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Automotive. Live. Please host on autospies.com. Delete. New link: http://cdn2.fireflyvideo.com/creative/FFV94/KIA_Picanto/v5/index.html. Link not working. Please check. Automotive. Delete. Delete. Please add new:

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  1. Automotive Live Please host on autospies.com Delete New link: http://cdn2.fireflyvideo.com/creative/FFV94/KIA_Picanto/v5/index.html Link not working. Please check.

  2. Automotive Delete Delete Please add new: http://cdn2.fireflyvideo.com/creative/FFV94/Toolbar_V3/Alfa_Romeo/v8/index.html Advertiser: Alfa Romeo Live

  3. Food and Confectionary Part 1 Delete Delete Live Delete

  4. Food and Confectionary Part 2 Live - new link: http://creative.fireflyvideo.com/creative/FFV94/Toolbar_V3/schwartz/v6/index.html Delete Delete Delete

  5. Leisure and Entertainment Part 1 Live Delete Live New Link: http://cdn2.fireflyvideo.com/creative/FFV94/Toolbar_V3/NewYearEve/v8/index_ffv.html New Link: http://cdn2.fireflyvideo.com/creative/FFV94/Toolbar/Hanna/v6/Pre_Order_pre/index-728.html Move to Miscellaneous category and the advertiser is Transform Surgery Group Live

  6. Leisure and Entertainment Part 2 Live Live Please move to Food and Confectionary category

  7. Leisure and Entertainment Part 3 Delete Delete

  8. Cosmetics and Toiletries part 1 Delete Delete Delete

  9. Retail Part 1 New link - http://cdn2.fireflyvideo.com/creative/FFV94/Toolbar/DSG_Game/v3/index.html And this went live Delete Delete Delete

  10. Retail Part 2 Please host on buy.com And also it went live Please host on buy.com Live Delete Delete Live

  11. Move to charity category Miscellaneous Please host example on timeout.com Delete Delete Please host example on timeout.com Live

  12. Live and please host example on buy.com Finance and Gambling Part 1 Delete Delete

  13. New link: http://cdn2.fireflyvideo.com/creative/FFV94/Nationwide/savings/v11/index-728.html And this campaign went live and needs to be hosted on buy.com New link: http://cdn2.fireflyvideo.com/creative/FFV94/Nationwide/v15/index.html Please host on buy.com Finance and Gambling Part 2 Delete

  14. Charity Delete

  15. Travel Part Live Pleas host example on Timeout.com Live and new link: http://creative.fireflyvideo.com/creative/FFV94/Toolbar_V3/malta/v5/index_728.html

  16. Travel Part 2 Delete

  17. Advertiser is Fosters New Link: http://cdn2.fireflyvideo.com/creative/FFV94/Toolbar_V5/foster/ffv/v4/index.html Alcoholic Beverages Delete please host example on timeout.com Delete

  18. New Link: http://cdn2.fireflyvideo.com/creative/FFV94/Toolbar_V3/Xperia_arc_s/v6/index.html Telecoms Please add in new: http://cdn2.fireflyvideo.com/creative/FFV94/Toolbar_V3/Nokia/v1/index.html Advertiser: Nokia Lumia Mock http://cdn2.fireflyvideo.com/creative/FFV94/Toolbar_V3/razr/v4/index.html Advertiser: Motorola Live

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