necklace mango leash s crap pills paper scraps exit n.
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Necklace Mango Leash S crap Pills Paper Scraps Exit PowerPoint Presentation
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Necklace Mango Leash S crap Pills Paper Scraps Exit

Necklace Mango Leash S crap Pills Paper Scraps Exit

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Necklace Mango Leash S crap Pills Paper Scraps Exit

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  1. Necklace Mango Leash Scrap Pills Paper Scraps Exit

  2. Necklace John got Jenny a necklace to celebrate the beginning of their family when Jenny got pregnant. She set it down on the table for a minute, but she looked down again to find it was gone. Marley had it. John and Jenny chased Marley around the house, but once John pried his mouth open it was too late. John had to spray Marley’s droppings with a garden hose for a month to get it back.

  3. Mango The Grogan’s house had a mango tree. They really just left it alone and the mangos fell off. Marley ate them constantly. It made his droppings very different from any other. They had bits of mango in them. John didn’t really enjoy cleaning it up every day.

  4. Leash Scrap Marley is picked to be in a movie. When he films a scene where he gets out of a family van, he chews off his leash. The crew is amazed at what Marley can chew off. They try filming this scene for hours, but barely get anything good at all.

  5. Pills Marley is terrified of thunder storms. John first finds this out when he leaves Marley in the garage for an hour in the rain. Marley completely trashes the place. He pulled stuff of the tables, pushed things around, and chew through the dry wall. So John brings Marley to the vet. The vet gives them pills to calm him down it the thunder and lightning. The have to shove them as far down his throat as possible for Marley to swallow them.

  6. Paper Scrap Marley constantly swallows things around the house. Or at least he attempts to swallow things. John or Jenny are always pulling things out of Marley’s mouth. They gave him the nickname “Marley Mambo” because he swallowed so much stuff.

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