming addiction? • A.) playing increasing amounts of time • B.) thinking about gaming during activities • C.) plays for only an hour • D.) a and b

  22. Correct

  23. VIDEO GAME ADDICTIONG FOR 300 What are the dangers of playing games for 4 to 5 hours ? • A.) become skillful in games • B.) lose job • C.) no social life • D.) the master of gaming • E.) b and c • F.) None of the above

  24. Correct

  25. VIDEO GAME ADDICTION FOR 400 What is the biggest gaming addiction called? • A.) World of Warcraft • B.) Halo 3 • C.) 2K11 • D.) none of the above

  26. Correct

  27. VIDEO GAME ADDICTION FOR 500 What does MMORPG stand for? • A.) monkeys manage over rabbits playing games • B.) massive multiplayer online role playing games • C.) my mother observes rabbits prior genetics • D.) none of the above

  28. Correct

  29. SPYWARE FOR 100 • A.) The same as a virus • B.) Computer Game • C. A program that damages your computer. • D. A program that gets in your computer without permission and hides while it makes unwanted changes What is spyware?

  30. Correct

  31. SPYWARE FOR 200 A. Never B. Sometimes C. Always D. All of the above Does spyware damage your computer?

  32. Correct

  33. SPYWARE FOR 300 How can you protect your computer from spyware? A. Use a spyware scanner or use a pop-up blocker B. Turn your computer off immediately without shutting it off correctly C. Don’t waste your time reading pop-ups D. Never click “x” on pop-ups

  34. Correct

  35. SPYWARE FOR 400 How is spyware different from viruses? A. It doesn’t damage your computer and it’s prevention program is only 90 percent effective B. Spyware damages it only a little C. Spyware comes with pop-ups while viruses don’t D. Viruses are completely harmless.

  36. Correct

  37. SPYWARE FOR 500 What gets hogged up on the computer from spyware? A.) RAM and processor power B.) Internet connection C.) Games D.) Pictures

  38. Correct

  39. VIRUSES FOR 100 • A.) They help your computer stay protected. • B.) Something that damages your computer. • C.) The same as spyware. • D.) A program that is completely harmless. What are viruses?

  40. Correct

  41. VIRUSES FOR 200 Which one is a type of viruses? A.) Pop Ups B.) Trojan Horses C.) Mc A fee Program D.) Google

  42. Correct

  43. VIRUSES FOR 300 What is the piggy back virus? A.) attaches to the documents B.) attaches to music C.) none of the above

  44. Correct

  45. VIRUSES FOR 400 What are worms? A.) bugs B.) loop holes C.)security replicates D.) none of the above

  46. Correct

  47. VIRUSES FOR 500 How to prevent viruses? A. Clicking on all pop-ups B. Delete them C. Get Viruses protection D. Clean out your documents

  48. Correct

  49. INSIDE THE COMPUTER FOR 100 • A.) To protect the CPU • B.) to prevent the computer from overheating • C.) To process graphics on the computer • D.) Stores all of your computers data What is the purpose of the case?

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