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Memorial Elementary PowerPoint Presentation
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Memorial Elementary

Memorial Elementary

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Memorial Elementary

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  1. Memorial Elementary BOE Presentation ~ Monday, October 20th, 2014

  2. Puzzle Piece Project • The first days of school in Art focused on each class working together and being a team • Classes discussed the image of a puzzle: • If one piece is missing, the picture isn’t complete • Without each one of them, our classroom “puzzle” isn’t complete • 400+ students completed unique puzzle pieces • 30+ staff members completed puzzle pieces

  3. Puzzle Piece Project Together everyone completed “Memorial’s Puzzle” showing we are all part of our school team and family

  4. Puzzle Piece Project

  5. Pinwheels for Peace Pinwheels for Peace Memorial Elementary participated in the International Day of Peace on September 22, 2014 Art students in grades 1-5 planned, designed, and created pinwheels that represented their idea of peace Students explored this big idea and discussed peace at a global, national and everyday level Students realized the significance they carry in creating peace in their everyday life by working together and being kind to others

  6. Pinwheels for Peace Students discussed that peace starts with their own actions. Classes explored ways that they can show peace to one another at school by simply sharing what they have or by helping a friend Many of the students pinwheels included images of the United States flag, stripes and stars. Some students represented nature with trees, clouds and flowers. Others included peace signs and hearts to symbolize their feelings and ideas. Finished pinwheels were displayed together in front of our school as a visual public statement about peace Artsonia Pinwheels

  7. Pinwheels for Peace

  8. Pinwheels for Peace

  9. Artsonia • Miss Dziesinski began her Artsoniaart gallery in the Fall of 2013. To date, Memorial has published over 2,725 student works of art and over 6,500 visitors have viewed art at our Artsoniagallery • How does Artsonia work? • Parents give permission for their child’s work to be published. The Art teacher and/or a parent volunteer upload artwork to on-line gallery • Families invite relatives and friends to be “fans” of their child’s work.

  10. Artsonia • Fans can leave comments about the child’s projects and parents can view comments and publish to site • Art keepsakes can be purchased featuring student’s art work and Artsonia donates 20% of purchases back to the school’s Art program • Artsonia Gallery